Appendix C: Chronology Of The Synagogue Arsons


[The entries in square brackets (below) are alluded to in Exhibit 6 of “REGINA -v- FRANCOISE SUZANNE MARIE JORDAN” which can be found in CRIM 1/4749].

November 10th, 1964: Mesifta Talmudical College fire, 15 year old Woolf Katz dies in this accidental blaze.

November 11th: inquest opens on Woolf Katz and is adjourned until December 4th.

December 4th: the inquest returns a verdict of accidental death.

December 22nd: The local press reports on a letter from New Scotland Yard to MP David Weitzman: “Careful inquiries have been made into the suggestions of suspected incendiarism consequent upon an outbreak of fire at the above establishment. There is no evidence that any form of pseudo-fascist or similar activity is present in the district, or that this incident was perpetrated by any such local organisations.”

[1] March 13th, 1965: Brondesbury Synagogue completely destroyed.

[2] April 19th: Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue in Heneage Lane, London EC3 attacked.

April 25th: Greenbank, Liverpool. Major attack but not related in any way to the London arsons.

June 4th: two incendiary bombs set off at Edmonton & Tottenham Synagogue in the early hours.

June 4th: Herbert Samuel Hall/New West End Synagogue, Bayswater. £30 damage caused.

June 4th: Mrs Jordan sentenced to four months imprisonment in her native France (in abstentia) for defacing the British Embassy in Paris.

[3] June 27th: Borehamwood Synagogue attacked.

[4] June 30th: Bayswater Synagogue, Chichester Place.

July 8th: Maida Vale. Slight damage, arson not initially suspected.

July 9th: Aubrey Cadogan torches Palmers Green & Southgate Synagogue. Not related to the arson gangs.

[5] July 10th: Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue in Launderdale Road, London W9 attacked.

[6] July 10th: Finchley Road Synagogue attacked.

[7] July 14th: Stanmore Synagogue attacked.

July 20th: In Parliament, Home Secretary Sir Frank Soskice reports that since September 1st, 1964 there had been five arsons at synagogues, four attempted arsons, one at a house (117) and fifty-five lesser offences such as daubing slogans and fly posting.

[8] July 31st: Clapton, Sha’are Shomayim, Lee Bridge Road, door set on fire, substantial damage, estimated at £1,000.

[9] July 31st: Ilford, Beehive Lane. Damage estimated at around £130.

October 25th, 1965: Paul Dukes approaches Bidney outside North London Magistrates Court.

October 26th, 1965: Dukes is arrested at Stoke Newington Police Station.

October 27th: Dukes appears before magistrates.

November 23rd: Aubrey Cadogan gaoled.

December 1st: Paul Dukes & five others (Chant, Hughes, Gordon, Rainbird and Sparks) are committed at North London Magistrates Court.

February 15th, 1966: gaoling of the first arson gang.

April 5th: gaoling of the second arson gang. Four convicted of starting seven fires.

October: Mrs Jordan gaoled in France.

February 3rd, 1967: Mrs Jordan released from prison in France.

August 7th: Mrs Jordan arrested.

January 17th, 1968: Mrs Jordan gaoled for 18 months for conspiracy to set fire to synagogues.

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