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At the start of the eighties when I began reading anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist and conspiracy literature, I came across William Grimstad’s The Six Million Reconsidered. As a lifelong atheist I have never had much interest in religion, and even when I was disposed to think less well of the Jews than I do now, I had no time for religious anti-Semitism, especially when it came from Christian fundamentalists, who are just about the most abominable people under the sun. (3) Nevertheless, I accepted at face value the quotes I read in his and other publications, but rather than attributing them to the uniqueness of Jewish evil, I took them to be part and parcel of the usual garbage which constitutes religion.

One of the charges levelled at the Jews is that they consider themselves to be the Chosen People; the reality is that all religions preach this, but only they have the honesty to say so openly. It was not until many years later that my good friend Mark Taha set me off on the trail of anti-Jewish fabrication. Mark is a student of world conspiracy and all things horrid, and, in his many fields, extremely well read.

This publication is a by-product of what was intended to be a somewhat longer study on the subject of anti-Jewish fabrication in general. Many studies have been made of anti-Semitic literature; most of them have either or both of the following faults:

1) They are patently dishonest and seek to whitewash such subjects as the Jews in the media “myth” and international “Jewish” finance.

2) Most of them are written by Jews.

The subjects of “Jewish control” of the mass media and the not inconsiderable role played by Jews and persons of Jewish origin in the development of international finance capitalism were issues which, up until fairly recently, had never been dealt with honestly and impartially. At least not to my knowledge. The usual tactic was, and remains, to smear anyone who mentions these inconvenient facts as “anti-Semitic”. Once these people have put a label on something they feel they have no need to explain it.

Over the past few years though a number of academic and semi-academic books have been published on these and other, related subjects, which may be said to comprise in broad general terms the Jewish Question. Most of these books have been writted by Jewish authors, and I would refer the reader in the first instance to The Fatal Embrace: JEWS AND THE STATE, by Benjamin Ginsberg, published by University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, (1993); ESAU’S TEARS Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews, by Albert S. Lindemann, published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, (1997); and to the smug, positively boastful JEWISH POWER Inside the American Jewish Establishment, by J.J. Goldberg, published by Addison-Wesley, New York, (1996).

The taboo over the Jewish Question is not something which needs surround the subject of religious anti-Semitism; either a quote exists or it has been fabricated. If it has been fabricated then it will not appear in the Talmud. If it does exist, and it has an unfavourable connotation, there remains the possibility that it has been quoted out of context. For example, contrast the apparently genocidal quote “Kill the best of the goyim” with The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia’s “Kill the best of the Gentiles in time of war.”

[See Case For The Defence (at note 25) for the actual quote in context.]

The above fault, that most authors of standard works on anti-Semitism are themselves Jews, is not, strictly speaking, a fault at all, but it does leave them open to charges of bias. Anyone who has rubbed shoulders with Jew-watchers will understand immediately what I mean. For most of them the world is one vast conspiracy revolving around the Learned Elders of Zion or their successors. They are so totally fixated and demented that they see the hidden hand of the Jew behind everything.

In the first edition to this publication I wrote that I had no doubt that as a result of my publishing it I would be accused of being a Gentile front, a shabbez goy, and all sorts of other things. Since writing those fateful words I have indeed been branded a shabbez goy. And a demented Jew, a Secret State “asset”, and the most prolific author of anti-Semitic literature in Britain ever!

The reasons for the Talmud being so often traduced and misrepresented are many and varied, but they are not necessarily due to anti-Semitism. As my own experience, and doubtless your own attests, we live in an age of instant communication when a lie can travel around the world before the truth has laced up its boots. (4)

We live too in an age in which the body of knowledge is so immense that it has inevitably become fragmented. There are no Newtons or Galileos around today, not because there are no men and women of genius, but because now no one can possibly become an expert on a subject as vast as science or history.

This fragmentation of knowledge lends itself inevitably to distortions and myths, most of which are perpetuated by a mixture of ignorance, misunderstanding, lies, and mass media sensationalism. This happens because we are all of us dependent to a degree upon other people, “experts” in their fields, for most of our information. If we want to know the capital of France, we refer to an encyclopaedia or atlas. If, however, we want an “expert” opinion on spirit mediumship, the existence of God or of flying saucers, we run immediately into difficulties. “Experts” on flying saucers tell us variously that they come from beyond the Solar System, the planet Mars, the fifth dimension, the North Pole, or that they do not exist at all.

From this viewpoint and for most Gentiles, Talmudic fabrications and other anti-Semitic nonsense have rather more in common with flying saucers than with the geography of France. Primarily because the Talmud (which is written in Hebrew) is not a book which is stocked by most ordinary libraries, and there are few English translations available to the general public. However, English translations do exist, and it is possible for a goy to pry into the Talmud. I am a regular researcher in the British Library (which stocks some eighteen million books), I am also a goy who has pried into the Talmud, and believe me, the obscenities are not there. For those who don’t or won’t believe me, there is one failsafe alternative: pry into the Talmud yourself!

Alexander Baron,

October 24, 1992.
Fully revised, corrected and updated, May 25, 2002.

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