Notes And References

(1) “Mullins, it is said, has a sense of humor and doesn’t take his own fabrications too seriously.” - THEY NEVER SAID IT: A Book of Fake Quotes, Misquotes, and Misleading Attributions, by Paul F. Boller, Jr. and John George, published by Oxford University Press, New York, (1989), page 107.
  It’s a pity other people do, like poor Lady Birdwood, who is convinced the Jewish religion is nothing less than a sinister, centuries old conspiracy to destroy the white race.
(2) Gary Allen in his book None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Concord Press, Third printing, (April, 1972), page 10.
(3) I had looked over his biography of Ezra Pound, This Difficult Individual, a copy of which is in the British Library, but in spite of Mr Mullins’ fame as one of the most notorious anti-Semites of our time, none of his books are to be found in the Wiener Library. * When I visited the Jewish Chronicle Library in 1992, I asked if they had a file on him. They hadn’t.
  * This library specialises in anti-Semitica and related studies.
(4) Conspiracy theorists suspect a plot, by John Ezard, published in the Guardian, Friday, January 8 1993, page 20.
  “Stand by for John Major to be exposed as an all-powerful controller of the planet,” said Mrs Seal.
  Seal denied she had ever said any such thing.
(5) The Islamic Party of Britain had a stall in the foyer.
(6) Mosley’s son, Nicholas, wrote “During 1933 there were several cases of individual and small groups of fascist paper-sellers being set upon by Jews...two Jews out of a mob of ‘about a hundred’ were sent to prison for five weeks for assaulting a Blackshirt in Shaftesbury Avenue. According to the police there was no evidence that the Blackshirts at this time were indulging in such attacks.” [Beyond the Pale: Sir Oswald Mosley and family 1933-1980, by Nicholas Mosley, published by Secker and Warburg, London (1983), page 28.]
  Mosley’s biographer, historian Robert Skidelsky, * made a similar claim:
  On October 28th 1934 at the Albert Hall, Mosley read out a list of 64 people convicted of attacks on fascists since June; 32 were Jewish. “Spontaneous rising of the British people against Fascism!” he remarked cynically, (page 386).
  * Oswald Mosley, by Robert Skidelsky, Third edition published by Papermac, London, (1990).
  Although one could hardly expect the Anglo-Jewish establishment to sympathise with Mosley and his fellow travellers, many of whom were indeed openly anti-Semitic, there is evidence that they too were aware of what was going on. In June 1937, Neville Laski, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, “warned against ‘Jewish mushroom organisations which had sprung up...ostensibly to fight anti-semitism, but which were in reality nothing but rackets.’” ** Skidelsky, (op cit), page 538. See also Chapter 20, Who Was then the Englishman?
   In spite of the oft’ repeated claim that Mosley himself was anti-Jewish, he always maintained that he was not, and that he had only ever attacked Jews for what they did, not on account of their religion or race.
  ** Eg, the Jewish People’s Council against Fascism and Anti-Semitism.
(7) Time Out, January 6-13, No 1168, page 11, see feature article Cabal Together, “His views are so stupid they’re laughable.” said Mike Whine.
(8) Philip J. Klass, a technical writer and regular contributor to the American publication Aviation Week & Space Technology, has probably done more than any man past or present to provide rational explanations for irrational stories about little green men. His book, UFO Abductions: A Dangerous Game, published by Prometheus Books, does an excellent job of rationally debunking the nonsense of “abductees” like Betty and Barney Hill, and fantasists like Whitley Strieber. (I have read this book and can heartily recommend it). Klass has also written UFOs: The Public Deceived.
(9) The Guide To Non-Kosher Food Shopping: Boycott The Kosher Tax. Also on the front cover are the words UNMASKING THE SECRET KOSHER TAX. All Food Products Marked with either a U or K have paid a tax to a Jewish Religious Organization in violation of the U.S. Constitution!
  This nonsense is published by The Truth At Last [sic], (formerly the Thunderbolt), the newspaper of the National States Rights Party.
(10) I’d recently had several experiences of the supposed Jewish fiscal mendacity and monopolising of the economy myself including being over-changed for photocopying in the Wiener Library.
(11) In spite of a massive campaign of disinformation by the powerful homosexual lobby, a dispassionate examination of the epidemiological evidence suggests that AIDS is a disease (or syndrome if you will) which is unlikely to make serious inroads into the heterosexual community except through bi-sexuals and intravenous drug users, although, heaven forbid, this is serious enough). *
  The small amount of literature I have read on this highly emotional subject seems to indicate that, whatever its genesis, AIDS is a disease of filth. Homosexual practices, which include anal sex, “fisting”, fellatio, “watersports” and “scat”, and anonymous sexual encounters in bathhouses and public toilets, are hardly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. The practice of anal sex appears to be particularly harmful. The simple fact is that the human anus was not designed as a receptacle for a penis, the rectum becomes torn and scabrous, while the presence of semen breaks down the body’s defences. How could anyone ever call this gay?
  * The tragedy of the haemophiliacs is, hopefully, no longer an issue, at least not in the Western world.
(12) A documentary of this was shown on British TV in late 1992. This “experiment” has been well-documented, see in particular, Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, by James H. Jones, published by The Free Press, New York, (1981). The story broke in July 1972; it concerned 399 rural black men in Macon County, Alabama, and 201 disease-free men who acted as “controls”.
(13) Indeed, I have participated in such trials myself, at the now defunct Common Cold Unit at Harvard Hospital, Salisbury.
(14) See Eustace Mullins interview and Appendix B.
(15) The Order of the Illuminati was established in Bavaria on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, and four other associates. (The claim is often made that Weishaupt was a Jew; this is yet more anti-Semitic nonsense). The Order of the Illuminati was secret and hierarchical, and was modelled on the Jesuits. It is to this organisation that the present roots of the world government movement are usually traced.
  After some of its papers fell into the hands of the Bavarian authorities, it was exposed and broken up. In 1797, John Robison published his Proofs of a Conspiracy (see Appendix A) in which he claimed that the Order had simply gone underground.
  Although the idea of world government is as old as government itself, and the Illuminati theory is at best unsubstantiated, the roots of the modern world government can be traced in an unbroken line to Cecil Rhodes and the semi-secret Round Table Group whose ideals are today reflected in the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and the Council on Foreign Relations. This is not idle speculation but well-documented fact. (See Appendix A for further details).
(16) Eduard Meier is indeed a latter day George Adamski. The following information was extracted from Light Years: An Investigation Into The Extraterrestrial Experiences of Eduard Meier, by Gary Kinder, published by Viking, (1987). *
  Meier is a Swiss. He lost his left arm in an accident in 1965. His “contacts” began in 1975, in particular he claimed to have been in telepathic contact with aliens from the Pleiades, (page 14). In other words, he is a contemporary and countryman of notorious con-man and fantasist Erich von Däniken.
  A book of Meier’s outrageous photographs was published under the title UFO...Contact from the Pleiades, (page 200).
  The more attention that was paid to his ridiculous claims the more his neurosis (or chutzpah) seems to have grown. On page 189 it is said that he travelled back in time to see Jesus! Meier’s case was investigated by, among others, UFOlogist Timothy Good, who appears to have nothing better to do with his time. It is widely regarded by mainstream UFOlogists as a hoax: Meier’s photos are a shade too convincing, as is some of his “evidence”, which extends to audio tapes as well as photographs.
  One reporter from the London publication The Unexplained, wrote that Meier’s story “has now become so bizarre that even the most gullible devotee of the extraterrestrial hypothesis ought to be feeling just the teeniest twinges of doubt.” (page 231).
  Finally, it should be noted that Meier rhymes with liar!
  * I am most grateful to UK Skeptic and Prometheus Books distributor Mike Hutchinson for drawing this book to my attention.
(17) Although he was not the first to claim to have been contacted by extraterrestrials, George Adamski, (1891-1965), was a true pioneer. In 1953, he published Flying Saucers Have Landed, which was co-authored by Desmond Leslie, an electronics expert. He followed this with two other books and a fantasy-prone jaunt across the globe.
   Space does not permit a detailed critique of Adamski’s arrant nonsense, but it will suffice to say that he claimed to have been taken on a flight to the Moon, (which is inhabited!) and to have a message for mankind. Thus: “I am George Adamski, philosopher, student, teacher, saucer researcher.”
   In fact, Adamski worked in a burger bar near the Mount Palomar telescope. He also took many photographs of flying saucers which are transparent fakes.
(18) UFO debunker Philip Klass refutes these conclusively in a two part article (The MJ-12 Crashed-Saucer Documents, and The MJ-12 Papers: Part 2), published in the Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. XII No. 2, Winter 1987-8 and Vol. XII No. 3, Spring 1988, respectively. Klass also identifies their authors but is too diplomatic to name them outright.
(19) Flying Saucers Have Landed, [with Desmond Leslie], (1953); Inside the Space Ships, (1955); and Flying Saucers Farewell, (1961). Adamski was not so much a nut as an out and out rogue. Unfortunately, the world is full of them.
   If such documents as Seal claims to have in her possession do in fact exist, I would politely suggest that she is the victim of a private rather than a US Government-inspired disinformation campaign.
(20) From what I’ve heard, that wouldn’t be difficult.
(21) Even as I write these words, 15th January 1993, a report is being pushed by the media of a supposedly horrendous case of child abuse. The parents of a child which was battered to death were suspected of murder, but the Crown Prosecution Service was unable to bring a prosecution because both parties elected to observe their right to remain silent. It was mooted on LBC Radio today that because of this, the right to silence should be revoked in cases of suspected child abuse. In other words, they care about your children so much that they are prepared to destroy your civil liberties in order to protect them. How touching.
(22) Wild Card, by Raymond Hawkey & Roger Bingham, published by Jonathan Cape, London, (1974).
  In this book, the United States is on the brink of revolution - terrorist groups: the American Indian Movement, the Ku Klux Klan, the lot, all are trying to overthrow the state. The book opens with a small nuclear bomb being exploded under the Lincoln Memorial. How are America’s rulers to deal with this? Somebody has a bright idea.
  “We have seen...that conflict creates, in the protagonists, a profound sense of group unity, a willingness to endure deprivation and discomfort, and most important of all, a willingness to submit to a common discipline.” *
  So, it is decided to fabricate evidence that the planet in general and the United States in particular is under attack from a technologically advanced civilisation from outer space. A UFO crash is simulated; the craft is crewed, armed with a pathogen and "crashed" in Los Angeles. The idea is that once the people of the United States and the world realise they are under attack by an alien menace, they will forget their differences, bury their hatchets and unite for the “common good”.
  * I am quoting here from the Panther Edition, (1976), pages 73-4.
(23) Stealth is a generic term applied to several programs.
(24) I do not mean for one moment to belittle the work of Edward Goldsmith and his fellow travellers in the ecology (as opposed to the environmentalist) movement. We have got serious problems, but, as explained in Trashing the Planet, due to a massive and at times hysterical disinformation campaign by the environmentalist lobby and the mass media, the nature of these problems is poorly understood, and the cure is often worse than the disease. *
  * Trashing The Planet, by Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo, published by Regnery Gateway, Washington, (1990).
(25) Eg by Gary Allen in None Dare Call It Conspiracy, and by W. Cleon Skousen in The Naked Capitalist. (See Appendix A).
(26) See in particular Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Antony C. Sutton, published by ’76 Press.
(27) Confirmation of this comes from an unexpected source, the ADL, and it is truly startling. In a little known book called Danger on the Right , * two ADL staffers reveal that “...the quantity of merchandise brought in from Communist countries was less that 1 percent of what this country exported to them.” !
  Eleven years later, co-author Forster, in an article on the ADL in the Wiener Library Bulletin, ** complained that a US Senator had been guilty of that most heinous of crimes, anti-Semitism.
  “In April 1973 Senator J. William Fulbright, then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, declared on CBS television that ‘Israel controls the Senate’.” Six months later, the day after the Yom Kippur attack on Israel, an interviewer suggested that this was a ‘fairly serious charge’. Fulbright replied, ‘The charge is a fact of life’. Forster described this as an attack!
  Anyone who is inclined to think the idea that “Israel controls the Senate” is “anti-Semitic” rather than a simple, everyday fact, should read Paul Findley’s They Dare To Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby. The author, an ex-Congressman, is someone who is in a position to know the facts. Or was, until he fell foul of the Zionists by developing the curious idea that Arabs have rights.
  * Page 25, Danger on the Right, by Arnold Forster & Benjamin R. Epstein, published by Random House, (1964). Although a good source of information on the extreme right in America at the time, this book was primarily a smear job put out at the time of the Goldwater campaign.
  ** The Anti-Defamation League, by Arnold Forster, page 55, Wiener Library Bulletin, 1975 Vol. XXVIII new series Nos. 33/34.
(28) Sutton, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, page 176, (op cit). Sutton is actually quoting another writer, but the point should be taken.
(29) The trouble with conspiracies is that they are secret, and, because they are generally intended to remain hidden forever, because of the fallibility of human testimony etc, it is always difficult if not impossible to get at the truth.
(30) Apart from his well-documented campaign of appeasement, his grovelling to the British, and his allowing the Allies to escape at Dunkirk - a so-called "miracle" - Hitler refused to sanction the use of poison gas, which, as late as 1944, could have won him the war. By the end of 1944, the Germans had 12,000 tons of tabun nerve gas stockpiled, but in spite of repeated requests from Bormann, Goebbels and Ley, the Führer declined to use it. See page 62 of A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING: The Secret Story of Gas and Germ Warfare, by Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman, published by Triad/Granada, (1983).
(31) The famous poet, Ezra Loomis Pound, (1885-1972), was a contemporary and admirer of C.H. Douglas, (1879-1952), the founding father of Social Credit. Pound was awarded a Fellowship in Romance Languages but his nascent teaching career was cut short when he was dismissed from Wabash College for suspected moral turpitude.
  On visiting Europe, he met Major Douglas (in 1918) through the journal, New Age. According to one of his other biographers, the poet went through four stages of anti-Semitism which were reflected in his Cantos, his epic poem(s) which he began in 1917 and which remained unfinished at his death. The Cantos became increasingly anti-Semitic over the years. *
  Pound became an ardent Social Crediter, and in 1933 published his ABC of Economics, which was heavily influenced by the ideas of Douglas. Later, Pound met and was extremely impressed with Mussolini. Although he was not a fascist, he broadcast from Italy throughout the War, including on the evening of Pearl Harbour.
  After the War he was put on trial by the Allies but found insane. Pound certainly held erroneous or even fanciful ideas about Jews, as do many anti-Semites, but that does not make him a Jew-hater.
   * The Genealogy of Demons: Anti-Semitism, Fascism, and the Myths of Ezra Pound, by Robert Casillo, published by Northwestern University Press, Evanston, Illinois, (1988). See page 6.
(32) The FBI was notorious at this time for its dirty tricks against suspected communists; during the Fifties there was an almost hysterical campaign against the supposed red menace. There was also so-called “McCarthyism”, so if he does have a genuine grievance, Mullins, as a fellow traveller of the Nazis, if not an outright Nazi or fascist himself, is only one of many.
(33) The British Library Catalogue entry reads, This Difficult Individual, Ezra Pound, by Eustace Clarence Mullins, published by Fleet Publishing Corporation, (1961).
  (American) Books In Print, 1992-3, published by R.R. Bowker, New Providence, New Jersey, (1992), lists only two of Mullins’ books: his biography of Pound, and a 1984 book, War! War! War!, foreword by Eustace Mullins, the book was actually written by Cincinnatus, presumably a pseudonym, and published by Sons of Liberty. This publisher churns out some of the most appalling anti-Semitica on the face of this planet.
(34) Historical Review Press is run by Anthony Hancock, the son of one of its founders, Alan Hancock. HRP is the main distributor of explicitly anti-Semitic material in Britain. Originally it had a “Nazi” ideology, but people who claim Anthony Hancock is a Nazi do an injustice to National Socialism. It also stocks material on conspiriology, Holocaust Revisionism - a supposedly anti-Semitic subject - and various aspects of race and history.
  HRP has a Brighton address, but Hancock is also the owner of a printing press based at Uckfield, Sussex. Although he prints for right wing groups, this press is a purely commercial undertaking. He also does a nice sideline in queer porn, foreign banknotes and faked passports.
  Bloomfield Books is based in Sudbury, Suffolk, and is run by Donald Martin of the British League of Rights. Both Martin and his organisation have been called anti-Semitic and fascist. From my personal observation I am of the opinion that Martin is not an anti-Semite, although he certainly believes in a world conspiracy of which Zionism is an integral plank. He is most definitely not a fascist, and is both anti-Hitler, and anti-totalitarian, as are all Social Crediters.
(35) Major Clifford Hugh Douglas, (1879-1952), was an engineer by profession. He applied engineering principles to the financial system, which resulted in his founding the Social Credit Movement. His main thesis is that there is a shortage of purchasing power owing to the necessity for retaining capital for investment. The creation of money as an interest-bearing debt (to the banks) is responsible for this. To overcome this problem, Douglas advocated the payment of a National Dividend, one which, as technology advances, would progressively replace the wage as the main source of purchasing power. Although his A+B theorem has never been refuted, it has been consigned to the memory hole. Douglas published a number of monographs on the subject of finance, the most notable being The Monopoly of Credit and Social Credit. Both are still in print.
  Arthur Kitson was a fellow traveller. His published works include The Bankers’ Conspiracy! and A Scientific Solution of the Money Question. He was President of the National Money Service, and, unfortunately, a wanderer in the realm of the “Jew-wise”.
(36) Seven Financial Conspiracies Which Have Enslaved The American People, Revised Edition :- Three Hundred Thousandth by Mrs Sarah E.V. Emery, published by Emery & Emery, Lansing, (1892).
  The author, who distributed 50,000 copies of her booklet in 1888, documents the National Banking Act of 1863 as “a scheme for robbing the people”. She claims also that the bankers were in virtual control of the United States since 1861 and before.
(37) Although it does not have the same sort of backing as the extreme left, the extreme right is certainly well-funded from a number of mysterious sources. One of these is, unquestionably, anti-Semitic Islamic elements. William Grimstad, author of The Six Million Reconsidered and Antizion, is a paid and accredited agent of Saudi Arabia, but Mr Mullins has rich friends at home. See next question.
(38) Willis Carto is the man behind Liberty Lobby, a right wing organisation which campaigns against political Zionism and other “un-American” influences. It publishes a weekly newspaper, the Spotlight, which has a massive circulation, and has taken a leading role in exposing the activities of the Trilateral Commission. Liberty Lobby is pro-gun etc, and, naturally, both Carto himself and his organisation have been called anti-Semitic and even Nazi.
(39) Stephen Spender was born in London in 1909.
(40) Lady Birdwood has been called a Jew-hater, but she is really a dear old thing who doesn’t hate anyone; she simply believes sincerely and passionately in the Jewish conspiracy, the Protocols of Zion, the Blood Libels, that the Jews control the media, the banks...In July 1991, she published The Longest Hatred: an Examination of Anti-Gentilism, by Inter-City Researchers, under her imprint, Inter-City Research Centre.
(41) Joe McWilliams is listed by Forster & Epstein, (Danger on the Right, page 27, op cit) as a “notorious bigot” and [leader of?] the Christian Mobilizers.
(42) Disgusting as this “theory” sounds, it is no more disgusting than some of the poison our children are indoctrinated with today, in particular, anti-racism.
(43) As well as founding the National Front, Chesterton was active in both the League of Empire Loyalists and the British Union of Fascists, so he was anything but a Jewish apologist!
  In CANDOUR: The British Views-Letter, Vol. XXI, No. 503, September, 1970, page 180 under the title THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS, Chesterton wrote that Mullins’ New History of the Jews is at first sight scholarly but full of errors. These errors include claiming that Chaim Weizmann invented a deadly poison gas during the First World War which was horse-traded for Palestine. Weizmann was director of the Naval Laboratories which did no such thing. That the Duke of Marlborough became a loyal henchman of the Jews and that Rufus Isaacs was Minister of Finance at the time of the Marconi scandal. Isaacs was Attorney-General.
  Of Israel Cohen’s Racial Programme for the Twentieth Century, Chesterton said that Israel Cohen did exist, but was a Zionist rather than a communist. The Rabbi Rabinovich speech was a sort of post-war sequel to the Protocols, and an obvious fake.
  Of Cohen’s non-existent Racial Programme, Chesterton wrote, “Fifteen years ago, when this falsehood was going the rounds, I made extensive enquiries at the British Museum and elsewhere, only to discover that there was no such book.”
  Subsequently he offered a hundred pounds reward to anyone who could produce a copy of the book, but found no takers.
(44) Boller and George, page 15, (op cit). The word “discharged” is used, rather than sacked.
(45) This is no exaggeration; Christian Vanguard was another Jew-is-the-root-of-all-evil type paper.
(46) Singerman, page 305, (op cit). This was the notorious “Ritual Murder” issue; it was so obscene that it was suppressed by Hitler himself!
(47) Harold A. Covington was a leading member of the National Socialist Party of America, a Hollywood stereotype Nazi group. Klassen, it appears, is Jewish! Following a smear campaign against the (possibly non-existent) “neo-Nazi” hit squad Combat 18, Covington distributed AN OPEN LETTER TO THE BRITISH LEFT in which he claimed that “In Britain and in South Africa, Klassen’s groups have been exposed in the media as police black propaganda operations for the get-go, and a group of ex-Klassenites here in Alabama and Georgia turned out to be a similar police sting to frame people on bogus firearms violations
  “While I admit I have no proof, I firmly believe Klassen to be involved in at least three homicides...”
(48) Searchlight, June 1992, No 204. An overweight, bearded Covington graces the cover of the magazine, which announces, “not WANTED IN BRITAIN” !
(49) Dissent in Medicine: Nine Doctors Speak Out, (copyright 1985 by The New Medical Foundation), was published by Contemporary Books in the USA and simultaneously by Beaverbooks on Canada. It is the proceedings of a symposium. Mendelsohn’s contribution was a lecture entitled How Much Science Is There In Modern Medicine?
  Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D. was Chairman of the New Medical Foundation.
(50) Must the Jew must be condemned even for his idealism?
(51) Yes, they do! The list of people the “Jew-wise” have falsely accused of being of Jewish origin includes Engels, Stalin, Alger Hiss and Adolf Hitler!
(52) This is purely a matter of personal opinion, but there can have been few people who hated any form of collectivism more than Ayn Rand. Mises’ outstanding achievement was his analysis of socialism, which demonstrates just what pie-in-the-sky claptrap this Cloud Cuckooland political philosophy really is.
(53) Whatever dirty tricks and smears the ADL may use against Mullins or anyone else, it is hardly a conspiracy, and their assessment of him as a sinister lunatic is not that far off the mark in view of some of the anti-Jewish poison that has spewed from the tip of his pen over the years.
(54) Herman Bernstein (1876-1935), was an American diplomat, author and journalist. He founded a Yiddish newspaper, Der Tog, and was also for a time, editor of the American Hebrew.
  In February 1921, he published The History of a Lie, in which he demonstrated the falsehood of the Protocols; the following August, the London Times published a series of articles by Robert Graves which traced them to Dialogue aux enfers, (Dialogues in Hell), published anonymously by Maurice Joly in Brussels, (1864).
  In 1935, Bernstein published the definitive exposure and refutation, The Truth About “The Protocols of Zion”: A Complete Exposure, Covici Friede, New York, (1935). This book (an expanded and updated version of his original work), contains, among other things, a deposition from Philip Graves and comparisons of the text of the Protocols and Dialogue aux enfers. Bernstein’s book was republished in 1971 with an introduction by Norman Cohn.
(55) According to an article in the “Jewish events magazine”, New Moon, May 1992, Gable has never been a member of a synagogue, (page 19). An excellent and thoroughly researched article on Gable and his error-prone magazine, Searchlight, can be found in Lobster, issue 24, Our Searchlight Problem. The same issue also reprints the notorious Gable Memorandum to the Security Services in which he attempted to smear a left wing journalist as a terrorist.
(56) An Empire of their Own: HOW THE JEWS INVENTED HOLLYWOOD, by Neal Gabler is published by Crown, New York, (1988).
(57) Page 230, The War on Gold, by Antony C. Sutton, 5th printing, published by ’76 Press, Seal Beach, California, (1977).
(58) Sutton, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, (op cit). See in particular Appendix 2: The Jewish-Conspiracy Theory of the Bolshevik Revolution.
(59) They are as follows:

1 Rothschild of London and Berlin
2 Lazard Brothers, Paris
3 Israel Moses Seif, Italy
4 Warburg of Hamburg and Amsterdam
5 Lehman Brothers, New York
6 Kuhn, Loeb of New York
7 Chase Manhattan
8 Goldman Sachs, New York

  From page 56 of The Most Secret Science, by Archibald E. Roberts, published by Betsy Ross Press, (1984). Chase Manhattan is (Gentile) Rockefeller, but, with the possible exception of Rothschild, it is not meaningful in these days of raceless capital to call any of these banks Jewish.
  In John L. Lewis v United States of America, the plaintiff, who was injured by a vehicle owned and operated by a federal reserve bank, brought an action for damages. The court ruled that federal reserve banks are “independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations.”

Submitted March 2, 1982
Decided April 19, 1982
As amended June 24, 1982

No 80-5905

  The full implications of this are discussed in The Most Secret Science. (This is from page 43). Neither is this an isolated judgment.
  I should mention that I had a long on-line discussion about the ownership of the Fed with an employee of Rothschild of London. He dismissed all my arguments as fantasy; he claimed also that at the time this book was written, there was no branch of Rothschild in Berlin as per the footnote. However, it is notable that he was unable to refute anything I said about credit-creation, and in the end he gave up the argument.
(60) Mark Lane is a lawyer who has represented, among others, Liberty Lobby.
(61) In an article entitled The Sleight-of-Hand of Simon Wiesenthal, Mark Weber and Keith Stimely claim that Wiesenthal is a proven liar and a fabricator of “Holocaust” lore. The current writer has found at least one brazenly faked photograph employed by Wiesenthal, in his autobiography, Justice not Vengeance, (translated by Ewald Osers).
  Even more shocking than Wiesenthal’s “sleight-of-hand” though is the claim made by the ENCYCLOPEDIA of the HOLOCAUST, “...when some witnesses let their imagination run free and incorrectly claim that the DACHAU concentration camp had working gas chambers, the revisionists pounce on this discrepancy...” *
  This is an extraordinary thing for any scholar to say. Did the same “witnesses” who saw the non-existent gas chambers of Dachau also see the gas chambers of Auschwitz, which of course did exist?
  * See page 685 of Holocaust, Denial of the, in ENCYCLOPEDIA of the HOLOCAUST, Editor in Chief, Israel Gutman, published by Macmillan, New York, (1990).
(62) Anyone who has any doubts about this should read Dangerous Liaison: The inside story of the US-Israeli covert relationship and the international activities it has served to conceal, by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn. The Israelis have done the dirty work for the Americans not just in the Middle East, but in black Africa and all over Central and South America.
(63) It should also be added that there is a plethora of organisations from the Socialist International and the race industry to various manifestations of Organised Jewry, who have been working overtime for decades in order to make all financial reformers, white nationalists, populists and genuine anti-communists go down that road.
(64) Many authors have made this claim, eg Gary Allen. (Allen accuses the ADL of being a communist front). According to a reputable Jewish source, * the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith was founded in Chicago in 1913 to campaign against anti- Jewish libels and to “establish the falsity of the charges contained in scurrilous propaganda”.
  * It has already been established in this monograph that spokesmen for Organised Jewry have a strange definition of the word “falsity”. The other charge which is often laid against the ADL is that it is an illegal organisation because it acts as the unregistered agent of a foreign power (Israel) in the United States. ** The current writer is not sufficiently qualified to comment on this claim, but as the ADL has now been in existence for some 80 years, that does seem highly unlikely.
  * The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 1, page 336.
  ** This charge has been made by the Institute for Historical Review and the Spotlight newspaper, but it should be borne in mind that the ADL was founded thirty-five years before the establishment of the State of Israel.
(65) Ie anyone they don’t like.
(66) The Wiener Library Bulletin, Vol. X, Nos. 3-4, 1956, page 22, claims that Mullins’ publication, Federal Reserve Conspiracy, was described by a contemporary German newspaper as “insane ravings about a Jewish-Communist domination of the United States, with direct incitement to Jew massacres.”
(67) History and Destiny of the Jews, by Josef Kastein, Translated from the German by Huntley Paterson, published by Bodley Head, London, (1933).
(68) In issue 135, dated 4th February, 1956, page 1, Mrs Winifred Leese reported that as the newsletter went to press, Mr Leese had died after a short illness. Issue 136, dated 10th April, 1956 again reported his death; this issue was edited by Anthony Git tens.
(69) The tone of Gothic Ripples changed little if at all with the passing of its founder. An occasional (and far less anti-Semitic) report called Gothic Ripples is still published today, by Colin Jordan, Leese’s spiritual heir.
(70) In a signed article, INSTINCTIVE SADISM: THE HITHER ASIATIC RACE, published in The Fascist - The Organ Of Racial Fascism, page 5. The article, which ended with a call for ALL JEWS OUT! was typical of Leese’s obsessive Jewmania.
  “It is well established, in spite of many shameless denials, that Jews practice a ritual murder of Christians in order to obtain fresh blood to mix in their ceremonial Passover bread.”
  As a consequence he and his printer Walter Whitehead received summonses on six counts, including seditious libel. Leese defended himself, and secured his acquittal on four counts but was convicted on the public mischief charges and gaoled in lieu of paying a fine. Leese founded and edited The Fascist from 1929-39, save for his spell in gaol when it was edited by C.F. Trueman.
  It would have been better for all concerned if, rather than hound the poor man like this, they had left him to his own madness, but even in the thirties the leaders of Organised Jewry had got their own way for so long by wailing, gnashing their teeth and pulling wires behind the scenes that it was inevitable that they would pressurise the government, successfully, to clamp down on him hard at some point.
(71) My Irrelevant Defence being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder, by Arnold S. Leese, published by the Imperial Fascist League, London, (1938). According to Richard Thurlow, (in Fascism In Britain A History, 1918-1985), this pamphlet was actually co-written by one of Leese’s fellow travellers, Charles Gore.
(72) See The Jewish Bogey and the Forged Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, by Lucien Wolf, published by the Press Committee of the Jewish Board of Deputies, London, (1920). This book deals with the Jewish Peril, the Jews and Bolshevism and the Protocols of Zion.
(73) Page 155, THE MOVIE MOGULS: An Informal History of the Hollywood Tycoons, by Philip French, published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, (1969).
(74) On page 3, issue 90 of his anti-Jewish hate sheet, Gothic Ripples, (8th July, 1952), under the heading THE ANNIHILATION OF THE WHITES, Leese republished part of this bogus speech with the cautionary note, “We publish it, not because we can vouch for its authenticity as a speech, but because it seems to us accurately to sum up the racial policy of the Jews as recognised by us over many years...”
  Yes and no. Certainly it says nothing about the “policy” of Torah Jews, who for the most part are still living in Seventeenth Century Poland and are concerned only with living “a good Jewish life” until their time on this Earth is over. On the other hand, a reading of Patterns of Prejudice or the even more obnoxious, error-prone and lie-ridden Searchlight, does indeed provide prima facie evidence of a desire by Organised Jewry to rid this planet of the wicked “Aryan” goyim. But that’s another story entirely.
(75) Klein’s death in New York at the age of 76, was reported in Gothic Ripples, No 133, 29th November, 1955, (page 3), under the heading An Unusual Jew.
(76) Henry Klein has several listings in Robert Singerman’s ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA... as the author of pamphlets purporting to expose the machinations of the Jewish Sanhedrin.
(77) The Jewish Chronicle for October 12, 1945, (page 8), reported that a publishing firm called Aberg’s was supplying schoolchildren with anti-Semitic poems, one urging the clergy to wage war against the Jews.
(78) The Israel Cohen fabrication is mentioned in Danger on the Right, and as already stated, A.K. Chesterton denounced it as a fabrication, (see note 43).
(79) White Power, by George Lincoln Rockwell, Second Edition, (September, 1977), pages 258-9. First Edition published August, 1967. No publisher given, but presumably published by the American Nazi Party.
One should not be too uncharitable to the likes of Rockwell, and certainly not to the likes of Lady Birdwood, for taking this sort of trash at face value. I actually believed it myself the first time I read it, not because it confirmed any latent anti-Semitic prejudice, but because it sounded just the sort of asinine thing that a Jewish communist would say. Anyone who has ever read Searchlight will realise exactly what I mean.

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