Notes And References

(1) Icke mentions this in his (somewhat premature) autobiography, In The Light of Experience, which was published in 1993. He says that after twelve years faithful service he was fobbed off.
(2) The history of the Protocols Of Zion has been documented extensively but cannot be discussed here for want of space. Although a version of the document was published as early as 1903, the Protocols did not really take off until the publication of the first German edition by the notorious anti-Semite Gottfried zur Beek (Captain Muller von Hausen) in January 1920 (dated 1919). The first English language edition was published the same year and crossed the Atlantic in short order. The interested reader is referred in the first instance to WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE: The myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, by Norman Cohn, published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, (1967).
(3) Jean Adam Weishaupt was Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria. The Order of the Illuminati was founded by Weishaupt and others on May 1, 1776. Although the Order was suppressed by the Bavarian authorities it is believed by many conspiracy theorists to exist to this day and to control the world from behind the scenes through a number of secret and semi-secret front organisations, in particular the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.
(4) The Trail of the Serpent, by Inquire Within, published by Boswell, London, (1936), page 68.
(5) I kid you not. One of the people who inspired Icke was William Cooper (1943-2001), a former Naval Intelligence officer who was clearly out of his tree. For documentation on Cooper’s lunacy the reader is referred to the current writer’s 1996 GLOBAL SELF-DECEPTION: A Critique Of Milton William Cooper’s “Behold A Pale Horse”.
(6) “and the truth shall set you free: The most explosive book of the 20th Century”, by David Icke, published by Bridge of Love, Ryde, Isle of Wight, (1995), page 26.
(7) Icke, And The Truth Shall Set You Free, page 350, (ibid).
(8) An expression popularised by the American Libertarian movement.
(9) This study was commenced in about October 1996. On November 1st the current writer was arrested on trumped-up charges and flung into Brixton Prison where he remained until his acquittal on May 1st 1997 after an eight day trial at Southwark Crown Court. For this and other reasons he has first hand experience of the real nature of bureaucratic tyranny, so the reader is respectfully assured that he knows what he is talking about. More will be revealed about this later.
(10) This and the Dunblane massacre are too well known to need documenting here.
(11) This universally reported horror happened in March 1996.
(12) Indeed, as I return to this document after an absence of several months, the private ownership of firearms has all but been outlawed by the incoming Labour Government.
(13) See for example AGAINST IDENTITY CARDS, by Sean Gabb, Political Notes No. 105, published by the Libertarian Alliance, London, (1995).
(14) Gabb, (ibid), cites examples of contemporary readily forgable identity cards. He doesn’t seem to realise that when such cards are machine-readable and linked to a central computer, such forgeries will be useless. And he hasn’t even considered the possibility that one day we will all have such identification implanted under our skins!
(15) The Times, February 11, 1997, page 33.
(16) See for example the current writer’s 1996 study Freedom Under Socialism?, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, page 100.
(17) THE UNTOUCHABLES, by Eliot Ness with Oscar Fraley, published by Pan, London, (1960), page 30.
(18) Choices for tomorrow’s chips, by Alec Broers, published in the New Scientist, No 1817, 18 April ’92, pages 23-7. (This quote appears on page 23).
(19) See for example THE directory (TV Supplement of the Times newspaper), Saturday, October 19, 1996 - Friday, October 25, 1996, page 52.
(20) 1.44Mb, more with compression.
(21) Halsbury’s Statutes of England and Wales, Criminal Law, Volume 12, Fourth Edition, published by Butterworths, London, (1994 Reissue), page 1044.
(22) Motorway drivers face billing by electronic beam, by Jonathan Prynn, published in the Times, February 18, 1997, page 11.
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(26) A Retiring Sort of Guy, by Dave Barry, published in the International Herald Tribune, March 8-9, 1997, page 22.
(27) Times, February 11, 1997, page 33.
(28) Also known as the BMJ.
(29) The letter is signed Craig Gerrand (a Registrar in orthopaedics with the NHS in Scotland). It was published under the title Data protection, health care, and the new European directive in the August 31, 1996 issue of the British Medical Journal, Volume 313, page 560.
(30) See en passant note (126).
(31) According to Chris Tame, Britain’s leading Libertarian (not quoted verbatim): “When people talk about protecting your children, what they really mean is destroying your rights”.
(32) Mrs Mary Whitehouse and her gang have long attempted to associate even the mildest form of “pornography” with paedophilia.
(33) I am informed by a social worker contact that a register of sorts already exists and has probably long existed. Persons applying for jobs in certain professions (besides the usual ones: police, civil service, etc) are screened for criminal convictions.
(34) Okay, this is not exactly the most intellectual of newspapers, but it’s read by millions of people every day and in its own way, like the rest of the gutter press, it is extremely influential.
(35) REAL TEST FOR DNA, by Fiona Webster, published in The Sun, February 23, 1996, page 7.
(36) The current euphemism is “asylum-seekers”.
(37) Statewatch, March-April 1996, vol 6, no 2, page 11.
(38) Prepare for the death of privacy, by Andrew Roberts, published in the SUNDAY TIMES NEWS REVIEW, August 25, 1996, page 3.5.
(39) I wrote to the agency pointing out the incorrect entry and was subsequently informed that the information would be corrected.
(40) Formerly a building society, later a bank, and later still, Santander.
(41) Abbey wrecks clients’ credit, by Roger Anderson, published in the Sunday Times, July 27, 1997, page 4.1.
(42) Espionage lawyer attacks secrecy of offshore banks, by Valerie Elliot, published in the Times, September 10, 1996, page 2.
(43) See for example his highly speculative (and virtually fact free) Turning up the Heat: MI5 after the Cold War, published by Phoenix Press, (1994). At various times O’Hara has claimed that American Nazi Harold Covington works for the FBI, that Searchlight magazine is an MI5 front, and that somebody is pulling my strings!
(44) Without individual rights there is no common good, and with an all-powerful state there are no individual rights: the end - the “common good” - can always be used to justify the means.
(45) I will avoid nitpicking but for the record, the Nazis were not totalitarians at all. Professor Quigley (who surely knew about such things) tells us that the Nazi régime was not totalitarian in either theory or practice but authoritarian. In Weimar Germany, there was a Quartet of Power: Army, Bureaucracy, Industry and Landlords. Under the Nazis this became a Quintet: Nazi Leaders, Industry, Army, Bureaucracy and Landlords. Two members of this ruling class were not coordinated, a third was coordinated only incompletely, and the economic system was not ruled by the state but was subject to “self-rule”. [TRAGEDY AND HOPE: A History of THE WORLD in Our Time, by Carroll Quigley, Second Printing, Angriff Press, Los Angeles, (1974), pages 443-4].
(46) DECISION IN GERMANY, by Lucius D. Clay, published by William Heinemann, London, (1950), page 245.
(47) I speak here from personal experience. In his summing up in my trial at Southwark Crown Court the judge, a bigoted old bastard by the name of Watts, virtually directed the jury to convict me making numerous errors of fact, some of them substantial. A barrister told me that it may have been disgust at such bias which ensured my acquittal, albeit by a majority verdict.
(48) An amusing example of the independence of the judiciary occurred in the United States in the Second Greenback case of 1870. The Judge Salmon P. Chase ruled that greenbacks were unconstitutional; as he had been in the Treasury when the 1862 Legal Tender Act was passed, he convicted himself! [See entry for CHASE, Salmon Portland, in the Encyclopedia Americana, Volume 6, pages 328-9].
(49) Again, this is a crass over-simplification; the world is full of conspiracies, and of organisations which work both overtly and covertly to promote world government.
(50) The Fatal Embrace: JEWS AND THE STATE, by Benjamin Ginsberg, published by University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, (1993), page 10.
(51) Ginsberg, The Fatal Embrace, page 25, (ibid).
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(55) Mosse, Jews in the German Economy, page 337, (ibid).
(56) Kristallnacht was November 9, 1938. More of this anon.
(57) An anti-Nazi propaganda book published in 1936 gives the Jewish population of Germany (then) as 500,000, * but this book also makes the point that counting Jews has never been easy and depends on the criteria laid down for Jewishness, ** (something which causes controversy even to this day, especially among the strictly Orthodox).
* THE YELLOW SPOT: the outlawing of half a million human beings..., uncredited but with an introduction by Herbert Dunelm, Bishop of Durham, published by Victor Gollancz, London (1936), page 15.
** The Yellow Spot, page 18, (ibid).
(58) See for example From Prejudice To Genocide Learning about the Holocaust, by Carrie Supple, with a Foreword by Martin Gilbert, published by Trentham Books, Stoke-on-Trent, (1993), page 84.
(59) I am not interested in this short dissertation in debating the scale of the Holocaust - whatever it was - nor if there were or were not any such things as gas chambers. Whatever arguments even the most naive of Revisionists puts forward, there is no disputing the essential facts that German Jewry was disenfranchised and decimated by the state, and that if it could happen to them it could happen to anyone.
(60) “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - for ever”. Orwell puts these words into the mouth of O’Brien, the torturer of the sad anti-hero of Nineteen Eighty-Four. Under the coming repression there will be no shortage of O’Briens, nor of Winston Smiths for them to torture.
(61) It is probably more accurate to describe Stalker as a victim of repression by certain elements of the state.
(62) Stalker’s autobiography, called simply Stalker, is well worth reading; most of what follows is based on this.
(63) A big thing was made about this at the time but when his post was advertised after his resignation, this was included in the job description as a perk. [STALKER, by John Stalker, published by Harrap, London, (1988), page 251].
(64) But not, sadly, of the lower ranks.
(65) Stalker landed on his feet and became a media personality, author and consultant.
(66) Since time immemorial in fact; throughout history, censorship has been one of the first concerns of the state, whether it be ruled by a monarch, a self-perpetuating elite or a bureaucracy.
(67) SADDAM’S WAR: “The Origins of the Kuwait Conflict and the International Response”, by John Bullock and Harvey Morris, published by Faber & Faber, London, (1991), page 22.
(68) As George Orwell said, who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.
(69) The Times, August 9, 1997, page 7, reports that telephone “smart cards” have been tested at Full Sutton Prison for the past year. They allow calls only to pre-approved numbers. The pretext is to prevent “stalkers” contacting victims from gaol. On the plus side it should be borne in mind that it is only in the past few years that prisoners (convicted and remand) have had access to telephones, so sometimes things change for the better.
(70) Icke, And The Truth Shall Set You Free, page 397, (op cit).
(71) The very largest financial transactions are never made in cash; every day billions of pounds, dollars, francs...are traded on the stock markets of the world.
(72) Will plastic smart cards be Europe’s common currency?, by Paul Penrose, published in the Times, January 6, 1995, page 29.
(73) Out of the backwoods, by Paul Penrose, published in the Times, February 10, 1995, page 28.
(74) Icke, And The Truth Shall Set You Free, page 397, (op cit).
(75) Experience of tagging offenders, published in the Times, October 21, 1996, page 21.
(76) See note 5.
(77) A contact of mine tells me he has seen a video demonstrating the operation of bar codes implanted under the skin, but I am unable to provide a proper citation. There can be no doubt though that this has already been done on volunteers, and that eventually there will be people of all political persuasions clamouring for it to be made compulsory.
(78) This (uncredited) ring bound volume was sent to the current writer in 1996. Naeslund also sent me another disturbing publication which is based on his personal experiences; it is called BRANDED BY THE SECURITY POLICE.
(79) PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND “Toward a Psychocivilized Society”, by Jose M.R. Delgado, paperback edition published by Harper Colophon Books Harper & Row, New York, (1971), page 82.
(80) Delgado, Physical Control Of The Mind, pages 87-8, (ibid).
(81) An anti-Semite was originally someone who didn’t like Jews; it is common knowledge in certain circles that to some people - not all of them Jews - an anti-Semite is, in their eyes, someone Jews don’t like.
(82) Icke, And The Truth Shall Set You Free, page 397, (ibid).
(83) David Mellor, a former government minister, quoted in the Times, November 19, 1996, page 1.
(84) George Robertson, Shadow Scottish Secretary, (ibid).
(85) Deputies split on ID cards, by Lorraine Kirk, published in the Jewish Chronicle, September 22, 1995, page 12. This article reports a debate on the recent government green paper. A motion opposing the introduction of ID cards was narrowly defeated.
(86) I saw this part of Howard’s speech on a TV news report at the time; the people who were jeering him the loudest were clearly past retirement age. They wouldn’t have jeered quite so loudly if they’d realised that a future ID card would also contain a euthanasia date!
(87) I do not mean to imply that the parents whose children were murdered by Thomas Hamilton have the basest of motives, indeed they obviously have the noblest of intentions. But so do many people who help pave the road to Hell.
(88) Bar codes to identify missing children, by Peter Conradi, published in the Sunday Times, July 13, 1997, page 1.19.
(89) Sunday Times, (ibid).
(90) The Times, December 5, 1996, page 11.
(91) All England Law Reports, 1992, VOL. 4, page 562. This is from a case heard by the Court of Appeal: R v Christou and another, pages 559-67 (the Stardust Jewellers case).
(92) ROW OVER POLICE WHO ‘LURE PEOPLE INTO CRIMES’, by Michael Fielder, published in the Sun, April 5, 1975, page 5.
(93) At my trial at Southwark Crown Court in April 1997 - see above - evidence was presented that the authorities already have some sort of central financial database. At the time I was quite convinced of its existence, now I’m not so sure, but there can be no doubt that if current trends continue they will have virtually unlimited access to all our accounts by the end of the next decade, if not sooner.
(94) If I hadn’t had magnificent support from a large number of people, including my MP, these monsters would have undoubtedly destroyed me, so again, I know what I am talking about.
(95) Icke, (already cited).
(96) Icke, (already cited).
(97) As part of its rolled-up plea, one of the bookshops had pleaded innocent dissemination. Yet it had openly stocked a newspaper, Class War, which on its front cover had published a photograph of a group of senior judges bearing the legend “execute these scumbags”. If the case hadn’t been settled out of court, one can only imagine what a High Court Judge would have made of that in his summing up!
(98) For further information about this the reader is referred to POISON ON THE RATES: What the people of the London Borough of Hackney should know about the Centerprise Trust, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, Second Edition, (1996). And also to WHY BRITAIN’S POLICE AREN’T WORTH A JEWISH FINGERNAIL BY THE RIGHT HONOURABLE GERALD KAUFMAN MP AND THE LEADERS OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ESTABLISHMENT: The shocking truth about how public money is used to incite the murders of policemen with the approval of Gerald Kaufman MP, Bindman & Partners (solicitors), “Searchlight” magazine and the “Jewish Chronicle” newspaper, 2nd Edition, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1996).
(99) I’m not saying it should be illegal, though I would gladly see these human dung beetles drown in their own poison, I am not in favour of censorship. Law of libel aside!
(100) Ginsberg, The Fatal Embrace, page 180, (op cit).
(101) Icke, And The Truth Shall Set You Free, page 397, (op cit).
(102) Or in their case, homophobia.
(103) The thesis of Benjamin Ginsberg’s excellent book The Fatal Embrace (op cit) is that throughout history Jews have risen to positions of great power and wealth by forming symbiotic relationships with authoritarian regimes, which have eventually turned against them; the prime example of this is of course Soviet Russia.
(104) See in particular the humorous International Herald Tribune article, (note 26).
(105) Roberts, Prepare for the death of privacy, (op cit).
(106) This sort of thing actually happens in the real world, and again I am writing from personal experience. The reader has doubtless had at least one such experience at the hands of some nit-picking bureaucrat in his life.
(107) At one time the heinous crime of racism was seen as purely a white “problem”. However, in recent years there have been a few cases of white people pressing successful complaints against non-whites for such things as racist hiring and firing policies. [See for example Sacked Britons win race case against Japanese firm, published in the Times, January 22, 1997, page 5].
(108) No Mercy for Racists, published in American Renaissance, September 1992, page 10.
(109) The reason prohibition in Saudi Arabia hasn’t created the same sort of disrespect for authority and lawlessness that it did in the United States is because in Islamic countries there is a great cultural taboo against the consumption of alcohol. The only people who regularly fall foul of the Saudi alcohol prohibition law are foreigners, usually Westerners working on government contracts.
(110) The name Dr Mengele springs to mind!
(111) Hopefully there are many more but I will discuss only my two suggestions here.
(112) Apartheid means literally apartness.
(113) See for example THE LADY: The Life and Times of Winnie Mandela, by Emma Gilbey, published by Jonathan Cape, London, (1993), page 94.
(114) The Lady, page 9, (ibid).
(115) Roberts, Prepare for the death of privacy, (op cit). I looked up this case in the All England Law Reports * a plain reading of which indicates that Roberts’ interpretation is unduly optimistic. The National Registration Act, 1939 was passed September 5, 1939, two days after the outbreak of World War Two. Among other things the Act provided that ID cards should be produced on demand by a police officer in uniform; the issue here was is the National Registration Act, 1939 still in force? Willcock’s appeal was dismissed but no costs were awarded against the appellant. (This was a civil case).
* WILLCOCK v. MUCKLE., reported in the ALL ENGLAND LAW REPORTS, 1951, VOL 2, pages 367-70.
(116) There are different spellings of his surname.
(117) Literally the night of the broken glass; this incident is too well documented to need further referencing here.
(118) There are widely disparate views of Kristallnacht; one is that the assassination of Vom Rath was used as a pretext by the Nazi leadership to extirpate German Jewry; another is that the whole thing was set up by Zionist agents provocateurs! The current writer’s view is that the pogroms were largely spontaneous but that rogue elements within the Nazi hierarchy edged them on with a nudge and a wink.
(119) Writing in 1986, one academic asked the question: “Was Grynszpan’s action that of a heroic martyr or a misguided pariah?...Though nearly half a century has passed since Herschel Grynszpan’s assassination of Ernst vom Rath, little or no progress has been made on these painful questions.” From page 225 of HERSCHEL GRYNSZPAN: THE FATE OF A FORGOTTEN ASSASSIN, by Ron Roize, published in HOLOCAUST AND GENOCIDE STUDIES: An International Journal, Volume 1, Number 2, 1986, pages 217-28.
(120) A friend of mine was once branded a fascist in legal proceedings on the grounds that he had written a letter to a National Front newspaper in defence of the black boxer Frank Bruno. I kid you not.
(121) Its full credits are Hitler’s Willing Executioners “Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust”, by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, published by Little, Brown, London, (March 1996).
(122) A leading Canadian Court Historian has written of Hitler’s Willing Executioners that “Reviews, both enthusiastic and critical, have poured from the presses in many countries.” * She doesn’t think much of the book herself though and makes a precise deconstruction of Goldhagen’s thesis, accusing him of being inconsistent and subjective to the Nth degree as well as attacking him for “uncritical use of sources”, ** a strange phrase indeed for any Exterminationist to use when one considers the extraordinary lengths these creatures go to in order to bolster their own flawed hypothesis.
* From page 196 of REVISING THE HOLOCAUST, by Ruth Bettina Birn in collaboration with Dr Volker Riess, published in THE HISTORICAL JOURNAL, published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, (March 1997), pages 195-215.
** Birn, Revising The Holocaust, page 202, (ibid).
(123) In an article Spin time for Hitler..., published in The Observer: the Review, April 21, 1996, pages 1-2.
(124) To borrow a phrase from Professor Arthur Butz, Goldhagen’s book is a work of monumental foolishness. For example, on page 83, Goldhagen writes “Antisemitism was endemic to Weimar Germany, so widespread that nearly every political group in the country shunned the Jews. Jews, though ferociously attacked, found virtually no defenders in German society.” Although it was certainly not his intention, Goldhagen has made common cause with the most rabid anti-Semites.
(125) It is ironic that Organised Jewry in particular, who make so much of “anti-Semites” tarring all Jews with the same brush, are never slow to tar all Nazis with the same brush.
(126) Gable’s bent copper friend from the Met actually travelled all the way up to Chesterfield to arrest Morris - which meant he was way out of his jurisdiction as well as his depth. At the end of the day he was made to look foolish.
(127) Although I defended myself at trial, I received invaluable assistance from the barrister who was assigned to my case.
(128) Such as passing on confidential information without proper authority.
(129) The jury consisted of six men and six women; one of the older men was a pensioner.
(130) Police spy killed by lynch mob at Nairobi rally, by Inigo Gilmore, published in the Times, August 9, 1997, page 15.
(131) The Belsen Trial is a particularly interesting case; I’ve read the entire transcript of this.
(132) Stefan Kiszko was convicted of the murder of 11 year old Lesley Molseed at Leeds Crown Court on July 21, 1976, by a majority verdict; he was gaoled for life. The victim was said to have been used as a sex object and stabbed to death. [Man who killed had sex hormone, published in the Times, July 22, 1976, page 2].
(133) Segregation from other prisoners, usually for child sex killers and other “untouchables”, including “grasses”.
(134) PRESUMED GUILTY: The British Legal System Exposed, by Michael Mansfield QC and Tony Wardle, published by Heinemann, London, (1993), page 85.
(135) Mansfield and Wardle, Presumed Guilty, page 230, (ibid).
(136) Actually, many of their ideas are not that strange. Organised Jewry is one of the most powerful, and vicious, lobbies in the United States, and as any Palestinian will tell you, when the boot is on the other foot, Zionist Jews make very good Nazis.
(137) Ironically, in the United Kingdom the success of the IRA has been largely responsible for much of this near total surveillance, but if they hadn’t existed the authorities would have found another pretext, as they have in the United States and everywhere else.
(138) This incident needs no heavy footnoting here, but according to the London Times (May 1, 1992, page 12), Rodney King was beaten 56 times in 81 seconds.
(139) Ie, criminal elements: looters, etc. Not everybody thought the acquittal of Rodney King’s assailants was bizarre. Besides the “white right” not a few Libertarians - of all people - interpreted his pulping and near murder as “reasonable force”. One leading Libertarian told me that “they do it to white people too”. I told him this is the sort of equal opportunities policy I can do without.
(140) THE AMERICAN SYSTEM OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE, by George F. Cole, Seventh Edition, published by Wadsworth Publishing Company, London, (1995), page 217.
(141) Although the race angle was played to the hilt by the usual “anti-racist” rabble, this was not, or should not, have been the real issue. For a few examples of “non-racist” brutality by the American police see Police Forces Stand Accused: Scandalous disclosures in Philadelphia and Los Angeles focus attention on charges of corruption and brutality, by Elizabeth Gleick, published in TIME INTERNATIONAL, September 11, 1995, VOL. 146, NO. 11, pages 40-2.
(142) Posting to the Internet Libernet Digest, c1995; I am unable to give a citation but I noticed this at the time.
(143) Aladdin’s magic bicycle takes thieves for ride, by Claran Byrne, published in the Sunday Times, July 27, 1997, page 1.6.
(144) Anti-theft chip will foil TV burglars, by Linda Jackson, published in the Sunday Telegraph, July 13, 1997, page 13.
(145) For the record it has never been clear to me why motor vehicles are not fitted with Chubb locks.
(146) In November 1993, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, both then 11 years old, were convicted of this widely reported and quite shocking murder.
(147) And if you believe that you’ll believe anything.
(148) See the Jewish Chronicle article Deputies split on ID cards, (op cit).

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