The Most Evil Jew In Britain


Searchlight magazine has been published continuously since 1975. The modest assessment of its controllers is that it is the leading resource for “anti-racists” and anti-fascists in Britain, and respected internationally as a monitor and opponent of the extreme right. Over the years, Searchlight and in particular its co-founder and controller Gerry Gable, have claimed to have both prevented and solved numerous crimes by far right activists and terrorists, including a plot in 1981 to bomb the Notting Hill Carnival, and thereby murder perhaps hundreds of innocent people.

Most of Searchlight’s claims of crime-solving and crime-busting are unverifiable, but in one instance in particular, overwhelming and irrefutable documentation exists, and this documentation proves graphically that not only did “Searchlight intelligence officers” not solve the crime, but that the crime in question did not happen.

Since 1987, Gerry Gable has claimed to have brought to justice the killers of a yeshiva student. Drawing on both contemporaneous press reports and official documents, this short study strips away his anti-fascist veneer and exposes Gable as both a shameless liar and a cynical exploiter of Jewish suffering, real and imagined.

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