Appendix B: The Lies Continue

In the Foreword to this short monograph, we alluded to the July 2002 issue of Searchlight. The extensive coverage given therein to THE FIGHTING SIXTIES is a mixture of self-promotion, fantasy, and the glorification of mindless violence, not to mention other crimes.

The following quote - said to be an eyewitness account - is from page 17:

“I remember seeing the retreating Mosleyites giving Nazi salutes on the back of their lorry. I picked up a heavy object and hurled it into the middle of them. It certainly took the smirks off their faces”.

Any police officers who were present would undoubtedly have thought otherwise.

And from page 23: “Search teams raided Mosley’s headquarters removing vital documents.” A blatant endorsement of burglary, and this from a magazine which claims to be in the forefront of exposing Nazi criminals.

Now here comes the most sickening part, page 21: “A wave of fear permeated the Jewish community. After a youth of 19 died in a blaze at a theological college in Stamford Hill, pressure on the police to make arrests became intense.” No Gerry, the Mesifta fire was in November 1964, while this particular arson campaign began the following year. We are told that a copycat arsonist - Aubrey Cadogan - was convicted, but we are not told that Cadogan was Jewish. Still on page 21: “The 62 Group and Searchlight formed a joint investigative team. We interviewed, took statements and tasked our moles and infiltrators to look for leads.”

Searchlight did not exist in 1964, and these “moles and infiltrators” found nothing. Harry Bidney is said to have approached Paul Dukes outside a magistrates court. If this is indeed where they met, it was Dukes who made the first approach.

“When Dukes turned up the next evening, we put the facts to him. The police were on his tail for manslaughter at least, or the 62 Group might get to him first.”

According to Bidney’s own statement in DPP 2/4078, Dukes didn’t turn up the next evening, which in any case was nearly a year after the Mesifta fire.

And the 62 Group was not only praised by the trial judge but by an editorial in the Jewish Chronicle. Lie and lie again.

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