Appendix A:
Selected Bibliography Of
Conspiriology And Related Literature

The page counts of the publications given here may vary. Generally I go by the number at the bottom of the page, but many books have preliminary sections: Foreword, Preface, etc, which are numbered i, ii, iii, iv...before the pagination proper begins 1, 2, 3, 4...Some also have unnumbered pages at the back, or pages which, while numbered, do not form part of the book proper, advertisements, etc. I have taken some of the paginations from other bibliographical records, in particular from the British Library on-line catalogue.

AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origins of the AIDS Epidemic, by Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D., published by Aries Rising Press, Los Angeles, Third printing, (January 1992). 239 pages. Index. First printing January 1988.

A book about AIDS which covers the conspiracy theory. It claims that the reason this disease is so prevalent in homosexuals is because it was deliberately injected into them. There are variations on this theory: some claim that a secret agency of the American government developed AIDS as a biological weapon to wipe out Afro-Americans by the year 2000! (See also Appendix B: Jews Mass Poison American Children).
  Naturally, one must feel sorry for all the innocent blacks, and others, who have contracted this terrible disease through normal sex, through sharing infected needles or, most tragically, through blood transfusions. But anyone who makes the most cursory study of homosexuality and its practitioners can’t help but wonder why any conspiracy theory should be necessary to postulate the spread of a modern day plague through this reservoir of filth.

ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide, by Robert Singerman, published by Garland, New York, (1982). 448 pages. Index.

Even bearing in mind that Organised Jewry uses a very broad definition of anti-Semitism - anyone they don’t like - this weighty tome contains a library of appalling anti-Semitica. Nevertheless, it is an excellent reference work for serious conspiriologists which may help them sort the wheat from the chaff.

ARCHITECTS OF CONSPIRACY: An Intriguing History, by William P. Hoar, published by Western Islands, Boston, Mass, (1984). 361 pages. Index.

This builds on other books by like-minded authors and presents a similar interpretation of world events. A very thorough book.

THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN F. KENNEDY: A COMPREHENSIVE HISTORICAL AND LEGAL BIBLIOGRAPHY, 1963-79, Compiled by DeLloyd J. Guth and David R. Wrone, published by Greenwood Press, Westport, Ct, (1980). 442 pages. Index.

This was certainly comprehensive when it was published, but this is a subject on which the literature is still growing year by year, quantitatively at any rate.
  Page viii “We wish to lift the subject out of a quagmire of often bizarre speculations, official disinformation, and exploitation by the likes of Mark Lane.”
  And, “We agree with those who will see ‘rubbish’ in many entries, with some of it written by the crass or the crazy.”

Attempted Murder: The State Reactionary Plot Against The National Front, published by N.T. Press, Norwich, (1986). 69 pages. Author(s) uncredited, Introduction by Nick Griffin.

This is a document written with bitterness and vituperation by one faction of the warring Front against the other. Ian Anderson is said to be in the pay of the British Secret State and Steve Brady to be leaking documents to Searchlight.

THE BANKERS’ CONSPIRACY! WHICH STARTED THE WORLD CRISIS, by Arthur Kitson, President of the “National Money Service”, published by Elliot Stock, London, (1933). 102 pages. No index.

Kitson was a contemporary of the great Major Douglas and had similar ideas about financial reform. He also did the world a great disservice by introducing Arnold Leese to the Britons Publishing Company. This is basically a book advocating financial reform. Unfortunately, it also authenticates the Protocols of Zion.

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, by Antony C. Sutton, Foreword by Gary North, Ph.D., published by Liberty House Press, Billings, Montana, (1986). 261 pages. Index.

An update of National Suicide and the activities of the deaf mute blind men.

Cheats At Work: An Anthropology of Workplace Crime, by Gerald Mars, Unwin Paperbacks, London, (1983). 242 pages. Index.

“Once in a decade a book appears that transforms our view of the world and our place within it. This is such a book.” *
  This is a bold claim to make of any book. For once, it is an understatement. This is a book which does not deal with conspiracy theories in the accepted sense, but its relevance to this publication and its importance in understanding how real, “open conspiracies” work, and how people think, can hardly be overstated. Gerald Mars is an anthropologist. In this seminal study he looks at the unspoken conspiracy of vested interests. Here you will learn how every businessman keeps two sets of books, how dockers like wolves hunt in packs, how salesmen con their “prospects”, and how every worker rationalises every fiddle, theft and con as a “perk”. This is the real conspiracy at work. Before you study the Trilateral Commission, the CFR or (Heaven forbid) the Protocols of Zion, read this book.
  * From the introduction to this edition, page unnumbered.

Committee to Restore the Constitution Bulletin, founded by the author of The Most Secret Science.

Conspiracy Digest, American conspiracy magazine. No further information known.

DANGER ON THE RIGHT: The Attitudes, Personnel and Influence of the Radical Right and Extreme Conservatives, by Arnold Z. Forster & Benjamin R. Epstein, published by Random House, New York, (1964). 294 pages. Index.

This book is basically a professional smear job, funded by the ADL and written by two of its staffers. Nevertheless, it does contain some excellent information on extremist politics in the US, and also the story of the Israel Cohen nonsense and how it was read into the Congressional Record! Ten years later the same comic duo published an even more paranoid book, The New Anti-Semitism, which, among other things, branded the musical Jesus Christ Superstar anti-Semitic! The trouble with the Zionists is that they have been allowed to get away with this sort of chutzpah for so long that they now sincerely believe that anyone who takes exception to anything they do is a raving Nazi.

THE DEATH LOBBY: How the West Armed Iraq, by Kenneth R. Timmerman, published by Fourth Estate, London, (1992). 443 pages. Index.

Shows how the Iraqi military-industrial complex was manufactured lock, stock and barrel by Western business lobbies. Not a banker or “Zionist” in sight.

Disinformation, Misinformation, and the “Conspiracy” to Kill JFK Exposed, by Armand Moss, published by Archon Books, Hamden, Connecticut, (1987). 219 pages. Index.

Debunks the conspiracy theories on the assassination of the President: claims the Soviets were responsible for a massive disinformation campaign, and that Mark Lane makes “hundreds of false assertions” in his statements, written and oral. Chapters on disinformation in 1963 and 1964; misinformation on Oswald’s background; Oswald is revealed as a Walter Mitty character with no political connections and no great interest in communist ideology. Also explains inconsistencies in the Warren Report and how conspiracy theories have been developed, the alleged mysterious murders of witnesses, etc. Before you read anything else about the alleged conspiracy to kill JFK, read this. It could save you hours or even years of wading through garbage.

The Fearful Master: A Second Look At The United Nations, by G. Edward Griffin, published by Western Islands, Belmont, Mass, (1964). 244 pages. Index. Illustrated.

Excellent study of this most perfidious of one-world organisations. Shows how it is staffed by collectivists, how it subverts Western ideals and what its real agenda is.

Fire in the Minds of Men: Origins of the Revolutionary Faith, by James H. Billington, published by Temple Smith, London, (1980). 677 pages. Index.

In three parts, this book is a massive tour de force of communism, socialism, Zionism...covers the occult origins of the Illuminati and much more. A book for philosophers rather than cranks.

Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Published five times a year. The CFR is not the conspiracy. The real “conspiracy” is the inner council of the CFR. In recent years, this publication has been available in selected newsagents.

Global Manipulators: The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, Covert Power Groups of the West, by Robert Eringer, published by Pentacle Books, Bristol, (1980). 95 pages. Illustrated.

Eringer says he does not believe in the world conspiracy, but for a professed non-believer he makes out one hell of a strong case.

“Once safely in the White House, Carter appears to have turned his back on the...Trilateralists...” (Page 66). Eringer is candid enough to admit that without them, Carter would never have made President in the first place. A well-researched little booklet. Illustrated.

A Goy Pries Into The “Talmud”, comprising an investigation into Talmudic forgeries and an examination of the true nature of the “Torah”, by Alexander Baron in collaboration with Rabbi Cohen, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1992). 59 pages. A4 format.

The definitive refutation of anti-Talmudic (as opposed to anti-Semitic) fabrication. The Rabbi’s assessment of Zionism is also extremely interesting. Background information on the historical origins of Talmud-baiting.

Great American Ripoff: An Indictment of the Federal Reserve Board, by F.W. Maisel, published by Condido Press, San Diego, California, (1983). 159 pages.

Literally an indictment. Claims the Fed became the feifdom of David Rockefeller, (page 1). Interesting chapters on inflation and the history of interest rates. Why should blue chip American corporations pay 22% for a loan in the 1980s when a second century merchant paid 8-9%?

And how about this gem from page 101:
Mr Patman: “How did you get the money to buy these $2 billion of government bonds?”
Mr Eccles: “We created it.”
Mr Patman: “Out of what?”
Mr Eccles: “Out of the right to create credit money.”

(This quote appears to have been unearthed by Mullins, by the way).

No index, but selected bibliography including old conspiracy favourites, and misspelled names: Anthony Simpson (Sampson) and Eustice Mullens.

The Health Conspiracy: How Doctors, The Drug Industry And The Government Undermine Our Health, by Dr Joe Collier, published by Century Hutchinson, London, (1989). 175 pages.

Wherever vested interest rears its head, one has to examine very carefully the claims of all parties. You wouldn’t knowingly put a convicted thief in charge of a bank, or a child molester in charge of a nursery. So who would put a drug company stooge in charge of medical research? The title of the book is perhaps slightly more worrying than the content, in spite of the vested interests which pervade the medical profession, most doctors aren’t in it solely for the money.

Henry Ford and the Jews, by Albert Lee, published by Stein and Day, New York, (1980). 200 pages. Index.

An excellent book which gives some background information on how the Jewish world conspiracy really took off.

THE INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT, by Dan Smoot, published by Western Islands, Boston, Mass, (1977). 245 pages. Index. First published 1962.

“When The Invisible Government was first published, almost no one had heard of the Council on Foreign Relations...the situation has changed in the last fifteen years...this book deserves a great deal of the credit.” (Page ix).

One of the very first serious studies of this subject. Details the CFR, its satellite organisations and fellow travellers, their subversion of democracy, the vast network of foundations etc. Doesn’t go over the top, and claims that the CFR is most definitely not a conspiracy. An excellent book, but, one wonders, is South Africa really “a nation of white people practically encircled by millions of black savages...” ? (Page 124).
  Comprehensive membership list of CFR and info on the Trilateral Commission as appendices.

The Iron Curtain Over America, by John Beaty, published by Wilkinson, Dallas, (1951). 267 pages. Index.

Background on how Jewish and other leftist immigrants spread communism in the USA. This book has been called anti-Semitic, but although the author writes from an aggressively pro-Christian, America-first context, there is nothing in here to offend an honest man.

The Jewish Image in American Film, by Lester D . Friedman, published by Citadel Press and distributed in the UK by Virgin Books, (1992). 260 pages. Index.

This book is so candid it’s embarrassing. Explodes the Jews in the media “myth”.

Journal of Historical Review.

Concerned mostly with Holocaust Revisionism but also covers other aspects of censored history. Has included contributions from Jewish academics giving the lie to the smears of Searchlight ad nauseum.


British conspiracy magazine renowned for its long footnotes. Issue 24 was published in December 1992. There are now two Lobsters following an acrimonious split between Robin Ramsay and Steve Dorril. For my money, Ramsay’s magazine is the real Lobster, and, I stress, I’m not saying that because Ramsay has defended my integrity while Dorrill has smeared me as an anti-Semite.

THE LONGEST HATRED: An Examination of Anti-Gentilism, by Inter-City Researchers, published by Inter-City Research Centre, London, (July, 1991). 55 pages.

This publication is pure anti-Jewish hate but its publisher, Lady Birdwood, is too gullible to realise it. Israel Cohen’s fake quote from the book that never was appears on page 23. I wish I could find out who wrote this garbage but Lady Jane refused point blank to tell me. The thing that makes me angry is that when you take out all the anti-Semitism it makes a great deal of sense. The author has obviously done a great deal of research. It’s a great pity that as well as understanding the money rip-off he authenticates the Protocols of Zion and rejects Evolution in favour of Creationism.

The MJ-12 Crashed-Saucer Documents, published in the Skeptical Inquirer, (Vol XII, No 2) and The MJ-12 Papers: Part 2, published in (Vol XII, No 3), 1987-8.

A two part article by Philip Klass on the faked MJ-12 Saucer Crash Documents.

The Money Trick, published by the Institute of Economic Democracy, Australia, (1982). 97 pages.

Excellent introduction to the money rip-off, explains credit creation etc. Available in the UK from Bloomfield Books.

The Monopoly of Credit, by Major C.H. Douglas, published by Bloomfield Books, 4th Edition, (1979). 189 pages. No index.

This book contains the authoritative exposition of the A+B Theorem. Be warned! Douglas is not the easiest of authors to understand. Available in the UK from Bloomfield Books.

THE MOST SECRET SCIENCE, by Archibald E. Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, published by Betsy Ross Press, Fort Collins, Colo, (1984). 200 pages. Index.

A no-punches-pulled book which includes testimony before committees and details of who owns whom. Names the guilty parties and leads the way in abolishing the corrupt system, which we can do if only enough of us follow Roberts’ example and exert enough pressure on those responsible for inflicting this tyranny on all of us.

Mullins’ New History Of The Jews, (see Appendix B for an in-depth review of this outrageous book).

MULLINS ON THE FEDERAL RESERVE, (see A Study Of The Federal Reserve).

The Naked Capitalist, by W. Cleon Skousen, published by the author, Salt Lake City, 11th Printing, (1974). 144 pages. Index. Illustrated.

This book is essentially a review of Professor Quigley’s startling revelations. Like NDCC, it is an excellent introduction to this difficult subject.

NATIONAL SUICIDE: Military Aid to the Soviet Union, by Antony C. Sutton, published by Arlington House, New Rochelle, New York, Fourth printing, (June 1974). 283 pages. Index. First published 1973.

The New Unhappy Lords, by A.K. Chesterton, published by Candour Publishing Company, Fourth Revised Edition, 2nd Printing, Hampshire, (1975). 255 pages. First published 1965.

This book has been called anti-Semitic, but they would say that, wouldn’t they? As usual, if three Jews are involved in a racket along with fifty Gentiles, the Jews are interpreted as the prime manipulators. However, this is a very good book, and although it is not annotated, its central theme is not easily refuted. Chesterton makes a great deal of sense on the race issue.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham, published by Concord Press, Seal Beach, California, Third printing, (April, 1972). 143 pages. No index.

This book is slavishly philo-Semitic but presents overall a more accurate interpretation of world events. Has a strong American bias, but that doesn’t stop it as being listed by the ADL and Singerman as anti-Semitic.

Proofs of a Conspiracy, by John Robison, (first published in 1797), this (listed as the 4th Edition) published by Western Islands, Boston, Mass, (1967).

Said by the British Library Catalogue to be the 4th Edition. 304 pages. Interesting background material but unfortunately not worth much as a research document, ditto all books by Nesta Webster.

THE PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, Translated by Victor E. Marsden, published by British Patriot Publications, Shotton, Clwyd, (1978). 128 pages.

Some editions of the Protocols are indexed, but not this one. Too silly to comment on.

Searchlight, edited by Gerry (MI5 grass among other things) Gable, calls itself The International Anti-Fascist Monthly.

This magazine and its parent company is controlled by “Jews” who exploit their ethnic origins to ferment anti-Semitism. The reason the British news media presents such a distorted image of Britain’s “Nazis” is because Searchlight has had a near monopoly on "researching" the British extreme right since the 60s. It also wages an unremitting war against individual rights under the pretext of fighting racism, orchestrates violence against the British National Party et al, and smears anyone its controllers don’t like, including genuine anti-fascists like Larry O’Hara, Chris Tame and distinguished psychologist Hans Eysenck.
  Mark Taha and I have been through every issue of Searchlight since 1965 and have found literally hundreds of errors and outright lies including fake photographs. It has also in the past, unquestionably been engaged in two-way traffic with the Secret State. All this notwithstanding, Searchlight does occasionally provide some useful background information on various nasties (provided you read between the lies).

SEVEN FINANCIAL CONSPIRACIES Which Have Enslaved The American People, Revised Edition :- Three Hundred Thousandth by Mrs Sarah E.V. Emery, published by D.A. Reynolds, Lansing, (1892). 112 pages.

An extremely enlightening little booklet, published in support of the People’s Party. The first edition was published in 1887 and 50,000 copies were said to have been distributed in 1888, (page 72). Refers to money manipulation and the dirty dealings of “Shylock”, documents the National Banking Act of 1863 as a scheme for robbing the people, Lincoln’s famous issue of $60,000,000 treasury notes (pages 15-6) and claims that the bankers were in virtual control of the United States since 1861 and before.
  Incredibly, this book is listed in Singerman’s ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA, presumably on the strength of its: “[r]epresent[ing] the Wall Street money brokers as Shylocks whose control of the country’s finances has reduced the people to an abject and heartless wage-slavery.”

Social Credit, by Major C.H. Douglas, published by the Institute of Economic Democracy, (Douglas Centenary Edition 1979). 215 pages. No index. First published 1924. Available in the UK from Bloomfield Books, Sudbury, Suffolk.

Spearhead is edited by John Tyndall, Führer of the British National Party and is its theoretical journal. Not a particularly pleasant read, but often republishes articles from more intelligent conspiracy-oriented magazines. Also, when he isn’t attempting to authenticate the Protocols or justifying the brutalisation of Californian motorist Rodney King, Tyndall does occasionally say something worthwhile.

The Spotlight. A weekly newspaper published in Washington D.C. by Willis Carto’s Liberty Lobby.

Fearlessly exposes attempts to subvert the US Constitution etc. Has made no friends among Organised Jewry who condemn it as “anti-Semitic”. But they would say that, wouldn’t they?

Spotlight on the Bilderbergers, compiled and published by Liberty Lobby, Washington, (c1980). 64 pages. Large format. Illustrated

This is a research document giving dates of meetings, lists of participants, and asking the still unanswered question: why so much secrecy if there is nothing to hide?

A STUDY OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, by Eustace Mullins, (see Appendix B for full details and brief review).

TRAGEDY AND HOPE: A History of THE WORLD in Our Time, by Carroll Quigley, published by Angriff Press, Hollywood, California, 2nd printing, (1974). 1,348 pages. Index. First published by Macmillan in 1966.

An “Insider” comes clean. This is a massive book; its major fault is that it is not referenced, nevertheless, it is an important contribution to conspiriology. Having read this book pretty much cover to cover, I have concluded that the author subscribed less to the conspiracy theory of history than to the cock-up theory, his revelations about the machinations of the “insiders” and the “International Bankers” notwithstanding.

Trialogue, published by the Trilateral Commission. The public can subscribe to this. Read it and see for yourself. This magazine is kept in the Official Publications Library; perhaps they know something we don’t.

Trilateral Observer, newsletter edited by Antony Sutton. Subject - the Trilateral Commission. Believed ceased publication. No further information known.

Trilaterals Over Washington, by Antony C. Sutton and Patrick M. Wood, published by August Corporation, Scottsdale, Arizona. Volume I, 9th printing, (April, 1981); Volume II, 1st printing, (March, 1981).

Meticulous two volume study of the Trilateral Commission by an established scholar. Details suppression of information, the energy hoax etc. Appendices included the membership list at 20th November, 1979 and list of Trilateral publications.

The Truth About “The Protocols of Zion”: A Complete Exposure, by Herman Bernstein, published by Covici Friede, New York, (1935). 408 pages. No index.

This is the definitive refutation of the Jewish world conspiracy nonsense. It should be read in conjunction with Norman Cohn’s Warrant For Genocide, (also listed). Other excellent books on the Protocols are the studies by Benjamin Segel, (1934); and the 1942 study by the American (Gentile) historian John Shelton Curtiss. A new edition of this book was published in 1972 with an introduction by Norman Cohn.

UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Contact Movement: a bibliography, by George M. Eberhart, published by Scarecrow Press, London, (1986).

Comprehensive two volume study of UFO literature. Includes visions of the Virgin Mary and skeptical books, and, of course, books on the alleged government cover-up.
Volume One: Unidentified Flying Objects
Volume Two: The Extraterrestrial Contact Movement

Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews, by Rabbi Meir Kahane, published by Lyle Stuart, Secaucus, New Jersey, (1987). 324 pages. No index.

So you think the Jews are one big happy family? Read this and you’ll change your mind. Kahane reveals how the same dirty tricks which are used by Organised Jewry against “anti-Semites” (65) were used against him.

Wall Street and FDR, by Antony C. Sutton, published by Arlington House, New Rochelle, N.Y., (1975). 200 pages.

“Without question Franklin D. Roosevelt, his supporters, and biographers portray FDR as a knight in shining armor wielding the sword of righteous vengeance against the robber barons...” (page 14).

Scratch the surface though, and FDR turns out to be a classic case of a managed opposition.
  “when you probe the facts, Roosevelt was a creation of Wall Street...” (page 17). Contains valuable background information on the activities of the Warburg brothers and their role in setting up the Federal Reserve.
  “The Federal Reserve System is a legal private monopoly of the money supply operated for the benefit of a few under the guise of protecting and promoting the public interest”, (page 94).

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Antony C. Sutton, published by Arlington House, New Rochelle, N.Y., (1974). 228 pages. Index.

(Erroneously credited to ’76 Press in the first edition of ECM). This book presents a methodical analysis of the true facts of the bankrolling of the “Russian Revolution” by Wall Street. Exonerates Jacob Schiff and places the blame firmly on the shoulders of the Gentile (and anti-Semitic) Wall Street banking house of J.P. Morgan. The hidden hand of the conspiracy which does not exist has as good as suppressed this book, and the spineless academics who are funded by foundation and grant money to agonise over the evils of anti-Semitism try to smear it as yet another update of the Protocols. *
  * See for example, Patterns of Prejudice, Vol 12 No 6 Nov-Dec 1978, pages 1-12 and 33, in particular page 6. (See also comment at end of Mullins interview).
  The article concerned is called the powers of darkness: conspiracy belief and political strategy, by Richard C. Thurlow. Thurlow is also the author of a book on so-called “Fascism” in which he acknowledges Gerry Gable as one of his sources, which is probably why so much crap is written about the extreme right in Britain by “academics”.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, by Antony C. Sutton, published by ’76 Press, Seal Beach, California, (1976). 220 pages. Index.

Presents a methodical analysis of how the Wall Street insiders contributed to the building of the Third Reich, which proves that, whatever their ethnic origins, they are the enemies of the Jewish people as much as they are of the rest of mankind.

WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE: The myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, by Norman Cohn, published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, (1967). 303 pages. Index. Illustrated. Reprinted in Penguin paperback, (1970).

An excellent book which covers the background to the Protocols.

WHO FINANCED HITLER: The Secret Funding of Hitler’s Rise to Power 1919-1933, by James Pool and Suzanne Pool, published by Raven Books, London, (1979). 535 pages. Index. Illustrated.

Provides an excellent analysis of the bankrolling of the Nazi Party. Complementary material to Sutton’s.

Who Makes Our Money? by F.J. Irsigler, published by the author, (1980), distributed in the USA by the Noontide Press and in the UK by Historical Review Press. No index. 165 pages.

Irsigler’s theme is that the love of money and the men who control it is the root of all evil. There is hardly an event on the world stage in the past three hundred years he does not blame on the usurers. Would that he were wrong!

The Wise Men of Foreign Affairs: A History of the Council on Foreign Relations, by Robert D. Schulzinger, published by Columbia University Press, New York, (1984). 342 pages. Index.

A book written by one of the compliant and spineless academics Antony Sutton knows so well, to whitewash the machinations of this “elitist” think tank. If these men of foreign affairs are so wise, how come they didn’t stop America being dragged into the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War...? Nothing just happens in politics, everything is planned. Especially wars.

World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17, by G. Edward Griffin, published by American Media, Tenth Printing, (1980). First published 1974.

An unusual book by a by all accounts, unusual author. Griffin’s central theme is that the big boys who control the tax exempt foundations have suppressed not only Laetrile but the entire science of preventive medicine. He goes much further than this however and demonstrates how cartels have subverted the whole fabric of free enterprise by intensive lobbying and other dirty tricks.

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