Appendix B:
Eustace Mullins’ Entries in
An Annotated Bibliography and
Research Guide”,
by Robert Singerman,
published by Garland, New York, (1982).

On page 198, Singerman lists Mullins’ Abominable, Yet True - the Rabbi’s speech before the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, January 12, 1952. This first appeared in Women’s Voice, May 1952, and has been widely reprinted since, eg in Plans of the Synagogue of Satan, by the National Federation of Christian Laymen in 1954. (I’ll bet they were Christians!)

Page 271 lists The Biological Jew, (c1968), 86 pages. Published at Staunton, Virginia by Faith and Service Books, The International Institute of Jewish Studies. This “organisation” is another of Mullins’ fanciful inventions.

“A nasty little book...”

Page 209 lists The Federal Reserve Conspiracy, published by the Christian Educational Association, Union, N.J., 2nd edition, (1954). 144 pages.

Said to be about the Jewish international banks’ world dictator ship plan. (66)

Page 215 lists Impeach Eisenhower!, from Women’s Voice, (c1955). 4 pages.

Singerman’s comment: “Eisenhower is a willing tool of his Jewish advisers, all of whom are international communist agents.”

Also on page 215 appears Jews Mass Poison American Children, June 1955, page 11.

“The polio vaccine, invented by Jonas Salk, a Jew, is a poison because it contains live polio germs.”

My Life in Christ, published by Faith and Service Books, Staunton, Virginia, (1968). 90 pages: explains how Marxist Jews and the Mafia control the FBI and the CIA.

MULLINS’ NEW HISTORY OF THE JEWS, by Eustace Mullins, published by the International Institute of Jewish Studies, Staunton, Virginia, (1968).

This book is “DEDICATED TO MRS. LYRL CLARK VAN HYNING who has kept the light burning for so many of us”

Between the first and second editions of ECM my colleague and I obtained two of Mr Mullins’ works through the inter-library loan system. When I remarked to him that Mullins’ A Study of the Federal Reserve contained not a word of anti-Semitism, he replied, “He saves it all for this one.”

This is quite the most appalling work of anti-Semitica that I have ever read, and that’s saying something. I propose here to examine this 151 pages of pure hate in some considerable depth.

According to Mullins here, the Crucifixion was cooked up by the Elders of Zion meeting in the Synagogue of Satan, (page 8). He makes the bald claim that any Gentile who is found in possession of a copy of the Talmud must be instantly killed, (page 11). This is a well-worn anti-Semitic canard; it is also rubbish, of course, but it is doubtful if, unlike the current writer, Mr Mullins has ever pried into the Talmud. The entire book contains not a single footnote, and generally repeats the stock anti-Semitic claim that Jews are parasites.

Chapter 6 JEWS AND RITUAL MURDER, is particularly appalling. He gives a ghastly, ghoulish description of ritual murder on page 51, wherein he claims that on page 173 of his History and Destiny of the Jews, Josef Kastein validates the ritual murder charge. I consulted the book and needless to say this author does no such thing. Page 173 - in this edition at any rate (67) - is actually about Saul of Tarsus. Page 413 does refer briefly to ritual murder trials, but only as a form of persecution. Kastein’s book does not seem unduly concerned with anti-Semitism.

Also on page 51 of his work, Mr Mullins says, “There are so many thousands of well-attested examples of Jewish murder of children that we need only cite a few.”

As “proof” of this, he claims on page 58 that “It has been estimated by a leading police official that four thousand children disappear in the United States each year. There is no question that the majority of them are victims of Jewish ritual murder. So prevalent has the custom become in this country that Jews are able to ship large quantities of the children’s blood to Israel for use in their ceremonies there.”

This “leading police official” is not named for the obvious reason that he does not exist, and as for Jews sending blood to Israel, that claim is absurd. The Israelis have more than enough Palestinian blood of their own, and they have never been shy about spilling it.

As if Mr Mullins hadn’t libelled innocent Jews enough, he goes one better and says of Jewish doctors (page 58), “It therefore behooves American parents to avoid leaving their children unguarded in the presence of a Jewish physician or placing the child in a hospital run by Jews.”

This was a view obviously not shared by the Nazis; a study of the Jewish Chronicle for the Nazi era reveals that Nazi Party members, including officials, regularly consulted Jewish physicians in defiance of the ban against using them. High praise indeed!

On page 63, Mullins says that anti-Jewish fanatic Arnold Leese died suddenly while he was writing a book on an alleged ritual murder case, and implies that he was murdered because of this. Mr Leese was actually 77 years old when he died on January 18, 1956. His death was reported in his anti-Jewish hate sheet Gothic Ripples, (68) which was edited after his death by his fellow traveller Anthony Gittens, who would certainly have made capital out of any mysterious circumstances surrounding his predecessor’s death. (69) In 1936, Leese was jailed for six months for effecting a public mischief and conspiring to effect a public mischief by accusing the Jews of ritual murder and mixing blood with their Passover bread. (70) In 1938, he published a pamphlet on Jewish ritual murder, (71) so his views on the subject were well known to Organised Jewry, and to the general public, the latter of whom doubtless treated them with the contempt they so rightly deserved.

According to Mullins’ the Puritan revolution was a Jewish revolution and Cromwell was an agent of the Jews, (page 70). Not the least remarkable claim in the book is that made on pages 84-5. Stalin is said to have allowed two million Jews to die on cattle trains in Siberia “for fear that they would betray his military positions to the Germans...” Of course, Jews everywhere were rooting for Hitler, and the very first thing they would have done had they the opportunity would have been to betray Stalin to their persecutor. Does Mr Mullins realise just how absurd his claims must sound to even the uninitiated? While if Stalin did murder two million Jews, that effectively disposes of Mullins’ thesis of the uniqueness of Jewish evil.

On pages 88-9, he cites Kastein again, (page 323), “The Russian government regarded the activities of the village Jews as exploiting the rural population.” I couldn’t find this quote; page 323 actually refers to the Kahal in Poland.

On page 95 he says, “The First World War had broken out on schedule, carefully planned by [Basil] Zaharoff and the other Jewish munitions tycoons.” Zaharoff is said to have died a multimillionaire in the 1930s on the Riviera planning World War II!

On page 104, he points out, “In the entire Communist literature, one finds not a single criticism of the Rothschilds, but many pages of fulmination against gentile bankers such as J.P. Morgan.”

Yes and no. Communists and socialists are (wilfully?) blind to the financial system’s defects, but claims that the Jews control it lock, stock and barrel are hardly conducive to financial reform. On page 105 he claims that Alexander Kerensky was a Jew. He is not the first person to make that claim, and not the last to be wrong.

Also on page 105, “Only two gentile officials were known out of 312 leading Communists in Russia.” This again is rubbish; Lucien Wolf effectively disposed of this Communism-is-a-Jewish-monopoly poppycock as long ago as 1920. (72) In fact, it would be more accurate to say that no authentic (Torah) Jew has ever been a communist. “Jewish” communists, of which there have been many, are men and women of Jewish birth only, and no more Jews than the majority of Britain’s population are Christians. As communism is atheistical, Jews, by definition, can never be communists.

On page 130, the Rothschilds are said to control the London Times, but as the Jews own 84% of America (page 123), this should come as no surprise.

On page 136, he lists Hollywood mogul Darryl Zanuck as a Jew. According to author Philip French in his book, The Movie Moguls, Darryl Francis Zanuck was “Born at Wahoo, Nebraska; his Methodist father was a hotel clerk of Swiss parentage from Iowa, his mother a Nebraskan of English stock.” (73) Who do you believe: French or Mullins?

On pages 139-40, he quotes the Israel Cohen Racial Programme rubbish in full and describes Israel Cohen as a “prominent Jewish writer and Communist theoretician.” Adding “the Jews denied that there was a writer named Israel Cohen [but] two [well-known] writers named Israel Cohen were found listed in Who’s Who in World Jewry.”

It is doubtful if any Jew who knew what he was talking about would deny the existence of such a prominent figure, who was still very much alive when Mullins first set this canard going the rounds. The Israel Cohen in question was actually a well-known Zionist. He was born in 1879, educated at Jews’ College, was correspondent for a number of newspapers including the Manchester Guardian (now simply the Guardian), and published a number of books. He died in 1961.

On page 145, as well as corrupting medicine and psychiatry, “The Jews have also developed dangerous new drugs which induce insanity in gentiles.” For once he may right, certainly there is something terribly wrong with the state of American medicine; Mr Mullins is living proof of that.

On pages 147-50 he quotes what is presumably the full text of The Rabbi’s Speech. It is so absurd that it makes the Protocols sound plausible by comparison. Even arch Jew-hater Arnold Leese was skeptical of it. (74) Mullins says it was written originally in Yiddish and translated by Henry H. Klein. Mr Klein, who died in 1955, (75) was an American-Jewish lawyer and a fellow traveller of Mullins, so it is just possible that he was an innocent (or guilty) party to this fabrication. (76)

On page 150, Mr Mullins says, “In 1958, the London Times reported the death of Rabbi Rabinovich, but made no reference to the famous speech, although it had been translated into many languages and was known in every country in Europe.”

Certainly the “speech” was widely known, thanks to Mullins’ fellow hatemonger, Einar Aberg, (see interview). Aberg was actually an anti-Semitic propagandist in his own right and was churning out his poison immediately after the Second World War, and quite possibly during and before the War for all I know. (77)

However, the current writer could find no entry in the Times Index under Rabinovich for the whole of 1958.

Earlier on page 147, this “speech” is referred to as “The unchallenged transcript of a speech by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich...” Not so. Many people have challenged it, as the Israel Cohen fabrication. (78)

Mullins even goes so far as to claim that his exposure of The Rabbi’s Speech forced the Jews to postpone World War III. A claim which is every bit as convincing as that made by arch-liars Gerry Gable and Ray Hill that their exposure of the equally non-existent Notting Hill Carnival bomb plot averted a neo-Nazi massacre of enormous proportions.

The only thing that might possibly be said in defence of this book is that it is all one ultra-sick joke; one does get the impression that Mullins doesn’t take the subject matter too seriously. Indeed, this was suggested by the authors of a study of literary fraud. (1) If this is all a joke, then it is an appalling joke in even more appalling taste.

My Struggle, published in Christian Vanguard, June, July and August 1978. Autobiographical reminiscences of an anti-Jewish agitator.

MULLINS ON THE FEDERAL RESERVE (title on front cover) A STUDY OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, By Eustace Clarence Mullins, published by Kasper and Horton, New York, (1952). Listed by Singerman on pages 198-9.

This is an excellent book which contains not a word of anti-Semitism. It is hard to see how anyone bar the paranoid fascists who make up the Jewish establishment could brand it as such.

On page 15, Mullins reveals that “Louis Brandeis led the fight against the Aldrich Plan in the Harper’s Weekly with a series of articles on the Great Money Trust.”

As Brandeis was regarded by the “Jew-wise” of the time as one of the inner council of the Elders of Zion in America, this effectively disposes of the Fed = Jewish conspiracy nonsense.

Mullins’ claim on page 100 about the stockmarket crash makes more sense. Ie, that its culmination in the tremendous selling orders from October 24 into November which wiped out a hundred and sixty billion dollars worth of security values was the greatest misfortune which the United States has ever suffered.

Not quite true, though, money is after all only bits of paper, or bank-created credit while World War Two killed real people, but the point should be taken.

Most of what Mullins says in this book can be verified from standard works, eg the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. One doesn’t have to read very far to realise just how great an influence it had on Gary Allen. The book is not referenced as such but contains a short bibliography and many quotes from committee hearings and the like, which, unlike most of the “references” in Mr Mullins’ anti-Semitica, appear to be genuine. This book is a total contrast to Mullins’ appalling anti-Semitica and it is a wonder that he ever produced the latter, particularly as this was written before much of his “let’s-hate-the-Jews” crap.

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