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Why Britainís Police Arenít Worth A Jewish Fingernail... was first published in December 1995; the 2nd Edition was published in May 1996. The publication you are about to read is a scan of the original artwork of the 2nd Printing of the 2nd Edition.

This pamphlet didnít have a great distribution, but it certainly caused a storm. Because it was mailed principally to police officers. The reason for its publication and said distribution is self-explanatory; the reader is referred in particular to pages 3-5.

The publication of this pamphlet led to a raid on my premises and my arrest. As Iíd hoped it would. The Attorney General was consulted concerning its contents. He decided - wisely - not to bring a prosecution. Contrary to the belief of many anti-Semites - and all Jewish leaders - ďthe JewsĒ do not yet control this country.

This publication is one of my finest efforts, one of which I am immensely proud, and one which will I am certain stand the test of time, with two minor qualifications. Those qualifications are that Jack Straw did indeed succeed Michael Howard as Home Secretary, and by and large he acquitted himself very well. At the time of writing, Michael Howardís star is in the ascendant; he is the Leader of the Opposition, and has a reasonable chance of becoming Prime Minister at the next election. If he does this will certainly not be bad news for Britain, although it will definitely not be good news for Organised Jewry.

I would like to have published an HTML version of this pamphlet, but due to circumstances beyond my control the original files (which were in Ventura format) are no longer available, hence the scanned pages. Although scanning gives a publication an authentic feel, it may cause the reader some problems, if only on account of my limited bandwith.

Although I researched and wrote the entire text, the cartoons - which have rightly been described as hilarious - were commissioned from an independent artist who wishes to remain anonymous.

Alexander Baron,

February 19, 2004.

Postscript: July 23, 2009 - I mailed out this leaflet with many or most of the pamphlets I sent to police stations.

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