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Welcome to the second (and hopefully typo-free!) edition of Eustace Mullins: Anti-Semite or Iconoclast? I must apologise for the errors in the first few issues of the first edition. The typos were caused primarily by software incompatibility, but also by my and Mr Taha’s incompetence, though as his efforts are entirely voluntary, I can hardly complain. In any case, any errors, factual or technical, are entirely my own. The final, corrected first edition has a white cover; if you purchased one with a coloured cover, please refer to the attached erratum sheet.

For the second edition I have expanded considerably the bibliography of conspiracy literature. In particular I have added Cheats At Work; Disinformation, Misinformation, and the “Conspiracy” to Kill JFK Exposed; and Dan Smoot’s Invisible Government. I read Cheats At Work years ago and wonder that I failed to include it in the first edition. I will repeat here what I say later: This is the real conspiracy at work. Before you study the Trilateral Commission, the CFR or (Heaven forbid) the Protocols of Zion, read this book.

The Invisible Government predates Chesterton’s New Unhappy Lords; although I’ve been aware of it for many years, I read it only quite recently. I came across the Kennedy book only in the last couple of years but didn’t read that until after the Global Deception conference. I have to say that I do not believe either that the CIA or the Mafia killed John F. Kennedy. Indeed, the Mafia almost certainly does not exist as an autonomous, hierarchical entity, the “confessions” of Joe Valachi and Tommaso Bucetta notwithstanding. I am currently, when time permits, compiling a booklength bibliography of conspiriology and would be interested to hear from any potential publisher, distributor or source of research funding. Ditto my/our other activities in this field.

An additional appendix has been added, which contains the texts of The Rabbi’s Speech and A Racial Program For The Twentieth Century, (1). I have also examined Mullins’ New History Of The Jews in considerable depth in the section on his entries in Singerman. This quite appalling book is discussed here in considerable detail.

After the conference, I contacted David Pidcock of the Islamic Party of Britain in connection with another matter, and he told me that he had been down to speak at the meeting but that Mary Seal had withdrawn his invitation. Originally, two other speakers had been arranged, but in the event, neither of them had turned up. Pidcock was not happy with Seal, and said that it was all very nice talking about flying saucers, but when it came down to the corrupt financial system, even the likes of Seal were not keen on tackling the real issue head on. (2) Also, I heard from Mary Seal who was rather more complimentary about me than about the press, but in view of their ridiculing her sincere efforts to expose (what she considers to be) a massive conspiracy, this was hardly surprising.

I also sent a transcript of part of the Mullins’ interview to the Anti-Defamation League and requested some information from them on his activities. I received no answer. Amusingly, the Jewish conspiracy theory was given a boost when the ADL was finally jumped on by the authorities for its over-zealous activities in monitoring “anti-Semitism”. A National Socialist contact sent me a copy of The Truth At Last (issue 365) (3) which revealed that the Anti-Defamation League’s office in Los Angeles was raided by police on April 8, 1993 who removed over three hundred files of documents. The ADL was said to have kept dossiers on 12,000 private citizens and 950 organisations including the United Farm Workers Union and Greenpeace! The mind boggles. Hopefully this obnoxious organisation will now lose its tax-exempt status. It is these sort of activities as much as anything else which is responsible for the deluge of conspiracy and hate literature which all Jews have to live with.

Robin Ramsay reviewed the first edition in Lobster issue 25, (pages 23-4), where he suggested that it should have been typeset more professionally. I had already been flirting with this idea, the only obstacle being that a 10 point bold font did not print satisfactorily with my then current software. This problem has now been overcome.

On the subject of the AIDS conspiracy theory, it was claimed in Lobster, December 1992, issue, 24, page 21, that this was originated as black propaganda by the Soviet Union. A much more plausible explanation appeared in the lunatic, “feminist”/lesbian anti-male hate (and now thankfully defunct) magazine Spare Rib. An article in the July 1992 issue reported that AIDS had been created deliberately as part of a plot (the King Alfred Plan) to bring about the extinction of American blacks by the year 2000. The source of this new blood libel was in reality a story published in an Indian newspaper, the Patriot, which quoted a well-known US scientist and anthropologist, who is alleged to have claimed it originated from a virus created by the US germ warfare department at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Needless to say, this scientist cum anthropologist was so famous that he chose to remain anonymous. Obviously fearful of reprisals. Like that other nonsense the Protocols Of Zion, this nonsense has already spread to the far corners of the Earth; I saw a version of it recently in an Islamic magazine published here in the UK. Having said all that, it may of course not be nonsense at all, but Dr Strecker’s view that AIDS is too clever to have arisen in nature is not shared by, for example, James Le Fanu, who says it is too clever to be man-made!

“Man is incapable of creating something like AIDS. We’re not bright enough, we don’t know enough about virology to create pathogenic viruses, especially something as virulent as AIDS. A lot of people don’t appreciate the astonishing sort of Old Testament fury of the AIDS virus. It’s astonishing that because of the nature of the AIDS virus, the only treatment that was available, couldn’t be used.” (4)

Astonishing as that may be, it is nowhere near as astonishing as the fact that the first edition of ECM has been branded anti-Semitic! I kid you not. I can’t go into too much detail here because this matter is currently the subject of legal proceedings, but I will say that an attempt is being made to use it against me (as anti-Semitica) by the defendant in a libel case. The defendant is none other than Gerry Gable, who I am suing the arse off. Gable’s defence was served on me on December 13, 1994 and accuses me of “[defending] or [excusing] notorious anti-semites such as Lady Birdwood, Louis Farrakhan, Ernst Zundel, Eustace Mullins and White racist extremists generally...”

Update Notes And References

(1) This was to have been included in the first edition but was omitted. Yet another error!
(2) Pidcock has a no-holds-barred attitude to financial reform. The Islamic Party’s paper Common Sense frequently carries articles attacking usury.
(3) This is a notorious anti-Semitic, Christian Fundamentalist newspaper, formerly known as the Thunderbolt. The raid on the ADL’s offices was reported worldwide, including in the Jewish press here, the wailing and gnashing of teeth Jewish Chronicle. There are really no disputing the facts of the case, only the interpretation of them. The usual excuse is that there is one law for Gentiles and quite another for Jews, as of course the struggle against eternal anti-Semitism is so much more important than such fine details as civil liberties.
(4) Author’s interview with James Le Fanu, February 1, 1993. Dr James Le Fanu is in general practice in South London. He is medical columnist for the Sunday Telegraph and has a background of eight years in hospital practice, and research into chronic lung disease.


I would like to extend my thanks to the following persons: Mark Taha for double-checking my researches and for proofing the manuscript; two persons whom I will not identify. Mary Seal and Keith Mears for taking time out to speak to me; and, most of all, to Mr Eustace Mullins for willingly and good-humouredly subjecting himself to an at times hostile cross-examination at a minute’s notice.

Alexander Baron,

January 23, 1993
Updated February 15, 1995

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