The 1st Edition of this pamphlet was published in March 1994; the 2nd Edition, Revised, Expanded And Updated, was published in October of the same year. Both were researched principally from contemporaneous press reports. A scan of the 2nd Edition was published on the WorldWideWeb in September 2001. In spite of this, and in spite of exposés of his perfidy in many other publications, Gerry Gable has continued to lie through his teeth about the Mesifta Talmudical College fire, and about the heroic exploits of himself and his fellow Jewish “anti-fascists” in the 1960s. The July 2002 issue of Searchlight magazine is devoted in large part to a eulogy for the 62 Group.

The time has come therefore to publish the definitive exposé of Gable’s lies, and to lay to rest forever the ghost of the ill-fated Woolf Katz, a victim of a tragic accident, whose untimely death has been and continues to be used by a cynical parasite who for the past four decades has been exploiting and subtly promoting the anti-Semitism he claims to have devoted his life to combatting.

Since 1994, a number of files have been released by the Public Record Office which throw further light on the actual role of Gable’s fellow hatemonger and hero, Harry Bidney, in bringing the synagogue arsonists to justice. I have drawn on them here together with two further documents - one official, one unofficial - which should be sufficient to destroy forever Gable’s tangled web of lies. Even so, I have no doubt that both the cynical Anglo-Jewish political establishment and the gullible goyim of the misnamed anti-fascist movement will continue to support him, the former more or less uncritically.

This 3rd and Definitive Edition of A Revisionist History Of The 1960s Synagogue Arsons has been totally rewritten and corrected as well as augmented.

Alexander Baron,


September 26, 2002

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