Searchlight Critical Bibliography

AFTER POSTMODERNISM: Reconstructing Ideology Critique, Edited by Herbert W. Simons and Michael Billig, published by Sage, London, (1994). 258 pages. Index.

The Acknowledgements refers to “Mick Billig”.

The Introduction, pages 1-11, is by Billig and Simons; Billig’s contribution is Chapter 7:

Sod Baudrillard!
Or Ideology Critique in Disney World, pages 150-71.

THE SECRET STATE: British Internal Security in the Twentieth Century, by Richard Thurlow, published by Basil Blackwell, Oxford, (1994). 458 pages. Illustrated.

Page 326: Thurlow says of the National Front and “various mimetic Nazi organizations”, they have probably been subjected to Secret State surveillance, but “whether there has been much need for MI5 to do more than invest in an annual subscription to the well informed independent left-wing anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, remains doubtful. Certainly this source has highlighted the international connections of the extreme right...”

We have saps like this writing our contemporary history?

Celebrating argument in Psychology: dialogue, negation and feminist critique, published in Argumentation, 8, 49-61, (1994). *

[Not seen by compiler.]

* ARGUING AND THINKING: A rhetorical approach to social psychology, by Michael Billig, published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Second Edition, (1996), page 297.

La construction sociale de la mémoire. La Recherche, by M. Billig and D. Edwards, 25, 742-5, (1994). *

[Not seen by compiler.]

* ARGUING AND THINKING: A rhetorical approach to social psychology, by Michael Billig, published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Second Edition, (1996), page 297.

Discourse & Society, January 1994, Volume 5, Number 1, for example, lists Billig as co-editor; Gill Seidel is on the Advisory Board.

The Directory of British Political Organisations 1994, by Paul Mercer, published by Longman, Harlow, Essex, (1994).

This publication lists the Searchlight Educational Trust and Searchlight Publishing Ltd, (pages 298-9). There is some lengthy comment here about the so-called confrontation with Larry O’Hara, in reality a one-sided campaign of slander and vilification. Mentions The Gable Memorandum and much else besides. This largely hostile commentary is due no doubt to the author being an acquaintance of a certain Libertarian.


A four page satirical document on Gable ad nauseum put out probably early 1994. It appears to have been typeset by Steve Sargent. Quite amusing.

At War with the Truth, by S. Panza, published in the BOOKS section in FREEDOM, February 5, 1994, page 6. [Based on photocopy].

This guy is obviously tilting at windmills as this review of O’Hara’s work and his “dispute” with Searchlight leans in support of O’Hara’s thesis that Gable is some sort of Secret State “asset” rather than a liability.

Neo-nazis focus on new combat zone, by Sally Weale, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM], February 12, 1994, page 2.

Jerry Gable quoted! The article covers, among other things, the attack on Mushroom Books.

OFF AIR: Big boys’ breakfast, by Richard Brooks, published in the Observer, February 13, 1994, page 28.

This article refers to Gable as the former editor of Searchlight and says that he is to be drafted in as a consultant for the BBC TV series Between The Lines.

Gable has indeed acted as a consultant to this, at times impressive fictional series about the work of a police internal investigation department, thus perpetuating the triple myth that he is some sort of Kosher James Bond, an expert on the extreme right and the security services and adding his own particular brands of sex shop Nazism and cloak and dagger nonsense whilst rubbishing his one-time employer. It should be stressed here, not for the first time in my publications, that the reasons the likes of Gable are used as plausibly deniable errand boys and muck spreaders has nothing whatsoever to do with their non-existent patriotism and everything to do with carrying out subversive activity under cover of the all-encompassing World Zionist Conspiracy.

BNP disowns ‘black’ leaflet, by Tom Sharratt, published in the Guardian, February 22, 1994, page 3.

Steve Tilzey quoted. More garbage about Combat 18.

EYSENCK AND THE NAZIS: Another “Searchlight” Smear Exposed And Refuted, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (March 1994).

This is the current writer’s February 1993 interview with Eysenck: the part dealing with race. Contains a review of Michael Billig’s Psychology, Racism & Fascism as an appendix.

Searchlight On Gerry Gable And His Bosom Pal Ray Hill: The Strange Case Of The “No Platform For Fascists” Jewish Anti-Fascist And The Convicted Thug, Thief, Racial Bigot And Unreconstructed Anti-Semite, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (March 1994). 8 pages.

Uncredited, but written by Yours Truly. I think it was put out at the beginning of the month.

Click here to download in Portable Document Format. The inside back cover is blank, so has not been scanned here.

THESE MEN ARE NOT HELPING POLICE WITH THEIR ENQUIRIES BUT MAYBE THEY SHOULD BE: The Special Branch “Searchlight” Report. Prepared by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (March 1994).

This is a meticulously referenced 8 page report distributed to Special Branch officers et al.

“This report has been prepared by Alexander Baron, an independent researcher into the far right, anti-Semitic propaganda and Zionist-inspired subversion.” In some versions the phrase “Zionist-inspired” reads simply “Zionist”. I got the artwork mixed up. After it had been published I was advised by Sean Gabb that the wording relating to my court case against Gable could be held as contempt of court; therefore I rewrote the offending passage but a few copies had already been sent out. I advised a few people, including Steve Sargent and David Oderberg, but didn’t think it a good idea to chase up the police!

I stated here that “The Searchlight organisation was established sometime between 1962 and 1964”; in fact the Searchlight broadsheet didn’t appear until Spring 1965 and its papers filed with Companies House also date to that year, but the mistake (or lie) is Gable’s rather than mine.

In Serving The Wicked Expect No Reward: A Belated Obituary For The Forgotten Hero Of British “Anti-Fascism” Richard David (Dave) Roberts (1949-82), “Searchlight” Agent Provocateur And Instigator Of The Column 88 Nazi Underground Hoax, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (March 1994).

Uncredited but written by Yours Truly. An eight page “tribute” to fantasist and shabbez goy Dave Roberts and the prosaic truth about the long-running Column 88 “Nazi Underground” scam.

The Second Printing of this pamphlet was produced in April.

The “Searchlight” Hate Quiz.

A double-sided leaflet published by Brixton Black People’s Truth In Media Campaign, March 1994.

First Sight.

A current affairs programme screened on BBC2, March 10, 1994. This concerned the supposed rise of the British National Party in Tower Hamlets. Why it should be thought necessary to smear the BNP remains to be seen, but Ray Hill was recruited to throw in his two shekels’ worth of hate.

Letter from Nottinghamshire Police

This is a letter from Chief Superintendent R. Dillon of Nottinghamshire Constabulary dated 18 March 1994.

I can’t remember the story behind this, and am annoyed that I do not appear to have made a contemporaneous note, but what happened was that I heard or read of some report concerning Searchlight consulting Nottingham Police or being used by them, or some related force. So naturally, I sent the Chief Constable a copy of the then recently published Special Branch “Searchlight” Report (see entry for March 1994 above).

Searchlight set-up, published in ulster NATION: THE VOICE OF THE THIRD WAY IN ULSTER, volume 2; issue 8, pages 4-5.

This publication is undated but was according to a personal communication from David Kerr it was published July 1994. It attacks the ludicrous smear (by innuendo) on Larry O’Hara in the June 1994 issue of Searchlight.

A REVISIONIST HISTORY OF THE 1960s SYNAGOGUE ARSONS: “Searchlight” Editor And Arch-Liar Gerry Gable Caught With His Trousers Down Telling Bare-Faced Kosher Porkie Pies To The “Jewish Chronicle” - The Truth About Harry Bidney And The 62 Group Laid Bare by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (March 1994).

Published March 17, this is a thoroughly referenced 25 page exposé of Gable’s lies and the truth about what happened in the 1960s arsons. Illustrated.

See 2nd & 3rd Editions, published on this site.

Fighting talk, by Gary Younge, published in the Guardian (2), March 16, 1994, pages 12-3.

From the tabloid size supplement. This is an interview with arch-liar Ray Hill, who claims among other things to have been a member of the National Socialist Movement and a closet “anti-racist” in South Africa.

and fascism
in the

This is subtitled as follows:

Report prepared for the conference
February 13-20, 1994, Strasbourg, France

It is credited as “Researched and published by Searchlight Information Services”. It is 18 pages in length. An advertisement in the April 1994 issue of Searchlight credits Graeme Atkinson as the author.

In Serving The Wicked Expect No Reward: A Belated Obituary For The Forgotten Hero Of British “Anti-Fascism” Richard David (Dave) Roberts (1949-82), “Searchlight” Agent Provocateur And Instigator Of The Column 88 Nazi Underground Hoax, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (April 1994).

Uncredited but written by Yours Truly. This is an eight page “tribute” to fantasist and shabbez goy Dave Roberts and the prosaic truth about the long-running Column 88 “Nazi Underground” scam.

Second Printing. The First Printing was March 1994, (see above).

Still fighting ten years on

This is a short unsigned article (obviously written by Gable) from the April 1994 issue of Searchlight, page 13.

This article is just as obviously a reference to the Hill Street News column which both men would later deny he actually wrote, although neither of them had the bottle to go into the witness box and say this, which would have left them open to cross-examination.

Searchlight On Gerry Gable And His Bosom Pal Ray Hill: The Strange Case Of The “No Platform For Fascists” Jewish Anti-Fascist And The Convicted Thug, Thief, Racial Bigot And Unreconstructed Anti-Semite, 2nd Edition, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (April 1994).

This is almost the same as the First Edition, which was published in March.

And They Aren’t Educating Anyone -
What You Should Know About The
Searchlight Educational Trust
And Why You Shouldn’t Give Them A Penny:
A Guide For Charities And Trusts
, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (April 1994).

An eight page, illustrated exposé of the Searchlight Educational Trust.

The inside front and back covers of the above are blank, so have not been scanned.

T.R.O.U.B.L.S.H.O.O.T.I.N.G. - 1

NF CHAIRMAN IAN ANDERSON’S HARD HITTING COLUMN, published in Vanguard, issue 41, undated but circa April 1994.

An attack on Searchlight, it gives O’Hara a plug, but falsely identifies David Hoffman as Michael Cohen.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!, published in Candour, May 1994, pages 6-7.

Uncredited but written by Nick Griffin. Report of the attack on the current writer and the BNP’s press officer and the attempted attack on Larry O’Hara. The message is that anyone who is not flavour of the month with Searchlight is fair game to be viciously assaulted.

The Parapolitical World of Anti-Fascism, by Mike Hughes, published in Lobster, * (issue 27!), (dated 1994, but published circa May), pages 33-5.

This is a series of reviews including of O’Hara’s two anti-Searchlight pamphlets and my Editors!.... The review of the latter, extremely unflattering, appears on pages 34-5. The article is sympathetic to O’Hara but editor Dorril makes it clear that he “does not subscribe to the stupidity of ’our Searchlight problem’.” (A clear reference to his former collaborator).

* This is the Dorril Lobster; he split with Robin Ramsay, who continues to edit the real Lobster. Ramsay may have been taken in by psychic con-men like Uri Geller, but he isn’t taken in by a terrestrial twat like Gable.

‘Racist rivals’ behind attacks on BNP, by Vivek Chaudhary and Owen Bowcott, published in the Guardian, May 5, 1994, page 3.

“‘They feel that the BNP is becoming too soft and respectable,’ said Gerry Gable of the anti-fascist magazine, Searchlight”.

Anti-Nazis mugged for their address books, by Ken Hyder, published in the Observer, May 22, 1994, page 5.

Arch-liar Gable quoted yet again. Here he blames Combat 18 for attacks on so-called anti-Nazis, including threatening phone calls and intimidation, neglecting to mention of course that it was these anti-Nazis who started this in the first place.

Principled anti-racists of the Left must ask themselves
“Is Zionist ‘anti-racism’ a cover for Jewish racism?”

This is a pornographic, one-sided A4 leaflet circulated circa June 1994. On July 18, a batch of them came through my letter box with a London SW postmark, which indicates Battersea, home of Martin Webster. The cartoon was allegedly drawn by Robert Roberts. The leaflet itself is attributed to the “Anti Nazi League”, and plugs Larry O’Hara’s At War With The Truth. According to Keith Thompson, it was produced to “get at” National Front head honcho, Ian Anderson.

A booklet on your wall, advertisement in Searchlight, June 1994, issue 228, page 24.

This is said to be a poster published by Searchlight in conjunction with Humanist, the journal of the Humanist Association of Norway.

The “Searchlight” saga contd, published in Lobster, June 1994, issue 27, page 5.

Hostile comment from Robin Ramsay re Gable’s increasingly bizarre lies.

Gerry Gable: A Reputation Slowly - And Deservedly - Being Tarnished

A four page leaflet published anonymously (in the Public Interest) in June 1994. Mentions O’Hara and myself not unflatteringly. I wonder who was responsible.

Anti-racist panel expresses concern over attacks, by Helen Jacobus, published in the Jewish Chronicle, June 17, 1994, page 10.

One of this panel - a certain Gerry Gable - is said to have “outlined the international links between neo-Nazi terrorist groups.”

Brief mention of a certain cartoon in the SHOREDITCH column of the New Statesman, June 17, 1994.

Suggests that Robert Edwards was the cartoonist.

Nazi gang attack Auschwitz survivor, by Vikram Dodd, published in the Evening Standard, (LATE PRICES EXTRA), June 21, 1994, page 18.

Professional Auschwitz survivor 83 year old Leon Greenman had a brick heaved through his window the previous Sunday. Someone called Gerry Gable, who is said to be “Britain’s foremost expert on far-right violence” put the blame on Combat 18. Funny thing is that Gerry lives in Ilford himself, just a stone’s throw from Greenman.

Activists or Agents?, by Paul Cox, published in Third Way, issue 22, undated but cJuly 1994, page 11.

Cox, another - though very mild - victim of Searchlight, endorses O’Hara’s nonsense, rehashes The Gable Memorandum ad nauseum.

This article is reprinted in British Patriot, December 1994, issue 11, page 4. On page 5, part of Nick Griffin’s comment from the May 1994 issue of Candour (by way of the Autumn 1994 Sting) is reproduced.

The current writer gets a mention here as a “Jewish libertarian and free-lance”; also quotes from the Sting, Autumn 1994 issue, which is itself a reprint from Candour.

NAZI WARDER BARRED: INSIDE STORY ON HOW THE FAR RIGHT IS RECRUITING IN BRITAIN’S JAIL: Officer sent home as prison chiefs probe sinister campaign, by Chris House, published in the Sunday Mirror, July 10, 1994, page 9.

Are You Being Fed A Load Of
You Are If You Subscribe To Searchlight:
A Documented Exposé Of Gerry Gable’s
Error-prone, Lie-ridden, Mischief-making Magazine
, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (1994). Second edition.

This is basically the same as the first edition but with an additional appendix apologising to Tim Hepple for inadvertently libelling him. 23 pages. Later, a 20 page version was produced. As far as I recall this second edition was published in April.

Click here for the Internet edition.

This Man Survived Auschwitz, But Can He Survive “Searchlight?”

This leaflet was published by the current writer; unusually I didn’t keep a record of the exact date but it must have been around mid-August.

Repopulating the Depopulated Pages of Social Psychology, by Michael Billig, published in THEORY & PSYCHOLOGY, (A Sage journal), Volume 4, Number 3, August 1994, pages 307-35.

Page 335: Billig’s first single authored paper appeared in the Journal of the Society of Psychical Research.

“Since ceasing to write experimental reports, he has had papers rejected by a number of social psychology journals”.

Page 335: Billig trained as an experimental social psychologist under Henri Tajfel.

Pages 337-41 of the same issue: Why ‘Depopulation’ Should Not (Necessarily) be Taken Personally; A Commentary on ‘Repopulating the Depopulated Pages of Social Psychology’, by Russell Spears. This is BILLIG COMMENTARY I.

Sexing the Phallocentric Pages of Psychology: Repopulation is Not Enough, by Jane M. Ussher, pages 345-52 = BILLIG COMMENTARY II.

A Letter to Michael Billig, by Peter Stringer is BILLIG COMMENTARY III, pages 353-62.

As can be seen, the above is a one-sided flyer advertising Liars Ought To Have Good Memories (see entry below).

I can’t remember exactly when it was issued. Probably I sent out a few copies in July, but August 2, 1994 (my 38th birthday, and the date I published this, my first book) is as good a publication date as any. I think I mailed out quite a few copies that day too. Unfortunately, I did not keep precise records at the time, and did not in any case foresee publishing this on-line bibliography.

LIARS OUGHT TO HAVE GOOD MEMORIES: The True, Unsanitised Story Of “Searchlight” Mole Ray Hill with a critique of The Other Face Of Terror, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (August 2, 1994). 129 pages.

Advertised as the book that will bury Ray Hill (see above leaflet). Click here (external link).


This is a satire published by Brixton Black People’s Truth In Media Campaign (and if you believe that you’ll believe in fairies too). It was published around August 2. The inside front cover is blank, so has not been scanned. Click here to download.


This is a sort of open letter from Paul Cox complaining that Patrick (seems-like-a-nice-boy) Harrington had edited his article Activists or Agents? in the previous issue of Third Way. I’ve corresponded with Cox, and he strikes me as a bit of a dickhead.

Labour’s pledge on taxing share options, a letter from Sweet Sonia, published in the Times, August 24, 1994, page 25.

Searchlight On Gerry Gable: Secret State Asset Or Liability? A critique Of Larry O’Hara’s Flawed Conspiracy Theory, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (August 1994).

Another A4 pamphlet covering the Kosher crazy, The Gable Memorandum and Larry O’Hara’s nonsense. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with O’Hara’s research - he has for the most part had better sources than myself - but his anaylsis is way off beam. I’m not sure exactly when I put this out but I have a feeling it was the end of August.

This is probably the definitive explanation for the machinations of Gerry Gable, no “Secret State” connections, just a hate-filled little Jew who is, in his own words, at war with society, a society he holds responsible for the historical persecution of his race, Final Solution, “gas chambers” and all.

Like most of my early publications, this was produced using Ventura; the layout is quite good but there are one or two very minor errors. Note (9) is listed as 99) and the allusion to conspiracy at note 62 on page 10 could have been better worded, but even the half-intelligent reader will be in no doubt as to what is meant.

Newsroom South-East, August 30, 1994.

Arch-liar Gable appeared on this regional programme as an “expert” on the extreme right commenting on the BNP/Combat 18. When will these boobies ever learn?

A letter from Tony Lecomber aka Wells aka the Mad Bomber, published in the LETTERS section of Spearhead, September 1994, issue 307, page 15.

It concerns the home telephone number of a certain Mr Gerry Gable which is currently being circulated by “nationalists”.

THE GREAT COMBAT 18 HOAX: Six months ago, “Searchlight’s” Gerry Gable created a bogus Nazi paramilitary group with which to frighten the tabloids and enhance his own tarnished image among the British Left. At the time, “Combat 18” was a figment of Wee Gerry’s paranoid imagination....but today? American National Socialist HAROLD A. COVINGTON analyzes the evolution of a daring hoax and the bizarre motives of the man behind it

A four page article covering Gable/Combat 18 and myself. Full of errors - and probably a few lies - but much more believable than the dross Gable churns out. Gable is not of the Jewish faith, he is older than suggested, and Yours Truly was not raided by Special Branch. When and where this article was published is yet to be established.

Baron v Gable, High Court, Appeal Against Decision Of Master Trench To Strike Out Better Part Of Writ And To Award Costs Against The Plaintiff Forthwith, Heard By Mrs Justice Smith, Court 14, Wednesday, September 14, 1994. 8 pages.

I decided to preserve my pleading for posterity. This was deposited in the Copyright Libraries.

Election storm over ‘werewolf’ claim, by Julia Hartley-Brewer, published in the East London Advertiser, September 15, 1994, page 4.

Searchlight is said to have claimed BNP Shadwell by-election candidate Gordon Callow was suffering from lycanthropy. This article claimed also (obviously inspired by Searchlight) that he had been in a mental hospital. (See entry for September 22). Callow’s first name was also given as Simon!

The scan does not include the captioned photographs of the three other candidates at the bottom of the article.

Crushing by-election win for Labour, by Julia Hartley-Brewer, published in the East London Advertiser, September 22, 1994, page 1.

This article contains the following sentences: “In last week’s Advertiser, we reported allegations that Gordon Callow had been a patient in a mental hospital. We accept these allegations are false.”

Minimum period, but no minimum amount for deeds of covenant, published in the Times, October 1, 1994, page 35.

A letter from “Tax Consultant” Sonia Gable making a point about deeds of covenant. She didn’t though suggest that such deeds be made over to the Searchlight “Educational” Trust.

Ripe for a dramatic revival: "The Culture Essay", by David Edgar, published in the Sunday Times, October 9, 1994, Section 10, pages 18-20.

An undated press release headed “New, indispensable guide to racism and fascism in schools”

As far as I can recall this was mailed out October 14, 1994 or thereabouts; the subject matter is A Guide For Teachers And Educators... (see entry for October 15 below).

JEW-HATERS, BLACK-HATERS, VIOLENT CRIMINALS, HYPOCRITES, AND LIARS CONDEMNED OUT OF THEIR OWN MOUTHS: A Guide For Teachers And Educators To The Criminal Conspiracy Known As The Searchlight Organisation, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (October 15, 1994). 26 pages.

Another of Yours Truly’s diplomatically titled exposés of the sweepings of the ghetto.

Click here to download the 2nd Edition of this pamphlet in Portable Document Format. (See entry for November 1994 below).

- The Truth About Harry Bidney And
The 62 Group Laid Bare
Further Documentation On The Lies And Libels Of
“Searchlight” Head Honcho Gerry Gable

2nd Edition

Revised, Expanded And Updated

Published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (October 15, 1994). 19 pages.

Both the 2nd & 3rd Editions can be downloaded from this site.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!, published in Final conflict, issue 6, undated but circa October 1994.

This article appeared on page 7; it is a reprint of the Candour article (by Nick Griffin) which appeared earlier in the year. Again uncredited.

HELP EXPOSE GABLE’S LIE MACHINE, published in the RUNE, issue 9, undated but circa October 1994, page 5.

This small piece is more of an advertisement than an article, plugging Yours Truly’s Searchlight exposés. Written by Nick Griffin.

Wembley bans TV link with race hate preacher, by Nick Pryer, published in the Evening Standard, (CITY PRICES), October 7, 1994, page 15.

The race hate preacher in question is Louis Farrakhan; arch-liar and office goy Tony Robson quoted.

THE CHURCHILL PAPERS: Revising The Revisionists, Unmasking Irving, by Alexander Baron and Mark Taha, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (October 15, 1994). 150 pages.

Arch-liar Gable gets the odd mention in this.

Out of order, by Julian Kossoff, published in Time Out, October 19-26, 1994, No 1261, pages 12-3.

This is an article about the Criminal Justice Bill, but Tossoff manages to sneak in a bit of Gable disinformation about Class War being controlled by fascists. Additional reporting is said to be by Sam Wild.

October 24: Press release for the Larry O’Hara publication Turning Up The Heat

The above scan is not lop-sided, the original document is. Like the bloke who wrote it! See also main entry below, (December 1994).

Turning up the heat, published in ulster NATION: THE VOICE OF THE THIRD WAY IN ULSTER, volume 2; issue 9, pages 10 & 12.

An unsigned review endorsing O’Hara’s nonsense. This issue of Ulster Nation is undate but presumably it was published cOctober 1994.

JEW-HATERS, BLACK-HATERS, VIOLENT CRIMINALS, HYPOCRITES, AND LIARS CONDEMNED OUT OF THEIR OWN MOUTHS: A Guide For Teachers And Educators To The Criminal Conspiracy Known As The Searchlight Organisation, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (November 1994). 2nd Edition. 28 pages.

Not much different from the first edition but has a minor correction in a footnote and a bit more information on the first incarnation of the Searchlight Organisation based on Companies House documents.

Click here to download in Portable Document Format.

Pentacost a new play by David Edgar, by Jim Herrick, published in NEW HUMANIST: The quarterly Journal of the Rationalist Press Association, November 1994, Volume 109, No 4, page 18.

Another review of a play by this Searchlight goy.

Letter from Steve Devine of Watford published in the Last Word column of Time Out, November 2-9, 1994, issue 1263, page 178.

“...Searchlight lied in order to discredit CW.” The filthy anti-Semite!

Councils can legally bar BNP members, by Barrie Clement, published in the Independent, November 11, 1994, page 12, (Compiled from CD-ROM).

The magazine is said to have commented on the Ian Dell case.

Leading ecologist to address far right, by Edward Pilkington and Andrew Gumbel, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM], November 25, 1994, page 9.

The man in question is Edward Goldsmith, and the address was to take place at Bagnolet, outside Paris. Gable was not amused.

Turning up the Heat: MI5 after the Cold War, by Larry O’Hara, published by Phoenix Press, (December 1994). 96 pages. No index.

More of Mr O’Hara’s nonsense. According to a press release by his publisher dated 24 October 1994, this book claims that Harold Covington may be (not is) an FBI asset. And that MI5 are trying to turn Combat 18 into a pseudo-gang. (There is a question mark on the end of this). Not a few mentions of the Searchlight team in the book itself, but although he makes a few interesting points, O’Hara refuses point blank to face the facts either about Gable or those wonderful people who gave you Sabra and Shatila.

“Searchlight” yet again, by Father Christmas! published in (the real) Lobster, December 1994, issue 28, pages 26-7.

Police fear weekend of right-wing violence: Extremists plan ‘Blood and Honour’ concert in tribute to dead fascist, by Ian Murray, published in the Times, December 10, 1994, page 11.

Arch-liar Robson quoted, but it is clear from this story that the anticipated violence is not really from right wing extremists but their opponents who are determined to prevent a concert being held on private property. Photograph by David Hoffman.

Student hotline to fight racists, by James Meikle, published in the Guardian, [CD-ROM], December 14, 1994, page 10.

Gable’s gang is said to be backing a 24 hour hotline.

British National Party Leeds Branch Emergency Bulletin

This undated bulletin was sent to the current writer at the end of December 1994. A single page of A4, it claims that Gerry sweepings-of-the-ghetto Gable and his shabbez goyim in Leeds AFA have been using a “mole” called Tony White to incite violence against the Anti Nazi League. It promises that a booklet exposing this in full will be on sale in January. It appears from this that Gable is running Combat 18!

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