David Webb owned a large collection of books, magazines, pamphlets, etc that extended far beyond the subjects of his chosen profession, his old school and his hometown. I took a few of these, but there are some I will most definitely not be scanning, like the massive two volume U.S. Government publication Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography Final Report July 1986. Below are scans of a few of the said publications.

A Short Guide To The Roman Fortress At York
The above pamphlet by the Yorkshire Architectural and York Archaeological Society was given to me by Goodman in the Summer of 2015. When I realised it was not in the British Library catalogue, I felt an irresistible compulsion to scan it and publish it here.
Actors’ Benevolent Fund: A folded A4 leaflet
The front of the above leaflet is the middle of the first page of the scan; the back is the middle of the second page of the scan.
Antony Grey: Group and Individual Counsellor
The above is a folded leaflet; it is scanned here pages 4 (back) & 1 (front), 2 & 3 – inside.
Bank Holidays 1958
The above card is slightly larger than A7; Goodman gave it to me in 2016. I have no idea where he got it, but probably not from David Webb.
But where is Love? by Venetia Riches
The inside back cover of the above A5 pamphlet is blank, so has not been scanned. It contained an enclosure, Saying No Isn’t Always Easy – below.
CHILD VICTIMS OF SEX OFFENCES, by T.C.N. Gibbens and Joyce Prince, (October 1963)
The back cover of the above is blank so has not been scanned.
COUNTER ATTACK, Birmingham, 1949
I’m not sure either where this should be placed and I’m not even sure where it came from although I’m 90% certain that it came from David Webb’s flat.


Goodman is a fan of this scumbag; he gave me the following in 2016 or early 2017. They were his rather than David Webb’s.

ROBERT BLAKE, GENERAL-AT-SEA 1598-1657 by Isaac Foot of the Cromwell Association
Cromwell’s Day 1963
Cromwell’s Day 1964
Cromwell’s Day 1965

Bust of Cromwell

The above four are all A5 leaflets scanned pages 1, 4, 2 & 3.

A single-sided A5 leaflet: OLIVER CROMWELL and CHARLES I: Hero and Villain? (The slant is not mine!)

A double-sided A4 flyer for the Cromwell Museum, 2016
The above is green on both sides. Goodman gave it to me, in 2016, I think.


ESPERANTO for BEGINNERS, by Montague C. Butler
The above publication was falling to pieces when I rescued it, and completed the job under the scanner; it is approximately 16.4cm by 10.3cm.
Evidence To The Committee On OBSCENITY and FILM CENSORSHIP, by DLAS, April 1978
Film Censorship.., a talk by R.S. Camplin, February 7, 1978
FREEDOM UNDER THE LAW by Sir Keith Joseph, June 1975
The above pamphlet is A5 in height. The inside front cover is blank; page 19 is blank; the inside back cover is blank; so none of these has been copied. David Webb has highlighted some text in red on page 6. I thought about removing this but decided to leave it.
HUMANISM: A Very Short Introduction, by Stephen Law
The above is a leaflet advertising the book of the same title; it was apparently inserted into the January/February 2011 issue of BHA news. The magazine itself has not been included here.
The first scan in the above file consists of the front and back covers; after that, it is scanned in order.
OUR CELESTIAL VISITOR (The Flying Virgin and Space Age Astronomy) by F.A. Ridley
The above A5 pamphlet was received from Goodman in 2016 or perhaps late 2015, as far as I recall. It may or may not have come from David Webb.
Our Pagan Christmas, by R.J. Condon, (1974).
The first scan of the above file is the back page and front page.
Outsiders (1979-1996), by Tuppy Owens
The above is subtitled a personal history. I found two copies of this in the NCROPA files.
PORNOGRAPHY and HATE, by David Holbrook
The last two pages as well as the entire back cover of this pamphlet are blank so have not been scanned.
Prayer For Material Help.
The above is a card approximately 16 by 10.3cm. I didn’t add it until January 2018 so can’t remember when or where I came by it but it was almost certainly from David Webb.
The above pamphlet was added December 10, 2021; it belonged to David Webb and is slightly smaller than A5 – about an inch less tall and an inch less wide, whatever paper size that is. The inside back cover and back cover are both blank, so have not been scanned.
The inside front cover and the entire back cover of the above pamphlet are blank so have not been scanned.
SAVE Temple Bar by T. Tyndale Daniell
Goodman gave me the above in 2021.
The above is an A4 leaflet folded twice to make six pages; it is scanned here pages 1, 2 (back) & 3 (front); 4, 5 & 6 – inside). I found this inside the pamphlet But where is Love? – above.
SEX AND THE LAW: A Plan for Reform
The above is an 8 page A5 pamphlet, the back page (page 8) is blank so has not been scanned.
SEX EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS – What every parent should know
The above A5 pamphlet, published by THE RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY RESEARCH & EDUCATION TRUST contains an erratum slip, which is included with the scan of the back cover – ie the last page of the file. David Webb’s copy actually had two of the same erratum slips inside it.
St. Mary Harrow on the Hill, Illustrated Guide, an A5 pamphlet
The tenth page of the above pamphlet has been rotated 90 degrees.
Sex for the severely disabled, by SPOD
The above is a folded leaflet; it is scanned here inside and out. David Webb has blocked in red a paragraph about masturbation. I am informed this was a subject he included in his speeches, which invariably provoked laughter.
SEX, THE CHILD AND THE FAMILY: The Role Of The Teacher, by Elizabeth Manners
A small sticker has been affixed to the front of the above A5 pamphlet to obscure the previous publication address with the new one.
The above A5 pamphlet was not scanned until August 2016, but I am 99% certain it came from David Webb. The inside front cover, page 16, and the inside back cover are all blank, so have not been scanned.
A catalogue published by STB of Holland. Obviously research material!
THE APOLLO SOCIETY by Lucy Hoare, a reprint from the Arts Council Bulletin, April 1951
The Beer-Lover’s Prayer
I can’t remember how I came by the above, but it was almost certainly directly or indirectly from Goodman.
The Bible Contradicts Itself by The Ingersoll News
Goodman gave me the above in late 2015. It may or may not have belonged to David Webb, but it was certainly the sort of publication that would have been found in his library.
The Book Club’s Spectacular Gifts
I’m not sure if the above belonged to Webb, probably, Goodman gave it to me late 2015. It measures 18.7 by 11.7cm. It consists of one sheet of paper folded in half and then folded in half again. I have scanned pages 4 and 5 together for the obvious reason.
The care of your teeth
The above is slightly less than A6 size; I believe I got it was collected by David Webb. It was added December 4, 2022!
THE CULTS at Variance with THE BIBLE by David Myers
I believe the above A5 pamphlet belonged to David Webb. It was added October 28, 2021.
The Navy’s Here! by Captain Bernard Acworth * C
The Place Of Law In The Field Of Sex by Rt. Rev. John A.T. Robinson
The above A5 pamphlet runs to 16 pages and a yellow cover. Pages 15 & 16, the inside front cover and the entire back cover are blank, so have not been scanned.
The Roman Theatre At Verulamium, by Kathleen M. Kenyon
Some of the pages in the above have been rotated for easier viewing of the illustrations and associated text.
The Truth About Israel And Zionism by Nathan Weinstock and Jon Rothschild.
I was given the above by Taha in 2018.
The Williams Committee: a forgotten report
Trouble Is Their Trade by Len Martin
I received the above from Goodman in May 2016. The late Len Martin was quite a character. We went to his funeral.
What Good English Means to You, by Laurence Wilton
The above is a four page leaflet I found inside the January 1952 edition of Britain To-day, so I assume it was an insert. It measures 16.6cm by 10.1cm approximately.
The above is a single sheet of A4 paper folded in half to make a leaflet/4 page pamphlet. A small sticker has been affixed to the front to obscure the previous publication address with the new one.
WHY ASK? – Action for Sexual Knowledge
The above is an A4 leaflet folded twice to make six pages; it is scanned here outside and inside.

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