Searchlight Critical Bibliography


Freudian Repression “Consciousness Creating the Unconscious”, by Michael Billig, published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, (1999). 290 pages. Includes Subject index and Name index.

ISN’T THIS WHERE WE CAME IN?, by John Tyndall, published in Spearhead, JANUARY 1999, No. 359, pages 6-8.

Gable and his gang get a mention in this lengthy article; JT shows that he and Griffin are wise to Gable’s divide and conquer strategy.

Racial pride and prejudice, by Nick Ryan and Nick Lowles, published in the Independent (THURSDAY REVIEW), January 7, 1999, page 8.

This is a not unfavourable interview with Nick Griffin – written as part of an agenda. Arch-liar Gable is quoted therein.

Searchlight lottery prize, by Karen Glaser, published in the Jewish Chronicle, January 22, 1999, page 9.

Reports that the Searchlight Educational Trust is to receive a £156,000 grant from the National Lotteries Board. Its work is said to include outreach work with schools, youth clubs and community organisations. The Trust’s chairman is said to be one Chris Cayton.


This is an anonymous press release printed on one side of A4 which I received February 4, 1999. It is clearly based on the letter I wrote to the National Lotteries Charities Board on January 27, because when I sent this letter I believed the Searchlight Educational Trust had been awarded £153,000 rather than the £156,000 than reported in the Jewish Chronicle on January 22, 1999. The same mistake is repeated here. I E-mailed copies of this letter to several parties, so anyone of them could be behind this.

Jewish Chronicle, February 19, 1999, page 3.

Gable’s photo appears with the legend ANTI-FASCIST EDITOR STEPS DOWN.

New TARGET, issue 11.

I received a photocopy of this March 3, 1999 but I gather it was published in February 1999. The cover story is Searchlight’s Gravy Train, which is about the Searchlight Educational Trust. A copy of the actual issue came through my door September 8, 1999 together with the first issue of TRU-AIN (or TRADE UNION Democrat). This is a single sheet of A4 paper printed on both sides; it appears to have been published about the same time.

Also mentioned in Target are Matthew Collins – who was apparently sussed well before he “came out”, and Daphne Liddle, who appeared on the daytime TV programme, Kilroy, representing the New Communist Party in a debate about “bogus asylum seekers”.

Spearhead, MARCH 1999, No. 361, page 3.

Gable gets a mention here. There is some acerbic comment on a recent Jewish Chronicle article concerning Gable’s spurious claims of persecution as a 10 year old.

A letter headed Searchlight Magazine dated March 1999 and beginning

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the new-look Searchlight.


This came through my door March 4, 1999 addressed to Mark Taha. He had apparently been included by mistake on the mailing list. This letter was sent out with a complimentary copy of the “new-look” Searchlight, No 285, for March 1999, which runs to 36 pages.

The new editors are named as Nick Lowles and Steve Silver. The letter itself is not without error, but it wouldn’t be Searchlight if it were error-free.

“First published in 1962” Oh no it wasn’t!

Searchlight exclusives include:

Linking the alleged murderers of Stephen Lawrence to British nazi organisations”

This is so exclusive that not even “British nazi organisations” realise these five scumbags were linked to them.

Etc and ad nauseum.

What is race? published in West End Extra, March 5 – March 11 1999, No. 298, page 21.

Gable’s forthcoming eugenics conference is given a plug in a Westminster newspaper.

MI5 swoops on Army ‘neo-Nazis’, by Rajeev Syal and Andrew Gilligan; and Neo-Nazis who lurk in the British Army, by Rajeev Syal and Andrew Alderson, published in the Sunday Telegraph, March 7, 1999, page 15.

This piece of garbage is obviously based on Gable’s mischief-making, and Searchlight is revealed in the articles as the source. If you read between the lines it is clear that the most serious allegation that can be levelled against those concerned is that they had in their possession quantities of racist literature. As does the Wiener Library. Incidentally, the distribution of such “literature” would be perfectly legal in the United States.

The Sunday Telegraph bills this non-story as an Exclusive, even though it also made the front page of the Observer [And was presumably reported by many other newspapers and other media.]; the report here was called Soldiers arrested in M15 raids on Nazis, by Hal Austin and Mark Honigsbaum.

Neo-Nazis held after raids, published in London Jewish News, 12 March, 1999, ISSUE 58, page 1.

This is a report in this new newspaper about the then recent “controversy” about “Nazis” in the military quoting Nick Lowles; page 18 contains an editorial comment Under the searchlight. These people are as dumb as any goyim.

Police raids on homes of suspected racist soldiers “Swoop follows investigation into Combat-18 activity”, by Bernard Josephs, published in the Jewish Chronicle, March 12, 1999, page 14.

Searchlight is mentioned.

2,800 Britons fall under the spell of Ku Klux Klan, by David Bamber and Rajeev Syal, published in the Sunday Telegraph, March 14, 1999, page 15.

This story has Gable written all over it; his new sidekick Lowles is quoted in the article, and the word “links”, Gable’s favourite innuendo, appears more than once in its text.

On the evening of 24 March 1999 I received a phone call from a Moslem friend in Cardiff; he told me he’d tuned in to Radio 5 Live earlier today, which was presented by Nicky Campbell, and heard Gable waffling on, presumably in connection with tonight’s documentary. He phoned in and managed to get through to speak to him and asked him if it was true that when he gave evidence at my trial in April 1997 he admitted to being in touch with many members of the National Front (the BNP, of course). He said Gable was stumped and began um-ing and ah-ing. My friend was cut off, but it would have been a nasty shock for Gable.

AGENT PROVOCATEURS AND DESTABILISATION, part 2, by Nick Griffin, published in Patriot, Spring 1999, issue No. 4, pages 12-8.

This article includes two photographs of Ray Hill.

Page 14: Hill is said to have been working for the police rather than Searchlight, the “mole” story was concocted retrospectively.

Same page: there is a photograph of Ronnie Graham alias Ronald White, said to have been working for Searchlight inside Leed’s National Front.

THE DEATH OF SUBURBIA, by John Harlow, published in the Sunday Times, March 21, 1999, page 1.16.

This is a full page article on this subject, but Gable gets a look in.

“Gerry Gable, a publisher, has lived in Gants Hill since 1981. He moved from Hackney after he was burgled three times in seven months. Some years ago he and his companion, a tax consultant, thought about moving to Wales. She was going to set up an organic farm. But they decided to stay.”

Gerry’s companion is of course his wife, Sonia. She probably changed her mind above relocating when she found out that Nick Griffin had moved to Wales! The idea of Sweet Sonia running an organic farm is not exactly alluring.

In this article Gerry also reveals that he has stopped shopping at Marks & Spencer. The dirty anti-Semite!

SATANISM and its allies: The Nationalist Movement Under Attack, authors uncredited, published by Final Conflict, London, (1999). 96 pages. No index. Illustrated.

This was promised in 1998 but appears to have been mailed out only from April 1999. On the inside front cover this pamphlet is said to be Volume 1 in the Red Book Series produced by Final Conflict magazine, probably because it has a red cover. There is also said to be a Black Book Series.

Page 91 refers to Yours Truly as “the Jewish, anti-Searchlight researcher”. Sigh.

‘SEARCHLIGHT’ JOINS THE THOUGHT POLICE, published in Gothic Ripples, April 1999, No, 39, page 10.

Colin Jordan reports that Gable and his gang have now been appointed to the Advisory Panel of the new “anti-racist” task force at New Scotland Yard.

Searchlies, published in Spearhead, APRIL 1999, No. 362, page 27.

A short report correcting Gable’s disinformation in the latest Searchlight concerning a recent high level BNP meeting.

england’s green and unpleasant land, by Nick Ryan, published in the times magazine, 10 april 1999, pages 34-6 & 39-41.

This is an in-depth interview with Nick Griffin, who comes across very well. Nick Lowles gets his nose in towards the end of the article.

The Brixton, Brick Lane and West End nail bombings brought Gable and his gang a windfall of undeserved press coverage, including in Brixton nail bomb ‘planted by neo-Nazis’, by Nick Hopkins, published in the Guardian, April 20, 1999, page 10.

Arch-liar Gable quoted.

Kiosk caller says we planted bomb, by Chris Kasrils, published in the Morning Star, April 20, 1999, page 1.

Steve Silver is quoted on the Brixton nail-bomb: “the sort of thing you would expect from Combat 18”.

According to the paper (obviously quoting Silver indirectly) Combat 18 was formed in 1992 from the security wing of the British National Party.

The front page of this paper says “incorporating the Daily Worker – for peace and socialism”.

April 20, 1999: 17.07 News Direct.

Gable waffled on about Combat 18, claiming that Combat 18 was probably not behind the recent Brixton bombing.

England’s saint a cover for fascists, by Stewart Tendler, published in the Times, April 22, 1999, page 4.

Gable puts BNP membership at “probably no more than 500”.

On April 23, 1999, I was informed by T.H.E. Sherriff-Geary that he had heard Gable waffling on about the Brixton nail bomb on BBC World Service on April 19 AT 5.25am. This was presumably a recording.

Suspicion falls on far-right groups, by Denis Campbell, published in the Observer, CD-ROM version, April 25, 1999, page 2.

Gable is quoted in this article by his poodle Campbell. According to the paper the bombing of the 1981 Notting Hill Carnival was narrowly averted (thanks to our ever vigilant Jewish “anti-fascist” and his gang) and “In the mid-Sixties there were 34 arson attacks on Jewish schools, a synagogue and theological college in London.” And thirteen convictions at the Old Bailey.

Bomber picks targets to spread race terror, by Jon Ungoed-Thomas and Steve Farrar, published in the Sunday Times, April 25, 1999, page 1.32.

“The intention is to create a backlash against whites”. Sure, Gerry.

The Brick Lane Bomb: The threat of the White Wolves, by Jamie Wilson and Nick Hopkins, published in the Guardian, CD-ROM version, April 26, 1999, page 5.

Gable was not totally committed but indicated that the White Wolves were responsible.

He was quoted thus: “It is possible that the ringleaders of the White Wolves took a look at Combat 18 and realised the organisation was riddled with infiltrators and decided to go on their own. The manifesto is almost a blueprint of the current bombing campaign”.

[The current writer consulted both the Guardian hard copy and CD-ROM, hence the duplication with the entry below].

The threat of the White Wolves, by Jamie Wilson and Nick Hopkins, published in the Guardian, April 26, 1999, page 5.

Gable is reported to have said the White Wolves emerged 5 years ago and probably have only 4 or 5 members. Gable hedges his bets but suggests the recent Brixton and Brick Lane bombs were planted by the White Wolves rather than by Combat 18.

‘White Wolves’ emerge from hiding “Racist group that threatened black peers and MPs may be behind attacks”, by Helen Rumbelow, published in the Times, April 26, 1999, page 4.

Arch-liar Gable is quoted; he is said to believe the White Wolves have “between four and ten main agitators”. The police might like to ask him how he knows!

April 26, 1999:

I saw Gable on TV three times. He was on the morning news on BBC1; he was on the 6pm news too, telling the us that the police have to reassess their intelligence on the far right. And immediately after that I saw him on the local news followed by Professor Paul Wilkinson, a so-called terrorism “expert”.

When he appeared on TV he looked genuinely worried. He probably thought he was on the White Wolves target list.

Hansard (Commons), April 26, 1999, column 44.

In relation to the then current London nail-bombings, Richard Allan, MP for Sheffield, Hallam, hoped that Home Secretary Jack Straw “shares my appreciation for the work of Gerry Gable and Searchlight magazine in bringing to public attention the producers of [(so-called) racist filth]” referring to CDs produced by the far right.

Straw replied: “I pay my own tribute to Searchlight and its editor for the phenomenal work they have done over the years in exposing racist and other extremists”.

What a pair of saps.

Setting bombing record straight, published in the Evening Standard, (NEWS EXTRA), April 29, 1999, page 26.

A contribution by Gable to the LETTERS page claiming that he had been misquoted by the Guardian.

London Jewish News, 30 April 1999. 14 IYAR 5759, Issue 64, page 2.

Nick Lowles is quoted when he warns that “It’s probably a very tiny group.” They’re trying to start a race war, he believes.

Lowles is quoted on the front page of the same issue and on page 3 he contributes an article: Right-wing threats in which he claims, among other things, “The British National Party (BNP) is Britain’s largest extreme right group with 1,500 members.” Contrast this with Gable’s claim in the Sunday Mirror on May 2!

Lowles also claims that Combat 18 is the security wing of the BNP.

Evening Standard, (NEWS EXTRA), April 30, 1999, page 26.

A letter from Glyn Ford MEP attacking columnist Brian Sewell for his suggestion that neither Manchester nor Britain needs a Holocaust museum.

The Observer, Sunday, May 2, 1999, carried a large spread about the nail-bombing campaign.

On page 3 under a sub-heading Informer warns of attacks by other C18 cells, Matthew Collins adds his two shekels’ worth of hate. “He believes an active cell of C18 members is responsible for the bombs...He fears this is the start of a terror campaign which will be joined by other C18 units in Britain.”

Collins: “The unit which planted the nail bombs will be made up of four to six men in their late twenties to early thirties. All will have a history of violence, probably at political rallies or football matches.”

Later that same day, a 22 year old engineer was charged with planting all three bombs. He was said by the police to have acted alone. This was of course David Copeland, who would later be convicted of the outrages.

The “Research” for this article was carried out by Dorota Nosovicz. “Collins was not paid for this interview, although The Observer is making a donation to the Searchlight Educational Trust.”

Neo-Nazis today are fewer – but far deadlier, by Gerry Gable, published in the Sunday Mirror, May 2, 1999, page 4.

Gable claims there have been neo-Nazi bombs in London since 1962, and seems to imply that the National Front once had 64,000 members. Not all at the same time, it didn’t.

“Even the largest group, the British National Party (BNP) has only 400 members”. Tell that to Nick Lowles. Gable says that the police are “unfamiliar with this type of terror” – ie the nail bombs and that:

What is needed is a unified police and intelligence unit with input from investigators such as ourselves, who already have “moles” in the terror groups.


Gable refers also to attempts to infiltrate the army which were exposed by “Searchlight and the national media”. In other words, one of Gerry’s “moles” conned a couple of gullible soldiers into distributing racially abusive literature so they could be exposed.

Jack Straw is said to have praised Searchlight’s intelligence work the previous week.

The article includes a photograph of “INVESTIGATOR: Gable”

Sunday Telegraph, May 2, 1999, page 21.

As Gerry Gable, publisher of Searchlight, an anti-fascist magazine, explains: “They do runs of around 1,000 CDs, which cost only £1 to produce and sell for £15 each. They are also merchandising the bands’ T-shirts, posters and badges.”

But are they planting bombs, Gerry?


This is a press release dated MAY 1999 which came through my door May 14, 1999 and warns that Gable is sitting on Grieve’s Advisory Panel on racial and violent crimes. I knew this already, from Gable’s witness statement in Riley v Gable.

is a French intellectual right-wing magazine.

No 69, 15 mai au 1er juin 1999, pages 6 & 11 is an article Le Réseau SCALP/REFLEX/No Pasaran (5) in the DOSSIER column. This also covers Gable and his gang.

Click here for the relevant pages (external link).

A Questionnaire For The Funders Of The
Searchlight “Educational” Trust

This is a three page stapled A4 leaflet published by InÉoText Manuscripts (no ISBN). A few copies were mailed out to various organisations and individuals on May 18, 1999.

SNAPPED AT THE BNP BASH published in The Mirror, May 25.

The title is taken from pages 4-5 of this smear article which is the front page (non) story. Also included is the relevant snippet from the editorial on page 6 (misprinted as page 0).

The Mirror (ie the Daily Mirror) was for many years a regular Searchlight conduit; Gable is quoted herein, and it is doubtful if this article would have been published without his input.

Neo-Nazis target schoolkids with website of hatred, by Sarah Courtenay, published in the News Of The World, May 30, 1999, page 34.

This non-story is billed as an EXCLUSIVE. Gable is described as “advisor to Scotland Yard’s anti-racist task-force”; he is quoted as saying that the BNP website’s ideology is “offensive to ordinary men and women”. What Gable would know about the opinions of ordinary men and women remains to be seen.

More Searchlight lies, published in Lobster, Summer 1999, issue 37, page 26.

Editor Ramsay brands Gable and his gang liars. So what’s new?

Free speech for all?, published in REPORT, June 1999, page 1.

This is the London Magazine Branch bulletin of the NUJ. According to this, Gable as the guest speaker at the June 14, 1999 meeting of the London Magazine branch. The article is subtitled “Is there a case for censoring fascists’ views and activities – or their election broadcasts?”

New TARGET or simply TARGET, issue 12, came through my door June 5, 1999.

Pages 1, 3 & 4 has a follow up to the Mercian Klan story which appeared in Searchlight in November 1997. A letter from Sarah Gibson of the Prime Minister’s office appears to confirm the allegations made in Target issue 10 that Gable and his gang made up the story about the letter being sent to Tony Blair.

MPs join clamour over poll ‘fiddle’ by BNP, by Peter Hetherington, published in the Guardian, June 7, 1999, page 11.

This is a non-story based on Gable’s mischief-making. Alan Donnelly, “leader of the European Labour party”, was “alerted by the anti-nazi magazine, Searchlight”.

Racist thugs to face DNA tests by police in new clampdown, by John Twomey, published in The Express (ie the Daily Express), June 24, 1999, page 23.

A certain Mr Silver, of “anti-racist magazine Searchlight” is quoted. He thinks it’s a good idea. He might change his mind when some maverick scientist devises a test for a Jewish gene.

Final Conflict, Spring 99, ISSUE 21.

I received my copy of this magazine from Morris Riley at the end of June/beginning of July 1999.

Page 3: CRIMINALS GET LOTTERY MONEY! reports on Gable & co’s then recent lottery windfall.

Page 18 publishes a lengthy letter I hadn’t expected them to publish, under the heading BARON ON SEARCHLIGHT. I sent this by E-mail and didn’t keep a copy but it appears to have been published more or less verbatim.

Racism and Responsibility: An Introduction, by Tony Kushner, published in PATTERNS of PREJUDICE, July 1999, VOLUME 33, NO. 3, 1999, pages 3-4.

Honestly, I’m no good with storm troopers, by Jon Ronson, published in the Evening Standard, (NEWS EXTRA), July 2, 1999, page 15.

An hilarious article by this Jewish columnist who has been the victim of Wicked Harold Covington’s mischief-making. Searchlight gets a mention.


, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (July 4, 1999). 14 pages.

An A4 pamphlet. With Gable on the front cover!

, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (July 4, 1999). 25 pages.

This was a long time in coming but it was worth waiting for. I think so, anyway!

“New Look” Searchlight,
Same Old Poison
, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (July 4, 1999).

An 8 page illustrated A4 pamphlet exposing the activities of the goys and girls at Searchlight. Though mostly not goys!

For the avoidance of doubt, the casual browser is advised that the title of this publication is a well-deserved pun on a column written by Gable himself, in which he portrays his political opponents – and anyone he doesn’t like – as rats.

For publications referenced within the above, check out the Selective Citations Page for the main website.

Gay tiff reveals soft side of far right, by Tom Robbins, published in the Sunday Times, September 5, 1999, page 1.10.

“Ray Hill, who infiltrated the extreme right for 12 years to gather information for anti-fascists, said homosexuality was prevalent in the upper echelons and that at one stage nearly half the movement’s main organisers were gay.”


“There is an inordinate proportion of practising homosexuals in the fascist movement in this country – it really is rife,” he said. “I saw ridiculous situations where violence was being planned against homosexuals by people I knew to be homosexual. There is a great deal of narcissism among the fascist leadership based on the macho image and elaborate uniforms.”

Gerry Gable, editor of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: “I have looked at Nazi groups for decades and this homophobia hypocrisy has been there all the time. I cannot think of any organisation on the extreme right that hasn’t attacked people on the grounds of their sexual preference and at the same time contained gay officers and activists.”

Actually, Hill did not “infiltrate” the far right for twelve years, and Gable was not at the time of writing the editor of Searchlight. Leaving aside the other nonsense in this article.

Scotland Yard braced for backlash over race initiative, by Ken Hyder, published in the Evening Standard, (NEWS EXTRA), September 10, 1999, page 23. [This article is not in all editions.]

Gable is quoted by one of his poodles in this non-story: “Scratch a racist and you’ll find somebody who’s kicked a copper after a football match. Pursuing racists will do everybody a favour.”

A plain reading of this article suggests that “hi-tech surveillance techniques and intelligence analysis” are now to be used for combatting “racist graffiti”.

How did these Italian terrorists build a property empire in Britain?, by Nick Fielding, published in The Mail on Sunday, September 19, 1999, page 40-1.

Gable is quoted in this totally worthless article – and undoubtedly inspired it. Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello are pictured.

, by Sean Gabb, published by the Libertarian Alliance, London, (1999).

This double-sided A4 leaflet is Political Notes No. 157; it was sent out with a Libertarian Alliance mailing dated 4th September 1999. Herein Dr Gabb claims that Searchlight is “a sinister publication, notorious for its lies and its provocations to violence and murder” – fair enough! and though “seemingly run by Marxists” is “actually a creature of the security services”.

No it isn’t Sean!

Selling Racism: History, Heritage, Gender and the (Re)production of Prejudice, by Tony Kushner, published in PATTERNS of PREJUDICE, October 1999, VOLUME 33, NO. 4, pages 67-86.


This newspaper, published by the International Third Position, is undated but came into my possession on October 1, 1999.


No prizes for guessing who that is.

The great irony of this paper is that it is published FOR ENGLAND AND THE ENGLISH yet is run by Italians!

Flyer for At War With The Universe (see below).

AT WAR WITH THE UNIVERSE, by Larry O’Hara and Steve Booth, subtitled The British X-Files and How & Why Nazi Thug and State Asset Tim Hepple/Matthews has infiltrated Ufology, published by Notes from the BORDERLAND as Pamphlet No. 1, London, (1999). 134 pages. Illustrated. No index. Large format.

As its name suggests this pamphlet is largely about Tim Hepple, but Searchlight gets more than the odd mention amid O’Hara’s increasingly bizarre ravings.


Martin Webster, “Searchlight” Magazine
And The “Outing” Of Nick Griffin

This is a 4 page leaflet (double-sided A3) dated November 8, 1999 and mailed out shortly afterwards. It was published in a personal capacity and is written in my usual diplomatic style.

Headhunters: Chelsea’s evil soccer thugs exposed, by Tim Lusher and Donal MacIntyre, published in the Evening Standard, (NEWS EXTRA), November 10, 1999, pages 10-11.

This is a preview of a TV programme that was shown that same night on BBC1. (See below). Arch-liar Gable gets a mention or two on page 10.

MacIntyre Undercover, BBC1, November 10, 1999.

Donal MacIntyre is a BBC journalist. This was the first in a series on the theme of “hidden worlds”. He claims to have spent over a year on this project, the infiltration of the Chelsea Headhunters, a gang of thugs for whom spectating at soccer matches plays second fiddle to organised aggro, apparently for no better purpose than getting into a fight.

The chief hooligan is one Andy Frain, known affectionately to his friends as Nightmare. Another is Jason Marriner; a third is Stuart Glass.

Some of this programme was clearly staged for the camera but it was not an overtly dishonest documentary, and Gable clearly had only a bit part in it. He was most certainly not the inspiration.

However, a certain amount of Gable has definitely rubbed off on MacIntyre. Jason Marriner is said to have “close links” with Combat 198.

According to Gable, C18 came into existence around 1992. He doesn’t say anything here though of his bizarre theory that C18 is run partly by MI5 and partly by “Nazis”.

Marriner boasts of visiting Auschwitz; Gable says a group led by Frain also visited the camp.

The programme refers to Scotland Yard’s “Anti-Fascist Unit”. Strange, because “fascism” isn’t illegal.

London foots the bill as neo-Nazis build a headquarters for hate, by Colin Adamson, published in the Evening Standard, (LATE PRICES), November 19, 1999, page 18.

This is a long running and far from sensational “news” story.

“We have produced new evidence, with the assistance of the anti-Nazi newspaper Searchlight, and Larry O’Hara...” not working together, I hope!

This concerns JEW

An anonymous one-sided A4 leaflet “Published in the Public Interest”. It is directed mainly at Martin Webster but also takes a swipe at Gable in his gang. It was published, apparently, in November 1999.

Inquiry demand over race-hate bomber links, by James Clark, published in the Sunday Times, November 28, 1999, page 1.21. (Additional reporting by Tom Robbins).

This is a report on the gaoling for nine years of James Shaw who allegedly set out to plant “devices” in London during the Copeland bombing campaign. Shaw is said to be 57 and a former member of the National Front. According to this article he was both a leading member and a former member although according to my information he wasn’t that important.

A certain Kosher muck spreader is quoted in the report. Apparently there is “...a clear need for greater vigilance and police action to reassure communities which may be targeted.” As if the police need a prick like Gable to tell them that.

According to Gable, Shaw was “pivotal” in the “British fascist movement” and was “London NF organiser”.

Fascism: Theory and Practice, by Larry O’Hara, published in Lobster, Winter 1999, No 38, pages 39-41.

This is a review of the book of the same title, written by Dave Renton. O’Hara gets in a dig at Searchlight – “to which Renton is now a frequent contributor”.

On December 6, 1999, Gable’s token black poodle Purkiss appeared on the BBC morning news whining about how terrible is racism in the workplace.

New TARGET ISSUE ... Number Thirteen was published, apparently, some time in December 1999.

It features Glyn Ford on the front cover.

Fascist groups linked
to world trade riots
Ray risked life and limb to expose BNP race hatred
, by Debbie Manson, published in the Sunday Post, December 5, 1999, page 9.

I was sent this article from this leading Scottish newspaper by Nick Griffin. It’s difficult to quantify the lies.

TACKLING INSTITUTIONAL RACISM IN THE WORKPLACE, by Bob Purkiss, published in CARF, December 1999/January 2000, No 53, page 8.

Gable’s token black trade unionist goy creep sounds off about racism in the workplace.

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