Among the publications I rescued from David Webb’s flat were 15 copies of Britain To-day, a magazine published between 1939 & 1954. Because the British Library has what appears to be a complete set, and also because the issues concerned are all 40+ pages in length, I have scanned only the selected articles which are enumerated below in chronological order. Some of the articles include photographs. In each case I have included the front cover.

Britain To-day: July 1950: Theatre At Stratford, by Ivor Brown
Britain To-day: October 1950: Mr Gielgud’s Lear, by T.C. Worsley
Britain To-day: November 1950: THEATRE—“CAPTAIN CARVALLO”, by T.C. Worsley
Britain To-day: February 1951: THE FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN, by the Editor and THE IMPORTANCE OF SLANG, by Kenneth Young
Britain To-day: March 1951: The New Old Vic, by T.C. Worsley; British Music 1900-1950, by Dyneley Hussey
Also included is the back cover of the above which contains a (partial?) programme for the Festival of Britain
Britain To-day: June 1951: The Provincial Music Festivals, by Dyneley Hussey
Britain To-day: July 1951: Art On The South Bank, by Sir Philip Hendy
Britain To-day: August 1951: Cæsar, Antony And Cleopatra, by T.C. Worsley
Britain To-day: September 1951: This House Of Commons, by Edward Heath, M.P.
Britain To-day: October 1951: The Welsh Nation, by the Editor; The First English Operas, by Dyneley Hussey
Britain To-day: November 1951: Britons In Persia, by Kenneth Young
Britain To-day: December 1951: John Bull’s Behaviour, by Frank E. Bell and The Forty Best Books
Britain To-day: January 1952: Shakespeare Productions, by T.C. Worsley (see also What Good English...)
Britain To-day: February 1952: ON THE SCREEN: DICKENS AND SOMERSET MAUGHAM, by C.A. Lejeune

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