Conclusion, And Afterword
On Eustace Mullins

I am inclined, albeit reluctantly, to agree with Seal’s and Mears’ comment on Mullins’ having “gone down that road” in the past but having changed his mind. If only for the reason that I myself once nearly went down that road! The reason is not hard to find, as I’ve already pointed out, there is very strong prima facie evidence for the mendacity of Zion, but the idea that the Jew is the root of all evil or that communism is a Jewish movement for world domination or that there is a massive international Jewish conspiracy, is quite preposterous. (63)

Mullins’ claim that the ADL is an arm of the Zionist conspiracy is not supported by any facts. The ADL is not a secret organisation, although it is most definitely a powerful pressure group which does at times resort to dirty tricks to smear “anti-Semites”, ie anyone some Jew somewhere doesn’t like. (64) Whether or not it acts as an unregistered agent of the Israeli government in the United States remains to be seen.

It cannot be claimed that either Organised Jewry or the New World Order are in any meaningful sense, conspiracies. A conspiracy is, by definition, secret, as are its aims, and neither of these entities are conspiracies. Indeed, they are not so much open as brazen about their real agendas, the only qualification being that they use a particular kind of newspeak. Thus, when Organised Jewry talk about fighting racism, anti-Semitism, fascism...what they really mean is taking away your civil liberties, passing stronger and stronger laws against “incitement”, the promotion of multi-racialism, of coercion, of collectivism. When the Trilateral Commissioners talk about “sharing international responsibilities”, what they really mean is world government. When they talk about global redistribution of wealth, what they mean is redistributing your wealth in order to prop up their corrupt system of debt servicing.

Returning to Eustace Mullins, the question I first asked was: Is he an anti-Semitic propagandist or an iconoclast? I believe that question has now been satisfactorily answered. He is a bit of both. To be perfectly honest, one does not form the impression that he is an out and out Jew-hater, rather that, although he still can’t quite get away from the fallacy of a uniquely Jewish evil, he has realised that the “Jewish conspiracy” like the “communist conspiracy”, is a branch of a much bigger conspiracy. If indeed he is sincere, if he has “gone down that road” but treads it no longer, he should at least have the intestinal fortitude to admit that he was wrong, and that he fabricated anti-Semitic poison, ie The Rabbi’s Speech and A Racial Programme for the Twentieth Century, in order to bolster his sincere if erroneous beliefs.

One of the biggest obstacles to reforming the financial system is the Jewish world conspiracy and all the nonsense which accompanies it.

This is something I’ve noticed particularly with regard to the conspiracy literature concerning the “International Bankers”. Gary Allen makes this point in his runaway bestseller None Dare Call It Conspiracy, indeed, Allen’s book has itself been smeared as anti-Semitica (see Appendix A), and this book is about as fawningly philo-Semitic as any book could be without churning one’s stomach.

An even more impressive example of smearmongering can be found in Patterns of Prejudice, the theoretical journal of the Institute of Jewish Affairs, for November-December 1978; the powers of darkness: conspiracy belief and political strategy, by Richard C. Thurlow, claims the secret world government of the Jews has been replaced by the Royal Institute for International Affairs [sic], the CFR and the Bilderbergers and that Antony Sutton “has developed a Protocols-style argument, complete with massive documentation...” The idea that massive documentation is evidence against an hypothesis is a novel idea to say the least. The same intellectual dishonesty (some would say prostitution) is regularly used against Holocaust Revisionists. No real attempt is made to refute the argument.

By the same token, any reference to the mechanism of credit creation - ex nihilo as an interest-bearing debt - is routinely consigned to the realm of the lunatic anti-Semites by the simple technique of guilt by association. The same shoddy technique could be used to smear anti-vivisectionists by virtue of the fact that Adolf Hitler was vehemently opposed to cruelty to animals.

Major Douglas, Arthur Kitson, and all those other would-be financial reformers whose writings have been consigned to the memory hole, are the hope of the world. Eustace Clarence Mullins is, in many ways, its tragedy. He has pioneered the investigation of the Federal Reserve, and has inspired a generation of conspiracy theorists, the likes of Gary Allen, W. Cleon Skousen, and, albeit reluctantly, Antony C. Sutton. If there is to be any end to the current financial chaos: cycles of boom and bust, wars, depressions, and the continued, progressive centralisation of power under the smokescreen of building a New World Order, it lies in the Social Credit philosophy of Major Douglas and the liberation of the banking system from the shackles of usury and debt-bondage. If Eustace Mullins has the courage to renounce and denounce his youthful folly, then he may yet inspire a future generation of financial reformers, and, instead of going down in history as an anti-Jewish fabricator and crank, he may instead be ranked alongside Douglas, and that other great financial reformer Abraham Lincoln, as a true friend of liberty.

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