Appendix F: Chronology Of Lies And Deception


The short list below is probably not exclusive, but it gives an insight into Gable’s sick Jewish mind.

September 1984: Gable’s obituary of Harry Bidney claims that “Harry broke the gang by persuading one of its young members to give himself up to the police. At the Old Bailey the Judge at one of the three trials praised the work of Harry and his colleagues in stopping the arsonists...”

October 23, 1987: In a Jewish Chronicle interview, Gable takes the credit for bringing the arsonists to book himself. The campaign “had resulted in the death of a yeshiva student”.

April 1993: In issue 214 of Searchlight, it is claimed that “Searchlight intelligence officers” were responsible for solving the 1965 synagogue arsons which had led to the death of “a 19-year-old theological student and the crippling of another”. August 1994: In issue 230 of Searchlight, “Searchlight investigators” are said to have brought the arsonists to trial. The fire at the (unnamed) Mesifta Talmudical College is again said to have been arson; the second student is said to have been crippled after leaping from the blaze. March 17, 1995: The Jewish Chronicle runs a full page spread on Searchlight magazine to celebrate [sic] its twentieth birthday. It is reported that during a two year period from 1962-4, no less than thirty-four Jewish buildings were attacked by the 1960s synagogue arsonists and that “A child died in one of the attacks.”

November 1995: Publication of When hate comes to town: Community Responses to Racism and Fascism, by the Searchlight Educational Trust. Searchlight is said to have been founded in 1964, and "Its research work led to the arrests and convictions of neo-nazi terrorist gangs who had carried out racial and antisemitic killings and firebombing campaigns."

May 1998: On the back page of issue 275, an unsigned article (obviously written by Gable) boasts that “The embarrassment of our success in catching the nazi synagogue arsonists and the three trials at the Old Bailey that led to their convictions had resulted certain people in authority taking a hostile line towards Searchlight” [quoted verbatim].

July 2000: In issue 301 of Searchlight, the 1960s synagogue arsons are said to have left “one theological student dead” and another with serious spinal injuries.

July 2002: In a special issue devoted to the 62 Group, the lie is again repeated: “When Dukes turned up the next evening, we put the facts to him. The police were on his tail for manslaughter at least, or the 62 Group might get to him first.”

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