Notes And References

(1) Lady Jane Birdwood (1913-2000).
(2) Ironically, as always, the best sources of anti-Semitic propaganda come from genuine Jewish (and specifically Zionist) sources, rather than from the printing presses of the “Jew-wise”. As with all forms of group and class hatred (including Marxism), the most effective propaganda consists not of telling outright lies but of the selective or slanted presentation of the truth. Every genuine anti-Semite will freely tell you that the “Father” of Communism, Karl Marx, was of Jewish origin. How many will also admit that he was an anti-Semitic polemicist, an “Imperialist”, a white supremacist and an advocate of slavery?
(3) Grimstad is not, to my knowledge, a Christian fundamentalist, but most religious anti-Semitica emanates from such sources.
(4) With apologies to Samuel Clemens.
(5) The Babylonian Talmud, Translated into English with notes, glossary and indices under the Editorship of Rabbi Dr I. Epstein B.A., Ph.D., D.Lit. Published by Soncino Press, London, (1935). [The dates of the volumes varies; the index volume for example, was published as late as 1952.]
(6) As with the Talmud, the volumes of The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia do not all bear the same date. Generally I refer to this reference work as published in 1943 (by The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Inc., New York). The index volume was published in 1944.
(7) Talmudic Forgeries: A Case Study In Anti-Jewish Propaganda, by Ben Zion Bokser, published in the Contemporary Jewish Record, Volume II, Number 4, July-August 1939, pages 6-22. Later, I found this publication in the British Library. According to the British Library catalogue, it was published from 1938-45 then continued as Commentary, the well-known American Jewish magazine. According to another source, * Talmudic Forgeries was published as a pamphlet.
 * THEY NEVER SAID IT “A Book of Fake Quotes, Misquotes & Misleading Attributions”, by Paul F. Boller, Jr. & John George, published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, (1989), page 122.
(8) Grimstad registered as an agent of the Saudi Government in 1978. He stated in his registration papers that he intended to produce “educational” materials “dealing with the illegal usurpation of Palestine and publicise it to the best of my ability.” Grimstad served as Managing Editor of White Power, the newspaper of the National Socialist White People’s Party in the early 1970s. (Jewish Chronicle, 2nd June, 1978 - press cutting supplied by the Jewish Chronicle Library).
(9) In other anti-Semitic publications besides the two considered here.
(10) For reasons which I will not elaborate on here, we were unable to use Rabbi Cohen’s own synagogue.
(11) The Six Million Reconsidered, (credited to The Committee for Truth in History, but later admitted to be the work of William Grimstad), published by Historical Review Press, (1979). And Four Small Candles: A Quartet on Anti-Gentilism, Edited by “Edward First”, ostensibly published by the British League Against Anti-Gentilism but in fact printed and distributed (and therefore published) in the UK by Historical Review Press, (1991).
(12) In fact, the “Troubles” in one form or another have been going on for several hundred years with countless atrocities committed on both sides.
(13) A miracle is a violation of Nature, and of course, in a literal sense, never happens. This was demonstrated by the philosopher David Hume (1711-76) in his classic essay Of Miracles which can be found in his An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding; this book is still in print today for the very good reason that it has not been and probably never will be bettered.
 This does not mean of course that prophets and other holy men have never performed “miracles” whether by sleight of hand or by some other means. Unquestionably the tribes mentioned in the Bible and in the Talmud were aware of this, hence the Rabbi’s next comment that the Bible warns us not to be too impressed by people who go around performing miracles but to pay attention to what they are saying.
(14) Confirmation of this was given in a Channel 4 documentary, Cutting Edge, which was screened on November 4, 1991. In Volvo City, which focused on Stamford Hill’s insular Hassidic community, an Orthodox Jew claimed that owning a TV set was like having the spiritual equivalent of a sewer in your living room!
(15) A Hebrew term which means literally “torn”, a reference to the meat of an animal not killed in the ritual way, ie not fit for consumption by Jews. It is used colloquially to imply that something or someone is not very Jewish “in flavour”.
(16) Or perhaps it’s not so bizarre. Although Orthodox Jewry may find the boob tube about as alluring as a bacon sandwich, Zionist Jewry has long had other ideas. For the full extent of Zionist “control” of the mass media, the reader is referred to The Jewish Image In American Film, by Lester D. Friedman, [published by Citadel Press, (1987). The latest edition of this book is distributed in the U.K. by Virgin], and to an unfortunate article which appeared in the London Evening Standard, January 21, 1992. The TV Clique, by Mark Honigsbaum, reveals that the top five men in British TV are Jewish. At the time of writing, (October 1992), a photocopy of this article is being distributed by anti-Semites in the South East (and almost certainly the rest of the country).
(17) The founder of the Haskalah (or “Enlightenment”) was the Russian Jew Moses Mendelssohn, (1729-86), who conceived the idea that the Jews had erected a mental ghetto around them which mirrored the physical ghettos in which they lived. His idea was to lead them out of the mental ghetto into the Gentile world without destroying their innate culture.
(18) The founder of modern Zionism, the Jewish journalist Theodor Herzl, (1860-1904), published his book, Der Judenstaat, in 1896 and organised the first Zionist Congress which was held at Basle, Switzerland in 1897. The claim is sometimes made that The Protocols of Zion is the minutes of this meeting.
(19) Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, (1864-1935), was first Chief Rabbi of Palestine after the British Mandate, UJE, Vol 6, page 448. [Kook is pronounced kook as in book rather than kook as in fluke.]
(20) This is no exaggeration. According to Jews Against Zionism: The American Council for Judaism, 1942-1948, (page 17), by Thomas A. Kolsky - Temple University Press, Philadelphia, (1990), the first Zionist Congress was originally to have been held in Munich, but the German anti-Zionist rabbis chased it out of the country denouncing Zionism as “fanaticism, contrary to the Jewish scriptures, and affirmed their undivided loyalty to Germany.” While in 1917, prominent British Jews denounced Zionism; Sir Edwin Montagu, a Jewish member of the Cabinet, calling it “a mischievous creed”. The author claims further that from 1943-48, the American Council for Judaism fought a fierce public campaign against Zionism and that the Zionists successfully exploited the “Holocaust” for their own political ends.
(21) This fact is actually both well-documented and embarrassing to Zionists and “Nazis” alike. In The Hijack State, * John Rose cites from the Guardian May 26th, 1986. On Hitler’s assumption of power, the Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memo to the new Führer which read in part: “...Zionism hopes to be able to win the collaboration even of a government fundamentally hostile to Jews, because in dealing with the Jewish question no sentimentalities are involved but a real problem whose solution interests all peoples, and at the present moment especially the German people.”
 In a small pamphlet, Criminal Alliance of ZIONISM and NAZISM: Press Conference of the Anti-Zionist Committee of Soviet Public Opinion October 12, 1984, published by Anti-Zionist Committee of Soviet Public Opinion Moscow/Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, (1985), similar claims are made. Obviously, one must be extremely careful when quoting such a source but the claims herein have the ring of truth, thus: “...the Zionist leaders saw in nazism a means which could help carry out their chief objective - that of intensively settling Palestine with ’select’ colonists, driving out the Arabs, and subsequently establishing the state of Israel”, (page 8).
 It is also claimed here that the only Jewish newspaper not banned under Nazism was the Zionist Jüdische Rundschau, (page 10).
 Before Hitler came to power, the Zionists had 3% Jewish support, which certainly increased dramatically when atrocities against Jews began in Nazi-occupied Europe. A secret agreement was made between the Anglo-Palestine Bank (owned by the Jewish Agency for Israel) and the German Ministry of Economics, (page 10). And, most remarkable of all, Zionist pioneer colonisers were trained by assistance of the Gestapo, (page 11), and Goebbels himself struck a special medal with a Magan David on one side and a swastika on the other. The Nazi newspaper Der Angriff ran a series of 12 articles praising the Zionist colonisation of Palestine.
 Another source claims that the Nazis “...stimulated the development of the Yishuv economy by concluding an agreement with the Jewish Agency that allowed the transfer of a portion of German Jewish capital out of Germany through the purchase of German goods.” This fact appears to be fairly well documented from other sources. [Kolsky, Jews Against Zionism, page 14, (op cit)].
 Although there can be no serious question that many Nazis were overtly anti-Semitic, the political philosophy of Nazism is not (and need not be) inherently anti-Semitic. Certainly there is a great deal of evidence from many sources that the native populations of Europe were a great deal more anti-Semitic than even the Nazis, and that the anti-Semitism of the higher echelons of the Nazi Party was more pragmatic than sincere. However, David Irving’s claim that Hitler used anti-Semitism purely as a vehicle to obtain political power is unnecessarily optimistic.
 None of the above will be published in the Sunday Times.
 * Israel: The Hijack State: America’s Watchdog in the Middle East, by John Rose, (page 45), published by Bookmarks, London, (1986).
 ** “In 1948 Dr Heinrich Bruning [Hitler’s predecessor as Chancellor] wrote to the editors of Life forbidding them from publishing an August 1937 letter he had written to Winston Churchill revealing that ‘from October 1928 the two largest regular contributors to Nazi party funds were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of the Jewish faith, and one the leader of Zionism in Germany.’”
  This quote is supposedly taken from Irving’s book, Hitler’s War. I was unable to find it in the 1977 edition although due to pressure of time (and a certain lack of interest in Mr Irving’s prose) I did not read the book from cover to cover. This particular quote is taken from Topical Books, issue number 8, Summer 1992, page 40. You will not find a copy of this magazine in any library because this issue was not distributed. I was a regular contributor to it before it crashed with debts of around forty thousand pounds. However, Irving has repeated this claim a number of times in his speeches, for example, in his address in Toronto, Canada in October 1986.
(22) It is however a fallacy that the Zionists are (or have ever been) one big happy family. In The Scared And The Doomed: The Jewish Establishment vs. The Six Million, by M.J. Nurenberger, * published by Mosaic Press, (1985), further revelations of Jewish schism are uncovered, this time within the Zionist movement itself. For example, in 1933, the Zionist movement split after the murder of Chaim Arlosoroff, head of the Jewish Agency in Palestine, (page 45).
 Although they wanted to colonise Palestine at all costs, and although they had been the victims of “ethnic cleansing” by their Nazi persecutors, the Zionists themselves were not too keen on allowing any riff-raff into their nascent state. A circular sent out by the United Jewish Appeal dated February 1, 1940 urged Zionist leaders not to support indiscriminate emigration to Palestine adding that many recent emigrants had been prostitutes and criminals: “The increased incidence of crime in the past year is (sic) the most tragic reflection of the haphazard and irresponsible guidance of unregistered immigration by certain groups”, (page 55).
 What they wanted, clearly, was for only the healthiest and fittest young Jews to emigrate to Palestine in preparation for the coming struggle to establish the State of Israel, something which had been on the cards since before the Balfour Declaration. Others (including Jewish authors) have suggested that the Zionists willingly sacrificed their kinfolk in the Holocaust in order to establish the State of Israel. Perhaps the greatest irony of all though was that most of the Jews who left Europe before, during and after the Second World War, had no intention of emigrating to the Promised Land and every intention of emigrating to the land of opportunity, the United States, as indeed many of them did.
 Also in 1933, an International Jewish Boycott Conference was held in New York. American Zionist leader Samuel Untermeyer, who presided over the conference, described this move as a “holy war” against Germany:
 “It is not sufficient that you buy no goods made in Germany. You must refuse to deal with any merchant or shop- keeper who sells any German-made goods or who patronizes German ships and shipping.” [See The Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty, published by Wilkinson, (edition and printing uncertain but c1951), page 62.] The German Zionists opposed this boycott.
 * The author is the founder of The Canadian Jewish News.
(23) A search of the Talmud index had turned up no trace of any such book or tractate. I was inclined to dismiss both the quote and the passage as non-existent but realised belatedly that not only the Talmud but the entire Jewish religious literature is subject to fabrication. Having just written a book on The Protocols Of Zion et al, * I wonder I hadn’t considered this before.
  * This book was not published although much of the research has been incorporated into later publications including my bibliography of the Protocols Of Zion.
(24) The usual (correct?) transliteration is Yalkut. For some perverse reason which eludes me, I intend to spell Jalquit Simeoni thus throughout the text. Other words are also subjected to capricious transliteration: Gemara is also transliterated Gemarah, Yore Deah as Iore Deah, and so on.
(25) [In the Soncino edition, but Grimstad informs us that the more genocidal passages have been either toned down or deleted.] This is the infamous “Tob shebe-goyyim harog”, which, according to Grimstad (page 15), means, “The best of the Goyim is to be killed.” On page 23 he reproduces this from The Jewish Encyclopedia page 617, (no publisher or date given). However, we can turn to another Jewish encyclopaedia, the UJE, Vol 3, page 6, where the following appears: “According to the Talmud, the best among non-Jews should be killed.” Soferim 13b, Abodah Zarah, 26.
 The full quote reads: “Kill the best of the non-Jews in time of war.” Soferim 15: 10. The Tosafoth to the passage clarifies this point.
 Actually, we don’t even need to turn to the UJE; Grimstad’s photostat is good enough; the commentary on this passage reads: “=‘The best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed’). This utterance has been felt by Jews to be due to an exaggerated antipathy on the part of a fanatic whose life experiences may furnish an explanation for his animosity; hence in the various versions the readings have been altered, ‘The best among the Egyptians’ being generally substituted. In the connection in which it stands, the import of this observation is similar to that of the two others: ‘The most pious woman is addicted to sorcery’; ‘The best of snakes ought to have its head crushed’ (comp. the saying, ‘Scratch a Russian and you will find a Tartar’).” [Grimstad, page 23, (op cit)].
 In other words, this was the work of an individual rabbi [Simon ben Yohai...preeminently the anti-Gentile teacher] which was toned down by later scholars, and which is certainly not endorsed in spirit either by Talmudic scholars or by Orthodox Jews in general. Which does rather make one wonder why the author includes it in the first place, surely this is sufficient explanation?
(26) Talmudic Forgeries, page 15, (op cit).
(27) Rabbi Joseph Caro, (1488-1575), was the outstanding Talmudic scholar of the 16th Century. His magnus opus, the Shulhan Aruch, was first published in Venice in 1565, (UJE, Vol 3, pages 49-50).
(28) UJE, Vol 9, page 521.
(29) The Zohar was written by the 13th Century Spanish Jew, Moses Ben Shem Tov of Leon. It is based on oral traditions going back to Exodus and the forty years wandering in the wilderness. [Page ix, The Kabbalah Decoded: A new translation of the ‘Ancient of Days’ texts of the Zohar by George Sassoon, edited by Rodney Dale, published by Duckworth, (1978)]. UJE Vol 10, page 670 states that Zohar means “brightness” and is the principal work of the Cabala [sic].
(30) Balaam was the son of Beor.
(31) UJE, (op cit), pages 86-7. The Encyclopedia Judaica, [(page Vol 15, page 1207), Keter Publishing, (1971)] states that certain references in Toledot Yeshu [sic] in Sotah and Sanhedrin are to a different Jesus.
(32) UJE, Vol 10, page 160.
(33) This is an amusing canard (which I was inclined to take at face value) that the most Orthodox of the Orthodox do not have relations with their wives except through a hole in a sheet made in the appropriate place. In 1987, a Jewish journalist, Evelyn Kaye, published a book with this title which not only repeats this canard but viciously attacks Orthodox Judaism. Mrs Kaye’s book would find a proud place on any anti-Semite’s bookshelf.
(34) The Midianites were an ancient people who inhabited Midian in Northwestern Arabia.
(35) UJE, Vol 6, page 373.
(36) Four Small Candles, page 21, (op cit).
(37) MISHNAH. He who commits sodomy with a male or a beast, and a woman that commits bestiality are stoned.
“There shall be no sodomite of the sons of Israel...” Sanhedrin, 54a-54b. In other words, the Talmud actually sanctions the death sentence for homosexuality!
 This statement alone should be sufficient to destroy the myth that the Talmud is a precursor of the Marquis de Sade’s The One Hundred and Twenty Days of Sodom.
(38) One of the most widely held fallacies of the modern world is that change = progress. Certainly we have a far superior civilisation to the ancient Jews and others in a purely technological sense, but we are by no means more advanced than them in every field morally.
(39) The Essential Talmud, by Adlin Steinsaltz, translated from the Hebrew by Chaya Galai, published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, (1976).
(40) Whatever calumnies the authors of the Talmud may be unjustly accused of, goobledegook is not one of them. The fact that the Talmud and indeed all Jewish religious writings, are as turgid as they are abstruse lends them very easily to honest misinterpretation, and to deliberate misrepresentation by the malicious.
(41) See Summary and Conclusion, first paragraph.
(42) But hardly surprising!
(43) Lady Birdwood, * a woman who is as gullible as she is sincere, thinks this booklet is “satire”!
 * Now deceased.
(44) In any case, (the first quote) refers to a contract between Jew and Jew, not Jew and Gentile. Mr Kahn pointed out rightly that the word Akum does not and never did refer to a Gentile but to an “idol worshipper”, adding that there are no idol worshippers now.
(45) UJE, page 299, (op cit).
(46) Steinsaltz, The Essential Talmud, page 76, (op cit).
(47) Certainly not in English translation. The very fact that these works are so abstruse is itself a refutation of the vile, anti-Semitic canard that they are used by the Learned Elders of Zion (or whoever) to incite widespread hatred against Gentiles.
 The British Library Catalogue lists [ie in 1992] the Soncino Edition of the Zohar (translated by Harry Sperling and Maurice Simon) as No 31 of an edition of 48 copies.
 Altogether there are about two dozen references to Zohar in the General Catalogue to 1969, nothing in the Accessions 1970-75, and 13 references in the on-line catalogue 1976 to date, (though this includes many references to older books).
(48) With all due respect to the Rabbi, one could much more easily fall asleep poring over the seemingly interminable discourses of the Talmud, much of which, to this goy at any rate, reads like the most inane drivel. Thus, we find in the Abridged Shulhan Arukh * that on the Sabbath, one may kill a louse but not a flee, [sic] (page 52). That it is forbidden to make any knot which is to remain fast, although it is not the work of an expert. That for a person who is ill but not in danger, cooking is permissible through a non-Jew, (page 55). That one need not prevent a non-Jew from extinguishing a fire, and one may even remark: “He who will extinguish it will not lose anything thereby.” However, a minor should be prevented from extinguishing a fire, (page 56). That it is forbidden to run on the Sabbath unless it be for the purpose of performing a religious duty. That it is forbidden to comb the hair with a comb. A woman may not braid her hair, but she may part her hair. That it is forbidden to salt boiled meat, eggs or fish, to be put away for after the Sabbath, (page 59). That it is forbidden to climb up a tree whether it be green or dry. And so on. And don’t forget what Rabbi Cohen said “...there are in existence literally hundreds of commentaries on the Talmud, and these commentaries span a period of upwards of fifteen hundred years, and it is still on-going.”
 How anyone could ever seriously accuse these people of being the cause of world unrest is quite beyond me.
 [* The Abridged Shulhan Arukh: A compilation of the laws contained in the Ovah Hayyim and Yore Deah, arranged by Joseph Pardo, Rabbi of Amsterdam, annotated by Rabbi Moses Isserls, translated by Hyman E. Goldin English/Hebrew, published by Hebrew Publishing Company, New York, (1928)].
(49) This is a reference to the Talmudic “quotes”: “All Israelites will have a part in the future world...The Goyim, at the end of the world will be handed over to the angel Duma and sent down to hell.” Zohar, Shemoth, Toldoth Noah and Lekh-Lekha, and “Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice.” Zohar, Shemoth
(50) After this interview, I found Yalkut Shimeoni (spelled thus) in UJE, Vol 10, page 586. Also known as “the Yalkut”, it was edited by Simeon Kara Hadarshan, a 13th Century German Talmudic scholar. I should have realised this was the correct transliteration as this is the one which is given in Talmudic Forgeries.
 Altogether I found [in 1992] about two dozen references to the Zohar in the British Library Catalogue to 1969, none in the Accessions 1970-5, and 13 references in the on-line catalogue (1976 to date). Some of these were translations. A general keyword search of the on-line catalogue yielded 90 references for Talmud, (contrast this with 410 for Koran). The Abridged Shulhan Arukh (sic) was the only reference to this book I could find in the entire British Library General Catalogue. This should give the reader some idea of the abstruse nature of these works.
(51) The usual translation (given by anti-Semites) is “heathen” or “cattle”.
(52) UJE, Vol 4, pages 533-4.
(53) UJE Vol 4, page 533. The encyclopaedia spells this word with two k’s.
(54) The National Socialist Party of America, one of the whackier bunches of “Nazis” * around, used to publish a sticker emblazoned with a swastika and the legend INFLATION IS JEWISH!
 * At one time the Party Leader was a Jew, Frank Collin aka Cohn!
(55) As claimed by Grimstad and numerous others.
(56) Jan Harold Brunvand is an American folklorist who has written a number of books on “urban legends” including The Vanishing Hitchhiker, The Choking Doberman and The Mexican Pet.
(57) I have revised my opinion of Harold Covington upwards considerably since I wrote this, due mainly to personal experience. For a self-professed Nazi, “Wicked Harold” has some extraordinarily Libertarian ideas. At the time of writing (May 2002) he has been domiciled in his native United States for some time.
(58) Ben Klassen committed suicide in August 1993. ZOG is the Zionist Occupation Government which American anti-Semites believe rules America. Unfortunately, there is a large element of truth in this “myth”. Mr Afif Safieh, the Head of the PLO delegation in London, has more than once referred to Washington as those other Occupied Territories. This though is a specific reference to the powerful Zionist lobby on Capitol Hill.
(59) Issue 18, page 6.
(60) Sadly, this does not apply to the ovewhelming majority of academics who have written on the Jewish Question. Basically these can be divided into two camps. The first comprises Gentiles such as Roger Eatwell, who, although they are not in themselves bad writers, researchers or historians, are little more than intellectual prostitutes, whitewashing shamelessly or excusing all Jewish shortcomings and faults as the result of eternal anti-Semitism. (Unfortunately, in spite of recent recognition of the true nature of the Palestinian problem, the overwhelming majority of our politicians also belong in this category). The second category consists of Jewish academics, such as Gisela Lebzelter, who, in her standard work on anti-Semitism wrote: “...Leese tried to gain publicity by propagating a fictitious difference between the two groups, ridiculing his much more successful opponents as ‘Kosher Fascists’.” *
 This is a reference to the fanatical anti-Semite Arnold Leese; Lebzelter comparing him with the principled Oswald Mosley finds no difference between the two men or their political parties. This statement is as blatantly dishonest as one could hope to find in any propaganda text, yet in all likelihood this is her honest assessment. Anyone who has read anything about these two men will soon realise the absurdity of this claim. A rare exception to the “Court Historians” is Robert Skidelsky, whose honest appraisal of Oswald Mosley for example, (in the biography of the same name) makes him stand out as a giant among pygmies.
 * Political Anti-Semitism in England 1918-1939, by Gisela C. Lebzelter, published by Macmillan Press, (1978), page 75.
(61) ISRAEL and the NEW WORLD ORDER, by Andrew J. Hurley, published by Fithian Press, Foundation for a New World Order, Santa Barbara, (1991).
(62) The “Aryan Nations” Church in the USA is one such organisation.
(63) This was written before September 11, of course.
(64) Talmudic Forgeries, (op cit).
(65) Talmudic Forgeries, pages 9-10, (ibid).
(66) Talmudic Forgeries, page 15, (ibid).
(67) Verboten, by Thomas E. O’Brien. This is listed by Robert Singerman in his ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide, published by Garland, (1982), page 300.
(68) The Longest Hatred: An Examination of Anti-Gentilism, by Inter-City Researchers, published by Inter-City Research Centre, London, (July 1991).
(69) Singerman, Anti-Semitic Propaganda, (op cit).
(70) Pierce published The Turner Diaries and Hunter pseudonymously as Andrew MacDonald, although he doesn’t bother to deny his authorship. Sadly, both these books are considered requisite reading by most of today’s self-professed “Nazis”.
(71) A notable exception to this is the Wiener Library. Both the Jewish Chronicle and the Board of Deputies of British Jews also do an excellent job of monitoring anti-Semitic propaganda, but again, unfortunately, they too seem to spend more time lobbying for laws against it - a foolish and counterproductive exercise - than in disseminating the truth.
(72) I am far less hopeful now than when I wrote these words!

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