Notes And References


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(2) This may mean a company secretary.
(3) There are three files in the Public Record Office DPP series, relating to the first of the three trials only; they are DPP 2/4078-80. Bidney’s criminal record appears to have found its way into the case papers by mistake; a document in DPP 2/4078 lists him with Dukes, Chant, Sparks and Hughes as a defendant. The fifth defendant in this case was actually Alex Gordon, (see under …Contemporaneous Press Reports).
(4) THE 43 GROUP: the untold story of their fight against fascism, by Morris Beckman, published by Centerprise Publications, London, (1992), Foreword by Vidal Sassoon. The Second Edition (no subtitle) was published in 1993.
(5) Just for the record, certain people – whom I will not name here – regularly insinuate that the term “Organised Jewry” is an anti-Semitic epithet. It is no such thing; I use it here as a bona fide term to mean Jewish political organisations in much the same way as “the Green Movement” refers to environmentalist organisations. On occasion, Jews themselves refer to Organised Jewry, especially in the United States.
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(45) American researcher Laird Wilcox has recently launched an interesting Hoaxer Project which aims to document fraudulent racial incidents, including Zionist mendacity. [Written in 1994].
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(54) Daily Telegraph, January 13, 1968, page 19. She also told the investigating officer that she would like to see them blown up by Act of Parliament! At her trial she would rationalise this by claiming that when the Jews had been expelled, all synagogues would be burnt because there would be no further use for them. Such buildings were “impregnated with evil”. (The Guardian, January 17, 1968, page 6). She really should have looked in the mirror.
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    Mrs Jordan began her affair with Cooper after Christmas 1965, and went to France with him in March 1966. She was expelled while she was serving a four month prison sentence in Nice for decorating the wall of the British Embassy with a “Hitler was right” sticker, an incredibly severe sentence for such a trivial act of criminal damage. She had been married previously and had a child by her first husband.
(59) The Guardian, January 16, 1968, page 4. [A note here on press reports. All or many of the main dailies have different editions; the Guardian for example has four: two published in London and two in Manchester. This story appears on the microfilm at the British Library Newspaper Library (Colindale) on page 4 under the title Mrs Jordan claims that Hitler opposed burning of synagogues. It was also published as Jordan denies fire plot, (page unknown – Wiener Library press cutting)].
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(63) She was said to have conspired with Thorne and Evans between May 1st and August 1st 1965 and to have incited arson between May 1st and July 14th 1965. See the Guardian, January 13, 1968, page 3.
(64) Guardian, January 18, 1968, page 3.
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(67) Metaphorically! Not that any of this motley crew needed much seduction. Thorne told the police that Evans, Trowbridge, Hughes and himself had decided to burn the Brondesbury synagogue, while the Bayswater fire had been Evans’ idea. Hughes was said also to have pushed burning rags through the letter box of a Jewish taxi driver’s home. (Jewish Chronicle, March 18, 1966, page 16).
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(70) Dave Roberts, who was later disowned by the Searchlight team. He was convicted of conspiracy to assault. See for example Ex-Red “acted as sleuth”, published in the Birmingham Post, March 25, 1976, page 3.
(71) Ray Hill in the News of the World, March 25, 1984, page 5.
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(75) Dukes actually appeared at North London Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 27th October, Jewish Chronicle, October 29, 1965, page 1.
(76) In the Daily Telegraph, January 13, 1968, page 19, this officer is referred to as Detective Chief Inspector Wickstead; he was to retire with the rank of Commander. But more about him soon.
(77) Jewish Chronicle, February 18, 1966, page 13.
(78) Jewish Chronicle, August 6, 1965, page 1.
(79) I was informed that papers relating to the second trial have not been retained.
(80) According to Dukes’ criminal record, which can be found in DPP 2/4080, he was fined £10 at North London Magistrates’ Court on October 5, 1965 for possessing an offensive weapon.
(81) CRIM 1/4469, PART 2.
(82) CRIM 1/4749.
(83) From Colin Rainbird rather than Colin Jordan.
(84) Reproduced verbatim.
(85) Sic.
(86) SOHO VICE BOSS JAILED, published in the Daily Telegraph, August 6, 1977, page 3.
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(88) ...Time to come out of the closet..., (op cit).
(89) THE MONDAY CLUB A danger to British Democracy. Supposedly “Published in the Public interest”, it was uncredited for a very good reason; this scurrilous 30 page pamphlet is libellous of many people. There are no indications as to who published it, but it has all the hallmarks of Gable’s predecessor Maurice Ludmer.
(90) In the death register for 1964, the unfortunate youth is entered as both Volve Katz and Woolf Katz.
(91) For the benefit of overseas readers, Stamford Hill has the largest colony of Orthodox Jews in Britain. And literally dozens of synagogues.
(92) Boy dies in London Yeshiva fire and Youth dies in London yeshiva blaze, November 13, 1964, pages 1 & 16 respectively.
(93) £100,000 APPEAL LAUNCHED TO REBUILD YESHIVA, published in the Jewish Chronicle, November 20, 1964, page 13.
(94) FIRE INQUEST RESUMED: rumours of arson but no evidence, published in the Jewish Chronicle, December 4, 1964, page 12.
(95) NO EVIDENCE OF ARSON AT YESHIVA FIRE: Coroner’s verdict of accidental death, published in the Jewish Chronicle, December 11, 1964, page 15.
(96) A rabbi who grew up in the area told the current writer that the yeshiva had been in a pretty dilapidated state and that a party had been held there the previous night.
(97) NO INCENDIARISM AT YESHIVA, published in the Jewish Chronicle, December 25, 1964, page 10.
(98) Jewish Chronicle, March 18, 1966, page 16.
(99) The Birmingham Six had confessions beaten out of them; Winston Silcott’s confession to the murder of PC Keith Blakelock was fabricated in its entirety. For the benefit of overseas readers (and future generations!) these two miscarriages of justice have been thoroughly documented elsewhere.
(100) Jewish Chronicle, November 13, 1964, page 1.
(101) The Times, April 6, 1966, page 5.
(102) In the March 18, 1966 issue of the Jewish Chronicle, Hemsworth was said to have admitted taking part in an attack on this synagogue, but an extensive search of the paper for the entire period turned up no report of an attack.
(103) There appears to be one grotesque exception to this, a quite vicious attack on two Jewish youths, Henry Freedman and Raymond Keene, in Hackney on April 30, 1949.
(104) Maurice Ludmer edited Searchlight until his death from a heart attack on May 14, 1981. His lengthy obituary reports that he was “seriously injured on at least two occasions” but contains no mention of a hat-pin.
(105) See Private Eye, May 29, 1987, page 8; December 22, 1989, page 6; and June 7, 1991, page 7 for the truth about this outrageous libel against Mr Howarth and others.
(106) Search Me!, March 1991, issue 762, page 14.
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(108) GUIDE TO EXTREMISM IN BRITAIN 1973 EXTREME RIGHT, compiled by Julian Radcliffe and Leslie Wooler, published by the Circle for Democratic Studies, Croydon, (1973), page 24.
(109) This was the publication that really launched Searchlight; it was written by Maurice Ludmer and Gerry Gable.
(110) The Wooler pamphlet does not appear to have come to Mr Jordan’s attention.
(111) This article is unsigned, but was obviously written by Gable because as far as I know, he and the photographer Michael Cohen were the only then current members of the Searchlight team who were active in London in the 1960s.
(112) Written in 1994.
(113) GANGBUSTER Tales of the Old Grey Fox, by Bert Wickstead, published by Futura, London, (1985).
(114) Bert Wickstead (1923-2001) retired from the force in 1977. His Daily Telegraph obituary of March 24, 2001 reported that he was commended for his inquiry into the arson attacks on thirteen London synagogues.
(115) And one claimed later by the National Front’s Martin Webster!
(116) Wickstead, Gangbuster, page 56, (op cit).
(117) Obviously the home of Wolfe Busell.

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