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This bibliography is the result of many years of research. It was compiled by myself, Alexander Baron, and was researched by myself with at times a great deal of assistance from my colleague Mark Taha, and not a little assistance from numerous other persons over the years, some of whom are listed and thanked below.

Nick Alexander of the Daily Telegraph Library
Lady Birdwood (1913-2000)
The staff of the British Library at Bloomsbury and St Pancras
The staff of the British Library Newspaper Library at Colindale
Steve Brady
Jeremy Clay, Librarian for the Leicester Mercury
Harold Covington (1953-2018)
Don Cuckson, Archivist/Librarian, the Morning Star newspaper
Superintendent Kenneth Day
Robert Gertner
Nick Griffin
The Librarian of the Guardian newspaper *
Neil Hamilton
Anthony Sandford Hancock (1947-2012)
Gerald Howarth
The Librarian of the Jewish Chronicle newspaper
Colin Jordan (1923-2009)
George Lewis
Terry Liddle (1948-2012)
Jean-Claude Kuperminc, Librarian of L’Alliance Israelite Universelle
The Librarian of the Lincolnshire Echo newspaper
Piers Merchant (1951-2009)
Larry O’Hara
Mrs Parris
Mrs Paul of the Lord Chancellor’s Department
Robin Ramsay
Morris Riley (1945-2001)
Kevin Scott
Troy Southgate
The London correspondent of Stern magazine
Chris R. Tame (1949-2006)
Keith Thompson
John Warburton (1919-2004) and the Friends of O.M.
Commander Bert Wickstead (1923-2001)
The staff of the Wiener Library
Laird Wilcox

As the sole compiler, any errors of interpretation or fact are entirely my own. I have not included every single mention of Searchlight we have ever seen in print; it would be impossible to cover every such mention, or even every such important mention. I, we, think though the reader will agree that this bibliography is comprehensive beyond all meaning of the word.

It may be argued that some of the personalities and publications included herein have at best a tenuous connnection with the Searchlight Organisation - Michael Billig and Gill Seidel for example. I accept that this criticism may have some justification, but selected publications by such individuals have been included to give the reader some idea of the extent to which Gable and his gang have permeated and polluted thinking the length and breadth of society, including academia.

From the 1990s onwards, the Internet has led to a literal explosion of publishing; everyday countless millions of pages of text appear on Usenet and on the WorldWideWeb, many of them having only a transient existence. Because of this, as a general rule this bibliography will not list publications that appear only in cyber-space. Where a document has been viewed only on the Web - either as electronic text or as a scan - this will be indicated thus: [WWW].

Unless stated otherwise, entries have been seen by the compiler.

Some books are published simultaneously in different places (and even sometimes by different publishers). For example, Elizabeth Swain’s 1986 biography of David Edgar was published by Peter Lang of New York, Berne & Frankfurt am Main. Generally when I am compiling a bibliography I cite only one publisher/location, in this case, New York.

Many books have introductory pages numbered i, ii, iii...for the purpose of this bibliography (and all my bibliographies) these pages are ignored. For this and for other reasons the pagination of books may vary. For example, a pamphlet that runs to 36 pages excluding the cover could be classed as 40 pages in length if the cover is included, and perhaps should be if the body text spills onto the back cover.

Books and other publications will be included in chronological order, but this is not always possible; it is a common practice in both far right and far left circles to date magazines either not too precisely or not at all; this extends their shelf life. The month of publication only is given for books. The letters BBIP followed by a date indicates the date of publication as given by British Books In Print, eg [BBIP, 1987] refers to the date of publication as given by British Books In Print, 1987. It should be noted that the date of publication given by British Books In Print may vary from the date given by other sources. For example, the Ware/Cavanagh book At Women’s Convenience was published in June 1990 according to the book itself, but July 1990 according to British Books In Print, 1991 (and presumably later editions too). When books are published in other jurisdictions there may also be minor variations in the dates given; there may even be variations between different editions of the books concerned. This is not something that concerns me, and it should concern the reader even less.

I started putting this bibliography on-line in July 2002; as far as is possible I will add a year at a time.

Alexander Baron,


July 10, 2002.

Updated September 21, October 12, December 21, 2002, January 6, 2003 & July 30, 2003.

* In a telephone call circa early 1994, I was informed by the Librarian at its London office that the Guardian has four editions: two published in London, two in Manchester. (Other papers have even more). Sometimes an article will appear in one edition but not another, or the same article will appear under a different title.

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