Searchlight Critical Bibliography


Fascism in Britain FROM OSWALD MOSLEY’S BLACKSHIRTS TO THE NATIONAL FRONT by Richard Thurlow, published by I.B Tauris, London, (1998). 298 pages. Index. Illustrated.

This is said to be the “Revised paperback edition”. Same old rubbish about the poor, persecuted “powerless” Jews, the wicked “fascists” of the National Front, ad nauseum.

On page 258 we are told that “The activities of Ray Hill led to the exposure of the gunrunning operation to Northern Ireland involving members of the National Democratic Party, the thwarting of a plot to explode a terrorist bomb at the 1981 Notting Hill carnival...Hill provided evidence that practically all of Britain’s nazis were implicated in some of these activities, including the British Movement, the League of St George and Column 88.”

Now where have I heard this garbage before? The first edition of this muppet’s book, perhaps? As Gable claimed as early as 1993 that Column 88 was “a honey-trap organisation controlled by British intelligence”, * Thurlow should consider rewriting this passage – and re-evaluating everything this clique of hate-filled Jews and their goy fellow travellers have ever claimed about “Fascism” and “Fascists”. Don’t hold your breath.

* Searchlight, April 1993, issue 214, page 11.

TALKING OF THE ROYAL FAMILY by Michael Billig, WITH NEW PREFACE, published by Routledge, London, (1998). 244 pages. Index.

This is the paperback edition.

THE WHITE DRAGON, Jan 98. #8, page 6.

The WHITE DRAGON HOME NEWS column contains a short report on Troy Southgate’s anti-Gable demo (lifted from the report in the Catalyst).

Tribune, January 9, 1998, page 12.

Glyn Ford MEP gets an honourable mention here for his work on the duplicity of the National Security Agency. [From photocopy.]

January 25: Neo-Nazi gang war fear after murder by Nick Lowles and Nick Ryan published by the INDEPENDENT on-line.

The word murder is actually appears twice in the title. The article was published at 00.02 and is a report on the conviction of Charlie Sargent and Martin Cross for the murder of Chris Castle.

GERRY GABLE’S SECRET WAR by Ken Hyder, published in the Reader’s Digest, February 1998, pages 54-9.

This is a rehash of Hyder’s “Spymaster” rubbish which was published in the Independent in February 1997. Oh boy.

UNITY – NOW! by John Tyndall, published in Spearhead, March 1998, No. 349, pages 6-9.

Searchlight gets a far from flattering mention on page 6. JT makes the point that Gable’s hate sheet referred to “secret” merger talks between the British National Party and (what is left of) the National Front. “They were never that, though at the same time they were not announced with any loud fanfare.”

Histoire, rumeurs, légendes, mars 1998, No 2, pages 206-212.

This excellent French Revisionist journal contains numerous reviews of Alexander Baron’s publications.

The following anti-Gable publications are reviewed in

Liars Ought To Have Good Memories
Alexander Baron v Gerry Gable And Others...
A Revisionist History Of The 1960s Synagogue Arsons
and Searchlight On The Jewish Chronicle

Résistance!, Mars 1998, No 3, page 26.

Christian Bouchet’s magazine contains a reference to a leaflet written by Al: Twenty Things Every Black And Asian Anti-Racist Should Know About Gerry Gable And The Searchlight Organisation. Gable is also referred to as Gerry Gamble. The Troy Southgate Jews Against Searchlight spoof gets a brief mention too.

Spearhead, April 1998, No. 350, page 22.

A letter from G.H. Wakeford of Sudbury, Suffolk, makes several references to Searchlight.

A PHOTO WHEREBY THERE HANGS A TALE..., published in Spearhead, May 1998, No. 351, page 13.

This is a short piece which suggests that Michael Hipperson, a member of the National Democrats, took a photograph of the British National Party’s photographer and passed it on to Searchlight.


This is a two page newsletter * sent out by the mysterious Mr A. Jones and his gang.

* The copy I received consisted of two pages of A4 stapled together but printed on one side only.

Far right under fire, by Judy Kerr, published in Time Out, May 13-20, 1998, No 1447, page 41.

Arch-liar Gable gets a quote here.

Hepple/Matthews update, published in Lobster, Summer 1998, issue 35, page 22.

This magazine was published in mid-June; Tim Hepple has moved on to fresh pastures, researching UFOs!

AGENT PROVOCATEURS AND DESTABILISATION, part 1, by Nick Griffin, published in Patriot, Summer 1998, Issue No. 3, pages 10-16.

Gable and Searchlight figure in a small way.

Page 15 reproduces a fake photograph used by Griffin’s would-be entrapper. It is of a French political meeting. One of the men standing behind Jean Marie Le Pen was not actually present.

New TARGET, issue 9.

This occasional bulletin of the Searchlight Victims Support Group’s came through my door mid-July 1998. They’ve caught Gable lying through his teeth again.

The November 1997 issue of his hatesheet claimed – on page 16 – that a letter from the Mercian White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan had been sent to the Prime Minister. The Target team chased this up and reproduce a letter on page 1 from the Assistant Private Secretary to the PM denying any knowledge of it. Naughty, Gerry.

A press release headed TWO NEW PUBLICATIONS FROM ITMA: was sent out over the Internet on July 31, 1998 and later a few copies were sent out by post. The two new publications are of course the two pamphlets put out by Yours Truly on August 2, 1998, relating to Gable’s Nazi links and the critique of the Supple book.

Zeig Heil And Oy Vay!
, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (August 2, 1998). 23 pages.

This mildly satirical A4 pamphlet contains, among other things, documentation on Sweet Sonia’s “Nazi” past, and includes an admission by Gable that he funds members of the British National Party.

On the morning of August 22, I received a letter from Malcolm Skeggs – who was at that time running the BNP’s book service; he informed me that I had misspelt “Sieg”. Oh boy!

Shortly after publishing this pamphlet in Portable Document Format on this site I realised I’d also published what I called a 2nd Edition. I can’t remember when but I don’t think I made any alterations, amendments or additions; I think it was just a second printing. I remember I sold quite a few of these thanks to Mr Skeggs and co.

The Poisoned Chalice Of
“Holocaust Education” –
How Racial Hatred Is Used To Indoctrinate Your Children:
A Critique Of Carrie Supple’s “From Prejudice To Genocide”
, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (August 2, 1998). 28 pages. Illustrated.

Another A4 pamphlet by the world’s leading dissenting Searchlight researcher, this one in a more serious vein.

WHY THE COPS & COURTS “GAGGED” THESE MEN, by Larry O’Hara, published in the Law, ISSUE 13, JULY-AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 1998, pages 16-7.

Former Searchlight “mole” Tim Hepple gets a mention herein.

Mr O’Hara spouts more of his nonsense and refers to “self-confessed MI5 asset and agent provocateur Tim Hepple”. Of course, "self-professed" would be a more accurate description of this Walter Mitty character.

WAYS TO SPOT A WRONG ’UN, published in Spearhead, August 1998, No. 354, pages 16-7.

This is an article by Ernst Zundel reproduced from one of his newsletters. It includes, on page 17, a photograph of Ray Hill – giving the Nazi salute in a group – the caption speculates that Hill may have “done the dirty on Gerry Gable as well” !

Safe haven, by Gerry Gable, published in G2, August 4, 1998, pages 6-7.

G2 is the second section of the Guardian newspaper. According to the footer at the end of the article: “Gerry Gable is editor of Searchlight. An extended version of this story appears in the July and August issues.”

This is typical Gable innuendo, in particular he is railing at Roberto Fiore and the so-called Italian fascist terrorists who fled to England in the wake of the Bologna bombing of 1980. Are they being protected by M16, asks Gable? No, Gerry. Typically of Gable, he even got the date of the bombing wrong; it was August 2 (my 24th birthday!), not August 4!

THE MYTH OF KOSHER JAMES BOND, published in THE ENGLISH ALTERNATIVE, Issue 9 (undated), pages 16-8.

I received my copy of the magazine from Troy Southgate on the evening of August 12, 1998.

This article was first published in Mark Cotterill’s British Patriot in March 1995, at least the first part of it was; the magazine folded forthwith. (Click here to see why). There are a couple of minor errors: Gable has actually been married four times, not three as stated here. [I should have reproofed this article on account of the more than three year gap before publication]. The scan here is somewhat lop-sided; for once this is not my fault, the magazine was compiled by hand and the pages were not all properly aligned; the scanner has magnified this misalignment. Unlike the far left, the so-called extreme right in this country has never been well funded. [In February 2013, this article was rescanned].

The Myth Of Kosher James Bond is in essence a distilation of my 1994 pamphlet Searchlight On Gerry Gable: Secret State Asset Or Liability?


A report on the trial of solicitor Lewis Ruskin; see for example the entry for the Independent, October 2, 1997, page 6. Ruskin never was a founder of the Searchlight Organisation and was probably never more than a nominal supporter.

NOS AMIS LES BÊTES Les étranges amis de REFLEX, published in Résistance!, Septembre/Octobre 1998, No 5, pages 7-8. *

This appears to be a translation of part of one of my pamphlets * in Christian Bouchet’s magazine. Nice one! The article is signed Albert Jacquemin.

* Jew-haters, Black-haters...

Glad to be under the Searchlight, published in the Guardian, September 8, 1998, page 17.

This is a letter from Matthew Collins, apparently writing from London, commenting on the September 3 G2 article: “However, I would like to correct one statement.” Only one?

“...I had to leave Britain because of the danger to my family and myself...” Yeah, sure.

“Gerry Gable, Searchlight’s editor, made me a part of his family...”

Pillock. Gable’s only loyalty is to his own family, or tribe should I say, and judging by the way he lies to them he obviously doesn’t think much of them either.

September 10, 1998: In his long, rambling witness statement in the consolidated libel actions Alexander Baron v Gerry Gable (1993 B 4482 & 1994 B 2491), Gable claims – at paragraph 38:

“I attended part-time courses at the London School of Economics. This was between 1958 – 1959, when I was around 22 years of age...I obtained a Diploma in Social History.”

Morris Riley wrote to the LSE to confirm this. Click here for a JPG scan of a photocopy of the reply he received.

Click here for a PDF scan of the same letter.

The Guardian September 17, 1998, page 22 has a correction to the Collins article of September 3 G2 section under a small heading CORRECTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS

IN AN article headed, The man who said, enough, Pages 6 and 7, G2, September 3, we said that Matthew Collins, had worked for almost three years “as an organiser for the National Front and the British National Party”. He was not an organiser for the BNP and, in fact, at no time joined the BNP.


Collins’ claim to fame: he was never a member of the BNP!

London conference to discuss racism, by Bernard Josephs, published in the Jewish Chronicle, October 16, 1998, page 12.

Bob Purkiss is said to be vice-chairman of the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia.

Not so cool, Britannia
The Stephen Lawrence inquiry, by Matthew Collins, published in THE AUSTRALIA/ISRAEL REVIEW, [on-line], 21 October – 11 November 1998.

This is basically a rant about racism in Greenwich.

Facing the threat
Fascism and the Labour Movement, published by Searchlight and Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association, London and Newcastle, (November 1998). 64 pages. Illustrated. No index.

According to the Bowker/Whitaker Global Books In Print On Disc database, which I consulted in October 2000, this small book was published by the Searchlight Educational Trust.

Page 4: the booklet begins with a quote by Joyce Quinn MP.

Pages 4-5: Foreword by Bob Purkiss

Purkiss is described here as the National Secretary for Equalities of the TGWU, but in reality one of Gable’s lapdogs.

Page 6: the pamphlet is said to have first been written in the 80s – check and Searchlight connection then

Pages 27-34: Fascism and trade unions in Britain is by Graeme Atkinson.

Pages 34-5: Fascist organisations in Britain

Pages 36-42: The New Right is by Nick Lowles and John Hope, the latter who is said to be an historian.

Pages 43-8: The fascist danger in Europe, by Graeme Atkinson

Pages 54-7: Trade union agenda for race equality is by Kamalajeet Jandu, a TUC employee.

Page 64: TUFS was established in the Autumn of 1996.

, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (November 5, 1998). 7 pages. Illustrated. An A4 pamphlet.

Gable won’t have liked this!

Issue Ten of TARGET (alternatively New TARGET) came through my door on November 6, 1998.

The star of this issue is Daphne Liddle, referred to therein as “THE ‘TELETUBBY’”. They appear to have obtained some interesting if dated documents concerning Searchlight Organisation contacts. Not everything in this issue is accurate; the claim from the national press that the recently gaoled crooked solicitor Lewis Ruskin was one of the founders of Searchlight is taken at face value. Nor is it true as claimed on page 5 that Dave Roberts died of an AIDS-related illness. And he was not allegedly the lover of Daphne Liddle, their relation was confirmed to the current writer by Terry Liddle several years ago.

Jewish group tries to sabotage BNP rally, published in Spearhead, December 1998, No. 358, pages 4-5.

This appears in a column called Politics; it mentions Gable and Searchlight and also publishes a rather unflattering cartoon of the latter, reprinted from an anonymous, scurrilous leaflet.

Women: Swastikas and strawberry jam, by Diane Taylor, published in the Guardian, December 17, 1998, page 6. [Compiled from CD-ROM]

This is said to be a feature on the British Housewives’ League. Gable is quoted on Donald Martin.

WHITE NOISE inside the international nazi skinhead scene, edited by Nick Lowles and Steve Silver, published by Searchlight, London, (1998). 89 pages. Illustrated. No index.

This small book has an introduction by Glyn Ford MEP. I received my copy of this from The Searchlight Victims Support Group on December 22, 1998. (See next entry).

White Noise front cover.

Enclosed with the above were two A5 leaflets and a sticker. Both leaflets were printed on one side of paper only; the first is printed on blue paper, is headed

A Well-Oiled Money Machine

and contains a breakdown of the Searchlight Educational Trust’s accounts.

The second leaflet is printed on yellow paper and is headed

A Well-Oiled Money Machine

Both leaflets contain a breakdown on grant aid to the Searchlight Educational Trust.

The sticker is headed

Defend Democracy

Evening Standard, (LATE PRICES EXTRA), December 23, 1998, page 23.

This is a big feature on the Reverend Kenneth Leech, founder in 1969 of Centrepoint night shelter. This guy is a dupe.

Final Conflict, ISSUE 20, Autumn 1998.

This is a special issue devoted almost entirely to the Searchlight Educational Trust. This is the cover story, editorial and pages 6-15.



A lot of this is based on Yours Truly’s research but although it is not footnoted in proper academic fashion an extensive bibliography is given. Larry O’Hara is also credited, but they don’t think much of him personally.

Page 14 contains an inset MR. ALEXANDER BARON. Overall, the magazine is rather flattering towards me!

The above was also posted to

Notes from the BORDERLAND, Autumn/Winter 1998-9, ISSUE 2.

Page 9: Searchlight gets a mention as “that MI5 front-magazine” in an article about former MI5 operative David Shayler.

Page 19: Searchlight is mentioned again.

Page 22: Tim Hepple gets a mention in a lengthy article on Karl Marx by David Pegg.

TWO SECURITY ALERTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE by Larry O’Hara, is a short filler on page 26.

It accuses the current writer of plagiarising O’Hara’s research on Gable and his gang. The reader is referred to my OPEN LETTER TO LOONY LARRY O’HARA of November 15, 1998 for a complete refutation.

As another “Searchlight”/Combat 18 “provocateur” Matthew Collins crawls out from under a rock, “Larry O’Hara” provides an initial assessment, pages 32-3.

Again Plucking The White Rose: Yorkshire Revisited, by Larry O’Hara, pages 34-43.

Another lengthy article, which finishes on the inside back cover.

Notes from the BORDERLAND – a double sided A4 flyer for the magazine which appeared as an insert in the above but was doubtless sent out in advance as well as per the first issue.

Lobster, Winter 1998/9, issue 36.

This issue contains the flyer for issue 2 of Notes From The Borderland which advertises O’Hara’s anti-Searchlight polemic.

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