Preface To The Second (On-Line) Edition


The second edition of this monograph was intended for publication in hard copy as long ago as 1993. The future being inherently unpredictable, both the Anglo-Hebrew Publishing/InƒoText Manuscripts project and my own life took a course which I could not have predicted in my wildest dreams. Although these developments have left me a sadder man (temporarily I hope), they have also made me a wiser one, and I have struggled mightily to share this newfound wisdom with anyone who will listen, and with quite a few who won’t.

Since 1993, I have published a large number of pamphlets and a few books exposing many aspects of lying propaganda put out by the Jewish/Zionist lobby, as well as exposés of anti-Jewish propaganda, and exposés totally unrelated to the Jewish Question. Some of these can be found on this website. Some of the discoveries I have made in relation to the Jewish Question in particular have been Earth-shattering, for me at any rate, but nothing fundamentally has changed with regard to my researches into the benign, if banal, Jewish religion.

Another and most welcome development, and one which has benefited countless millions of people, is the advent of the WorldWideWeb. The problem of the small hack publisher has now been solved forever, so the cost in fiscal terms of producing this second edition has been virtually nil, as will be the returns, but if I were in this for the money I would have packed it in years ago.

Alexander Baron,
South London,

May 25, 2002

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