Searchlight Critical Bibliography

May 24, 2004: That is the date issue 26 of New Target came through my front door, so I assume it was published a day or two earlier.

With it was this letter addressed of to all members of the Communication Workers Union

June 14, 2004: Letter solicitors for Gerry Gable to solicitors for Mark Taha (which contained a cheque for £12,000)

July 21, 2004: Annual return/list of members - signed by Sweet Sonia.

Obituary of Ken Sprague (who edited Searchlight very briefly) by Karl Dallas, published in The Independent, August 2, 2004, page 35.

Jews predict record level of hate attacks by Jamie Doward, published in the Observer, August 8, 2004.

“After 11 September, the big fear was a significant increase in attacks on the Muslim community,” said Gerry Gable, publisher of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight. “But in London the number of attacks actually went down. What has gone up, especially in Manchester and Leeds, are attacks on Jewish places of worship by people who are identifiably from the Muslim community.”

[The above is taken from the Newsbank database].

Letter re Ken Sprague by Sid Brown published in The Independent, August 30, 2004, page 33.

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