Searchlight Critical Bibliography

ARGUING AND THINKING: A rhetorical approach to social psychology, by Michael Billig, published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Second Edition, (1996). 325 pages. Index.

First published 1987
Reprinted 1989 & 1991
Paperback edition published 1989.

The Failure of British Fascism: The Far Right and the Fight for Political Recognition, Edited by Mike Cronin, published by Macmillan, London, (1996). 182 pages. Index.

As might be expected from the academic saps who publish in this field, Searchlight is cited in this book as a source. The magazine gets a mention in the essay by Roger Eatwell. * Michael Billig gets two citations in the same essay - on page 116.

* The Esoteric Ideology of the National Front in the 1980s, by Roger Eatwell, is Chapter 6, pages 99-117.

Spearhead, January 1996, issue 323, page 20 contains a large advertisement for Liars Ought To Have Good Memories, which is described as “A well-researched book by a controversial seeker of truth.”

That’s me, folks!

Arch-liar Gable is quoted in The Big Issue, January 2-7, 1996, page 16.

“Whatever Government is in power at the end of 1996 Searchlight would like to see its commitment to signing the European-wide anti-racism legislation. Searchlight would also like to see the revoking of the heartless and repressive asylum and immigration legislation...”

What a generous, warm-hearted fellow he is.

Right-wingers attack war trial: Extremist leaflets are to be investigated, published in the Surrey Mirror, January 11, 1996, page 5.

Robson is quoted in connection with alleged International Third Position activity in Reigate. The above scan may be incompleted (title only).

Bookshop denies funding right-wing pamphlet, by Robert Bevan, published in The Big Issue, January 15-21 1996, issue 164, page 24.

This is a grotesquely inaccurate report on Poison On The Rates and the Baron v Gable & Others libel actions.

A non-political contact informed me that he had heard Gable on Radio 5 on Friday, January 26, 1996.

Anti-race drive is launched, by Estelle Beninson, published in the Jewish Chronicle, January 26, 1996, page 16.

Apparently, an “information pack” published by the Searchlight Educational Trust is to be freely available in Manchester. Henry Guterman of the so-called “Jewish representative council” called for laws against Holocaust Revisionism - with typical Jewish tolerance. Most interestingly, a certain Ray Hill of Searchlight “warned that while racist groups did not have the membership levels of 20 years ago, they were now more violent.”

Searchlight stockists facing libel actions launch support campaign, by Lorraine Kirk, published in the Jewish Chronicle, January 26, 1996, page 8.


This is a four page circular which came through my door on Tuesday, January 30, 1996. It was written by “Winston Smith” of the National Socialist White People’s Party (presumably Harold A. Covington). The circular fulminates against many people, including Gerry Gable, whom it refers to on page 2 as “a goat-faced little Jew of surpassing personal ugliness, [who] has established a reputation even among his own left-wing colleagues as a neurotic, pathological liar on a gargantuan scale.”

Apology to Alexander Baron published in the February 1996 issue of Peace News, page 10.

February 1, 1996: The following is a report of a telephone conversation between myself and Mr Anthony Hancock re Liars Ought To Have Good Memories.

Hill was never a house guest of mine; he stayed with Harold Jones, and we met briefly in the pub. We had a conversation about exposing Christianity.

The above is not verbatim.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, published in THE CRUSADER, issue 7 (undated but put out mid-February 1996), pages 28-9.

A letter from Michael Walker, Editor of The Scorpion, slagging off people who subscribe to Searchlight yet don’t make donations to the cause.


This is a double-sided illustrated A4 leaflet which came into my possession on February 27, 1996. I wish I could draw like this.

Race-hate evil via the Internet, by Andrew Penman, published in the Daily Mirror, February 27, 1996, page 6.

Gable is quoted in this article which is sub-titled MAKING OF A MODERN NAZI. The suicides were of Jane Greenhow, Ruth Fleming and Stephen Bateman.

Suicides throw a light on the right, by Dick Godfrey, published in The Journal, (Newcastle) Issue No. 46,667, February 27, 1996, page 8.

Arch-liar Robson is quoted at some length about the far right in the United States, the gun lobby and the recent suicides of three young Britons.

TWISTED LOVERS’ NAZI DREAM, by Harry Arnold and David Pilditch, published in the Daily Mirror, February 26, 1996, pages 4-5.

This is a small article, part of a bigger story of a suicide pact tragedy in the United States with a British connection. Gable is quoted.

The front page of the paper is subtitled HONESTY, QUALITY, EXCELLENCE

AFA STATEMENT, published in Fighting Talk, March ’96, issue 13, page 4.

A rejection of conspiracy crank O’Hara’s claim that Leeds AFA was/is being ‘run’ by MI5. “...AFA has no intention of getting involved in the ongoing dispute between Searchlight and O’Hara and will forcefully reject any moves to drag us in.” Curiously there is no mention of White Lies.

There is a very brief mention of Searchlight on page 16.

The Fight Continues..., published in David Irving’s ACTION REPORT, March 5, 1996 Update AR #9j, page 6.

Irving claims that in the first week of March he will serve High Court writs on three parties, including Gable (in connection with Gable’s contribution to THE FAR RIGHT IN WESTERN AND EASTERN EUROPE). So where are the writs, Dave?

Hoax letters in Chief Rabbi’s name urge relatives to describe Shoah victims’ deaths, by Suzanne Baum, published in the Jewish Chronicle, March 8, 1996, page 8.

Arch-liar Gable is quoted on another bit of mischief-making. He laments that the authorities are not dealing with this sort of thing vigorously enough.

New book to fight racism, published in London Grant News: THE VOICE OF THE LONDON BOROUGHS GRANTS COMMITTEE, Spring 1996, page 6.

Reports that Gable’s post as head honcho of Searchlight Information Services [sic] is funded by this organisation.

Racist gangs terrorising single mothers, by Ken Hyder, published in the Evening Standard, CITY PRICES, April 3, 1996, page 6.

Yet another absurd quote from Gable. Among other things, “Combat 18 is established in some of the pubs where gun-dealing is carried out”.

Circa April 9, 1996: This leaflet came through my door April 10.

The disgruntled anti-fascist who leaked Gable’s home telephone number might just have been Morris Riley. The claim that he was having an affair with Ruth Levin is probably pure invention, but whoever produced this leaflet had access to quality information. As far as anything about Gable is quality.

Little puff from the dragon, published in the Guardian, April 10, 1996, page 5.

Reports that a certain David Irving spotted a copy of Searchlight magazine on sale in Waterstone’s Bookshop in Charing Cross Road. Some people never learn.

Wheen’s World: How God created the woe-man, by Francis Wheen, published in the Guardian, April 10, 1996, page 5. [Compiled from CD-ROM].

Small comment on Irving and Searchlight.

Police allow far-right march, by Stuart Millar, published in the Guardian, April 13, 1996, page 8.

Arch-liar Robson is quoted on a Loyalist march in Bolton said to be “linked” with Combat 18. Also, apparently, “Ethnic minority parents at a nursery school in Oldham contacted Searchlight last month after C-18 posters were found around the premises.”

I wonder if Gerry put his address on the back.

Shelve the Defamation Bill, published in the Guardian, May 1, 1996, page 16.

This is from the Guardian letters page; two letters were published under this title: one from Neal Smith of Bookmarks and the other from Albert Beale of Housmans, the former protesting against “political censorship”, the other against “a spiteful impoverished litigant pursuing people peripheral to his...complaint.” I wonder who that was!

Brought to book, published in the Guardian (Outlook) section, May 4, 1996, page 24.

Two letters: one from a certain Michael Newland, the other from A Baron, see below.

Letters to the editor, published in the Guardian, May 7, 1996, page 10.

A letter from Gable telling Guardian readers how wonderful his magazine is.

The Times, May 8, 1996, page 19.

Herein appears a letter from Mrs Sonia Gable “Tax consultant” of 49 Herent Drive. Her letter is dated April 29 in reply to a letter of April 27 re child benefit.

Searchlight gets a mention in anti-racist education pack for the north east.

This is a 48 page glossy, illustrated magazine full of the sort of poison of which Gable and his gang approve. It is undated although a copy came into my possession in May 1996. The authors are uncredited but it is said to have been produced by Youth Against Racism In Europe and two of its fellow travellers.

Searchlight and its creation Combat 18 are featured on page 30. Here, the curious claim is made that an organisation called the Billingham National Socialist Freicorps has sent death threats to people and has carried out attacks on people in their own homes “causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.”

Undoubtedly, other material in this pamphlet came directly from, or was inspired by, these hatemongers as well.

A letter issued by Housmans Bookshop and signed by Brian Moseley, 8/5/96 explaining that they are no longer stocking Searchlight because they can’t afford the legal fees. Boo hoo hoo.

Battle of Britain, by Julian Kossoff and Nick Brighton [end of the article “Additional reporting” said to be by Ursula Curtin], published in Time Out, May 29 - June 5 1996, No. 1345, pages 12 & 14.

This article contains a brief mention of Combat 18 and Searchlight. However, Jewish Chronicle staffer Julian Kossoff is well in with his hatemongering co-racialist Gable, so it is a matter of debate how much of the information in this article emanated from him.

Notice to Quit, an unsigned editorial published in RED ACTION, Spring 1996, issue 73, page 2.

Covers Larry O’Hara’s ravings and refers to “the MI5-front Searchlight”. Yeah, sure. This edition appears to have been published at the beginning of June.

Nazi hatred in 1996: What you can do to stop it

This is a four page A4 leaflet published by the Searchlight Educational Trust. It appears to have been written by Ruth Levin and was inserted in the June 1996 issue of Searchlight, which came through my door Monday, June 3. It is basically an appeal for donations.

On the second page it is reported - not for the first time - that Searchlight was founded in 1962. Apart from that it is full of the usual gross exaggerations and hysteria.


This is another insert in the June 1996 issue of Searchlight and advertises a conference at the Spiro Institute on July 7. It consists of four A5 pages and a registration form. Speakers include Professor Colin Holmes of the Searchlight Educational Trust and Ruth Levin.

Levin’s speech is on the subject of “Far Right, Refugees & Effective Community Responses” along with her co-racialist Dr Edie Friedman of the Jewish Council on Race Equality.

Searchlight For Beginners, by Larry O’Hara, published by Phoenix Press, London, (June 1996).

Tony Lecomber talks about BNP and the Internet on radio channel in Scotland, published in Spearhead, June 1996, issue 328, page 22.

Reports that Lecomber had appeared on Radio Scotland Newsweek programme recently, along with a representative of the magazine Searchlight.

Lobster, June 1996, issue 31, page 31.

A certain Larry O’Hara pointed out that a photograph that appeared in At War With Society (page 15) appeared later in the December 1995 issue of Searchlight, page 3, with Tim Hepple cropped out.

Irving’s foes face a Reich old battle, published in the Evening Standard CITY PRICES, June 3, 1996, page 8.

A claim in the LONDONER’S DIARY column that a certain David Irving is suing Longman over comments allegedly made by Gable in Far Right in Western and Eastern Europe [sic].

Fifteen things you didn’t know about Gerry Gable. Well, almost

This double-sided A4 leaflet came through my door on June 11, 1996. It is credited jointly to the ITP and the (obviously non-existent) Black Consciousness. Flatteringly it is clearly based in part on my own researches and writings. I would not like to speculate on its authorship.

One fold, one nation?, by Christopher Hann, published in the Times Literary Supplement, June 14, 1996, page 28.

This reviews two books on nationalism one of them Billig’s Banal Nationalism.

The author, an academic, is obviously none too impressed with Billig; the review is distinctly hostile; he accuses Billig of polemicising.

Bookshops oppose writs, by Anna Moore, published in Time Out, June 19-26, 1996, issue 1348, page 13.

This short report appears under a column called Legal reforms. It mentions the appeal for funds.

TUC bookstore faces libel ruin, published in the Highbury & Islington Express, June 21, 1996, No 17.

A front page story about Mark’s Taha’s libel action; reports on an organised campaign to defend the two bookshops involved.

The libel action got a small mention in Tribune, 21 June 1996, page 3, (by Amanda Day).

On its front page this newspaper calls itself THE VOICE OF THE LEFT.

Time to fight a political threat, published in Socialist Worker, June 22, 1996, page 11.

Apparently, Searchlight is a “respected anti-fascist magazine” and “Britain’s leading exposer of the activities of the Nazi British National Party and other fascists”.

Anti-fascist articles prove rich pickings, by Patricia Wynn Davies, published in the Independent, June 22, 1996, page 5.

An extremely biased polemical article concerning the Searchlight libel actions. I refused to speak to the author when she phoned me (for legal reasons). There are a number of errors in it, though obviously the author was well schooled by Housmans ad nauseum.

The Searchlight libel action is covered by Hansard (House of Commons) for June 24, 1996, columns 117-20 - Defamation Bill [Lords]. [The full credits are Defamation Bill [Lords] 24 JUNE 1996, columns 117-20, published in PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES (HANSARD) SIXTH SERIES - VOLUME 280 HOUSE OF COMMONS OFFICIAL REPORT SESSION 1995-96 COMPRISING PERIOD 24 JUNE - 4 JULY 1996, published by The Stationery Office, London, (1996)].

Needless to say, this is a not entirely accurate exposition of the circumstances surrounding the case.

HOODED THUGS PREACH RACE HATRED: We expose evil leaders of secret sect, by Gary Jones, published in the News Of The World, June 30, 1996, pages 32-3.

Arch-liar Gable has a small quote at the end of this dross about an exposé of the Ku Klux Klan in Birmingham. Apparently he “praised our investigation”. Gable thinks the Klan are not a joke.


Pages 8-9: NOT GUILTY! - an article about the latest nonsense by Gerry Gable

Page 12: Left-Wing Groups Boycott Searchlight.

For scans of the above, click here.

The second of these articles relates primarily to the Searchlight libel actions brought by Messrs Baron & Taha!

FIGHTING TALK, July ’96, issue 14.

Under the sub-heading BOOKSHOPS in the AFA ROUND-UP column on page 4, there is a mention of the libel actions against Searchlight. In the same column under the sub-heading GREEN ANARCHIST, Larry O’Hara gets a deprecatory mention. They repeat their statement in the previous issue about not allowing themselves to be dragged into the feud between O’Hara and Searchlight.

In the LETTERS column (page 19), under the sub-heading Hands in Pockets! appears the Bookshop Libel Fund appeal.

Left bookshops under legal attack by the right, published in Statewatch, July-August 1996, vol 6, no 4, page 7.

A not entirely accurate report on the Searchlight libel actions.

The above is a letter from Keith Flett to The Big Issue, published in the LETTERS column of the July 1-7, 1996 issue, No 188, page 46.

“It is absurd that a bookshop can be sued for selling an anti-fascist magazine...”

See also Baron v Housmans on my main website.

Gerry Gable gets two mentions in David Irving’s ACTION REPORT, July 5, 1996, AR#10.

On the back page (page 16) it is reported that “Gerald Gable’s ‘antifascist’ smearsheet Searchlight may have sunk two of Britain’s far-left bookstores. A High Court writ issued by writer Mark Taha of Stoke Newington, London, against the magazine also listed as joint defendants Bookmarks, a twenty-five year old leftist bookstore, Britain’s biggest, in Finsbury Park, and Housmans, in Caledonian Road.”

Irving goes on to mention the May 8 letter issued by Brian Moseley of Housmans: “Since Searchlight had refused to indemnify them against future libel costs he has ceased selling the magazine.”

Anti-fascist mags attacked, by Tim Robinson, published in the letters column in Socialist Worker, 6 July, 1996, page 6.

Writing from Oslo, this character says the legal actions against Housmans and Bookmarks are sickening. Then he goes on to compare the libel actions against Searchlight with alleged vandalism and death threats against an “anti-fascist” magazine in Sweden!

BRITAIN - Gable pressured, is a sub-heading in a news feature published in Spearhead, July 1996, issue 329, page 5.

Reports on the libel actions. Uncredited but written by Nick Griffin.


This is a double-sided A4 leaflet which Mark Taha picked up in Bookmarks on Saturday, July 20, 1996. It appears to have been published by Housmans and Bookmarks.

Letter from David Kerr to the Bookshop Libel Fund, Housmans.

GREEN Line, Jul/Aug ’96, issue 136, page 2. The Editorial has a sub-heading Bookshop Libel Fund and an appeal.

Bookshops fight back, published in Peace News, Aug/Sept 1996, page 3.

This is a reference to the principled stand (snigger, snigger) then being taken against the libel action launched against Housman’s Bookshop by Mark Taha.

LEFT BOOKSHOPS FACE LIBEL THREAT, published in Red Pepper, August 1996, page 7.

Another biased and grossly inaccurate report on the libel actions.

OUR ENEMY’S ENEMY ...., published in The Rune, issued 12, page 30.

This issue is undated but it came through my door Monday, August 11, 1996. It is a short report on the libel case, (factually inaccurate!) and an appeal for donations. Though uncredited, it was written by Nick Griffin. He has also got my postcode wrong!

SEARCHLIGHT, published in The Crusader, issue 6 (undated), pages 8-9.

This issue of the magazine came through my door on August 19, 1996. This article says nothing either new or worthwhile about the Searchlight Organisation. Searchlight and Gable also get a mention on page 30.

MR O’HARA AND THE “RADICALS”: The Refutation Of A Conspiracy Crank

A double-sided A4 leaflet issued by Alexander Baron in a personal capacity and slagging off O’Hara’s “Secret State” nonsense about Searchlight magazine. I can’t remember exactly when I put this out but I believe it was the end of August/beginning of September.

Searchlight, September 1996 No 255: The front page story is This South African terrorism advocate is operating in London: Searchlight exposes the apartheid regime’s infiltration of the ANC in London, which it bills as an EXCLUSIVE.

The subject is a certain Arthur Kemp, whose photograph appears both on the cover and on page 3; on page 6 appears another photograph of him - two photographs actually, or two different edits of the same shot. The article contains numerous allegations of Gable’s usual “links” type innuendo.

The current writer wrote to Mr Kemp. Click here to read his response.

The Nazi apologists trying to pervert Holocaust history, by Edward Marriott, published in the Evening Standard, METRO, September 5, 1996, page 14.

Arch-liar Gable is quoted in this article along with his hatemongering co-racialist Mike Whine.

The article includes a sub-heading THE REVISIONISTS AND WHAT THEY THINK. Some of the information therein may well have come from Gable and his gang.

Trade Unions and the Fight Against Fascism

An A4 leaflet sent out with the October 1996 issue of Searchlight. Under a sub-heading What is Searchlight? the reader is told that “Searchlight has existed for more than 30 years. In the summer of 1962, in response to a resurgence of overt and violent neo-nazi activities, a group of people from a wide variety of political and religious backgrounds met in London to set up the Searchlight Association.”

I’ve lost time the number of times I’ve exposed this lie.

Letter: The Searchlight Victims Support Group to Britain’s “independent” bookshops.

Undated. This one page letter came through my door on October 11, 1996 with a letter to me from this organisation. I presume it was sent out some weeks previously.

Catalogue 7: AUTUMN 96
Social and
Political History
, by Barry Buitekant and Andrew Burgin.

Porcupine Bookcellar occupies the basement of Housman’s Bookshop. The INTRODUCTION on the inside front cover of this pamphlet reports that “Housmans, together with Bookmarks are currently embroiled in a libel action for stocking the anti-fascist magazine ‘Searchlight’. They have decided to fight this case which is in effect an attempt to bankrupt radical and socialist bookshops. The case is costly so please send a donation to their fund. More details are available from Craig or Mo at Housmans.”

Discourse & Society: October 1996, Volume 7, Number 4, pages 559-61 of Book Reviews reviews After Postmodernism and another book. Review by Rob Gilbert.

Pages 569-70 reviews Banal Nationalism. Review by Dariusz Galasinski.

MP urges action over racist CD, by Lorraine Kirk, published in the Jewish Chronicle, October 11, 1996, page 9.

Peter Brighton of Searchlight quoted.

Advertisement for The Bureau of External Affairs, published in Private Eye, Friday, 18 Oct. 1996, No. 909, page 30.

Morris Riley spotted this curious advertisement which appeared in this issue of Private Eye and, with different wording, in the next two issues. The wording of this one is:

Do You Cheat on your Partner?
Need Help?
The Bureau of External Affairs
The Alternative Detective Agency
can create the perfect Excuses,
Lies, Alibis
S.A.E. to:
The Bureau of External Affairs
Dept. A, 37b New Cavendish Street,
London W1M 8JR

37b New Cavendish Street is Searchlight magazine’s mailing address, and as Gable has long fancied himself as a sort of latter day Kosher James Bond, it is tempting to put two and two together. In this case they almost certainly make four!

A liar, a cheat, and a friend of Harvey Proctor, by John Sweeney, published in the Observer (REVIEW), October 13, 1996, page 6.

Argues that some of the witnesses in the Panorama libel action were pressurised to change their stories. However, in the light of Hamilton’s subsequent behaviour in taking the cash for questions asked in Parliament and lying to Michael Heseltine, his victory against the BBC can be seen in a darker light. It refers too to a secret Young Conservatives Report on right-wing extremists, ie Gable’s mischief.

MP backs calls to stop pup gig by Nazi bands, by Stuart Millar, published in the Guardian, October 25, 1996, page 14.

Peter Brighton of Searchlight gets a brief quote here.

’Squaddies were swastika-waving Nazi bullies’, by Helen Garston, published in The People, October 27, 1996, page 13.

Robson gets a quote in this short piece of fiction by a former soldier. Apparently the Nazis control the Foreign Legion and have taken over the British Army, (see below).

Advertisement for The Bureau of External Affairs, published in Private Eye, Friday, 1 Nov. 1996, No. 910, page 32.

Problems? Worries?
Need HELP?
Problems Sorted!
Excuses Made!
Lies Told!
Solutions Found!

Large S.A.E. to:
The Bureau of External Affairs
The Alternative Detective Agency
Dept. B, 37b New Cavendish Street,
London W1M 8JR

TRIBUNE, 1 NOVEMBER 1996, page 12.

The Glyn Ford column carried a vitriolic attack on Sir James Goldsmith, insinuating that he was a Fascist fellow traveller, ad nauseum.

Tribune newspaper styles itself the voice of the left.


Sir James obviously threatened the paper with legal action.

Advertisement for The Bureau of External Affairs, published in Private Eye, Friday, 15 Nov. 1996, No. 911, page 32.

Is Your Regular Partner
Is it becoming more difficult to
deceive them?
send a large s.a.e to:
The Bureau of External Affairs
Dept. B, 37b New Cavendish Street,
London W1M 8JR

Chicken soup and whisky - a lethal mix in Oxford, by Charlotte Seligman, published in the Jewish Chronicle, November 15, 1996, page 19.

“anti-Fascist activist Ray Hill” is said to have been among those who recently “entertained students” at the Jewish Society at Oxford University.

Mind-Interview: What-if stories, by Andrew Billen, published in the Observer, November 17, 1996, REV PAGE: 11. [Compiled from CD-ROM].

Gable gets a brief and rather unflattering - but accurate - mention in this review as “a conspiracy theorist who could spot Nazi architecture in a kindergarten sandpit”.

It is unfortunate that Billen’s fellow Observer journalist David Rose doesn’t exhibit such a critical faculty when dealing with his co-racialist.

A Ray Hill website?

This, ie

appears to have been uploaded 18/11/96; some articles on the site predate the (defective) site counter. At the time it was viewed - February & March 2000, it appeared not to have been augmented since it was established.

The following is quoted verbatim:

Expo is Sweden’s independent anti-racist magazine, published by Hillstiftelsen, the Hill Foundation. The name Hill Foundation was taken in honour of the intrepid anti-nazi Ray Hill, who spent several years infiltrating the British neo-nazi movement and the European nazi terrorist networks.

Expo’s platform is a defence of democracy and freedom of speech, against racist, extreme-right and totalitarian groups and ideologies.

Expo cooperates with other European anti-racist magazines such as Searchlight (England), AntiFa Infoblatt (Germany), Reflexes (France) and Monitor (Norway).


The Most Evil Jew, published in RESISTANCE!, November 18th, 1996, Issue #97, page 6.

A small uncredited piece (written by Harold Covington) which makes Gable one of the frontrunners for this title. Below is a large format scan of this article. Nice one, Harold!

“Searchlight” news, published in Lobster, December 1996, issue 32, page 39.

A small, uncredited piece (written by editor Robin Ramsay) mentioning the recent Gable-inspired police raid on Morris Riley.

Searchlight Magazine:
A Well-Oiled Disinformation Machine
, by Paul Cox, published in Third Way, issue 27, pages 12-6. [This magazine is undated but was published circa December 1996].

A lengthy, favourable review of Larry O’Hara’s Searchlight For Beginners. Lota about Loony Larry but no mention of Yours Truly and his researches. Tch!

THE MEMORY OF BELSEN, by Tony Kushner, published in new formations A JOURNAL OF CULTURE/THEORY/POLITICS, NUMBER 30, WINTER 1996-97, pages 18-32.

Page 20: a surprisingly admission here by Kushner: “the ideologies of liberalism and nationalism as well as real politics...distorted the first post-war memories of the camp.”

First Grese, Kramer, et al were portrayed as “satanic monsters”, the “bitch of Belsen” and the “beast of Belsen”, then Kramer was portrayed as a shambling gorilla, finally they became “typical Germans”.

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