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WRECKERS, by David Edgar, With music by the 7:84 band, published by Eyre Methuen, London, (1977). 46 pages + musical score.

More of Edgar’s political garbage.

A friend to immigrants, published in the Birmingham Post, January 4, 1977, page 6.

A letter in support of arch-anti-British agitator Maurice Ludmer. Signed by, among others, a person named Clare Short, who is described here as the director of something called All Faiths for One Race.

Sonia Hochfelder replies in READER RESPONSE, published in League Review, No. 13, February 1977, pages 22-3.

This is a moderate reply to an anti-Semitic and otherwise offensive epistle by one James Hill, which appears on page 22.

The new social psychology and ‘fascism’, by Michael Billig, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, 1977, Volume 7-4, pages 393-432.

Theatre, politics and the working class, Political playwright DAVID EDGAR interviewed by CATHERINE ITZIN, published in the ARTS AND PEOPLE column of Tribune, April 22, 1977, page 7.

Exactly what an upper class communist like Edgar knows about the working class remains to be seen.

Advertisement for Destiny

This is an advertisement from the Aldwych Theatre programme for Privates On Parade dated April 1977.

The Gable Memorandum.

Dated 2nd May, 1977 and said to be one of a series. I have reproduced here the full text of this now notorious document, taken from Lobster, issue 24, December 1992, pages 3-4. Spelling, punctuation, errors and layout have been preserved as far as possible.

Click here for the full text.

“DISGUSTING” VICE CHIEF IS JAILED, by Neil Blincow, published in the London Evening Standard, (Closing Prices), August 5, 1977, pages 1 & 40.

Harry Bidney, a Jewish-born thug, was eulogised by Gable on his death. The following reports paint a slightly different picture of him. This one reveals Bidney’s employer, had attempted to procure a 16 year old youth for him. He was fined £4,500 and jailed for 18 months.

SOHO VICE BOSS JAILED, published in the Daily Telegraph, August 6, 1977, page 3.

Harold Bidney, a 54 year old company secretary, was fined £1,600 after being found guilty of eight charges concerning female prostitutes between January 1973 and October 1976. He was said to have lived off their earnings.

Racism, fascism and the politics of the National Front, by David Edgar, published in RACE & CLASS, Autumn 1977, Vol XIX, Number 2, pages 111-31.

This was shortly reprinted by the Institute of Race Relations as a pamphlet, (see entry for November, below).

This is a piece of “anti-racist” gibberish tracing National Front ideology to the Nazis and Hitler with a large helping of conspiracy theory including the Protocols Of Zion.

Page 117: “One persistent myth is that Jewish Wall Street bankers...financed the Russian Revolution...”

Too true, David, it was the Gentile banking firm of Morgan who actually did this. Read Sutton.

A review of Destiny, by Lee Bridges, published in RACE & CLASS, Winter 1977, Vol XVIII, Number 3, pages 302-3.

RACISM FASCISM AND THE POLITICS OF THE NATIONAL FRONT, by David Edgar, Race & Class pamphlet No. 4, published by the Institute of Race Relations, London, (November 1977). [This is the cover title.]

Racism, Fascism and the Politics of the National Front [This is the title on the first page.]

This is a pamphlet reprinted from Race & Class, Vol XIX, No. 2, Autumn 1977, pages 111-31 (numbered thus).

[BBIP, 1980]

TV Times NOV 11-17, 1977, page 45 for Sunday November 12 1977

Sunday 6.25pm Credo programme on London Weekend “Bengalis in London’s East End have been the victims of increasingly violent attacks. Credo reports on the clashes, and examines the tensions in a deeply-religious community.”

Said to have been scheduled originally for October 22. No credits for Ludmer etc, but!

CHRISTIANS AND FASCISM AN ADDRESS given by KEN LEECH, Rector of St. Matthew, Bethnal Green, London at a public meeting against Fascism at Toynbee Hall, London, 1977.

An address by Gable’s turbulent priest; Mark Taha picked up a copy of this many years ago. I presume the address was given fairly late in the year. “Fascism is...the inevitable development of capitalist society if it does not move towards socialism”. What sort of talk is that for a man of God?

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