Notes And References

(1) Lady Birdwood trial dropped on health grounds, by Bernard Josephs, published in the Jewish Chronicle, January 23, 1998, page 8.
(2) Rabbi Yosef Goldstein, the amiable PR man for the Neturei Karta anti-Zionist sect.
(3) Jewish Chronicle, July 7, 2000, page 21; obituary by Helen Jacobus.
(4) Arnold Spencer Leese (1878-1956) was perhaps the most fanatical anti-Semite this country has ever produced. Leese was tried on six charges, including seditious libel, in September 1936, relating to two articles published in the newspaper The Fascist, which he edited. Leese himself wrote both articles. He was indicted along with his printer (and fellow traveller) Walter Whitehead. Although he was acquitted of the major charges, Leese elected to serve a gaol sentence in lieu of a fine for effecting a public mischief and conspiracy to effect a public mischief. In December 1950, he was tried for criminal libel on the Police Commissioner, Sir Harold Scott, but was acquitted.
   In November 1947, James Caunt, the editor of a respectable newspaper (unlike Leese!) was tried before Mr Justice Birkett for seditious libel after commenting on Jewish support for the terror campaign in then Palestine. The jury took just seven minutes to acquit him.
(5) This is an original which I obtained only with great difficulty. It claims to be printed by “Catacomb Press, London NW6.” No address is appended.
(6) Four Small Candles purports to have been published by The British League Against Anti-Gentilism, (an “organisation” which I doubt very much is listed in any phone book), and to have been printed by Picador Press. Edward I expelled the Jews from England in 1290.
(7) A phrase credited to Margaret Thatcher when she attempted - successfully - to steal votes from the National Front in an election speech.
(8) Voltaire (1694-1778) never actually used these words, though he would surely have stood by them. The quote has been traced to The Friends of Voltaire, by S.G Tallentyne, the pen name of one Beatrice Hall. It is not a verbatim quote, merely a comment on a book burning incident in 1758.
(9) For which she was rightly renowned.
(10) Ironically, Wolfe was a Jew.
(11) The “first boatload”, the Empire Windrush, docked at Tilbury in June 1948. There have though been blacks and other non-whites in Britain for centuries.
(12) The actual figures for legal immigration break down as follows. For the eleven years 1964 to 74:
   26,000+ from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka; 10,000+ from the West Indies;
   23,000+ from the African New Commonwealth countries. [International migration: Migrants entering or leaving the United Kingdom, published by OPCS, (1974)].
   These are of course the official figures, the actual totals could well be considerably higher.
(13) London Transport actually recruited workers in Barbados, so did other corporations. See for example Beyond the Mother Country: West Indians and the Notting Hill White Riots by Edward Pilkington, published by I.B. Tauris, London, (1988).
(14) A phrase popularised by the British Nazi leader Colin Jordan.
(15) There is a contemporary joke about the Pakistani immigrant who fell in the river. To attract the attention of passers-by he shouted the only two words of English he knew - National Assistance, (the forerunner of Social Security).
(16) “The magazine for the men and women who own more than 70% of Britain’s independent outlets”, [THE ASIAN BUSINESS MAGAZINE, Vol 7, No 1, 13-27 January 1995, page 3].
(17) This happens far less frequently nowadays, probably because even the most gullible of the goyim have seen through the lie, and the fact that for most people the Second World War is no longer within living memory.
(18) In the United States, positive discrimination [sic] is known as affirmative action. In Britain, what are known as public schools are really private schools.
(19) Today we don’t have immigrants but “asylum-seekers”.
(20) Some would argue that this is not a choice, but that the white race (and indeed all races) have a right, or even a duty to preserve their racial integrity. This is a line of argument I personally find difficult to reject and impossible to refute.
(21) For the record, the term Anglo-Saxon does not encompass the current writer.
(22) It has never quite been clear to me why inciting racial hatred should be illegal when inciting class hatred or anti-male hatred for example are not only legal but blatant. The irony is that many of the people who make the loudest noises about anti-Semitism and racism (which they erroneously classify as race hatred) are forever promoting hatreds of their own, class hatred in particular. Many of them also are forever inciting hatred against the white race in any number of subtle and not so subtle ways.
(23) Dowager, 78, denies ten charges of race hatred, by Michael Horsnell, published in the Times, October 15, 1991, page 3.
(24) Even if everything these leaflets claimed were true, (and most of it isn’t), the vital ingredient missing from this approach is tact.
(25) Dowager, 78, denies ten charges of race hatred, (op cit).
(26) This was based on the book by black author Alex Haley. It depicts blacks living highly civilised, cultured lives in Africa before the wicked whites abducted them and forced them into slavery. Slavery is of course an abominable institution, and the Negro race did suffer enormously under it. Many slaves did not survive the voyage to America, their conditions were abominable, their lives wretched, and they were totally dehumanised. No civilised person nowadays can condone slavery. But the film Roots and the book it was based on is a gargantuan lie. The simple fact is that there were no civilisations in black (ie Negro) Africa before the white man came. Throughout history the Negro has never aspired to inventing the wheel, nor had he a written language. It is generally agreed that civilisation in any meaningful sense of the word cannot flourish or even be said properly to exist without a written language.
   The book Roots is also a monstrous fiction as well as a calumny. A BBC2 documentary called THE ROOTS OF ALEX HALEY (in the Bookmark series) which was screened on Saturday, September 13, 1997, exposed Haley as a damned liar and plagiarist. His book was revealed (not for the first time) to have been ripped off from a white author Harold Courlander whose book The African was published (as an honest novel) in 1967. Haley also plagiarised a black American, Margaret Walker, who wrote a book called Jubilee (based on the life of her great-grandmother, who was a slave). Walker claimed to have found thirty-five examples of plagiarism in Roots on her first sitting! Haley also invented his family history in America, and to cap it all he conspired with the Gambian government to “trace” his ancestor Kunta Kinte to his spiritual homeland. Journalist Philip Nobile, who was instrumental in exposing Haley, branded him a shameless fraud.
(27) The reader may detect a certain amount of repetition. I make no apologies for this; originally I had intended to publish a straightforward interview with and defence of Lady Birdwood, whom I considered to be a patriotic and sincere Christian, but three sandwiches short of a picnic. It was with considerable (and most pleasant) surprise that when I finally met her I found myself in the company of a woman who, far from being senile, demented or embittered, was totally lucid, coherent and as unbigoted as she was dedicated to the cause of white (and specifically British) survival. It was this which led me to produce a far more in-depth analysis of the woman, her ideology and her (thankless) work.
(28) I have no idea to whom this refers; I should have asked her when I had the chance.
(29) Britain’s leading Nazi since 1956 and an avowed (ideological) anti-Semite.
(30) The late and unlamented ILEA, a hotbed of political correctness and left wing lunacy.
(31) That may sound an absurd question but there are those masquerading as social scientists, anthropologists and even as biologists who have been hard at work for many years trying to persuade the next generation not only that race doesn’t matter but that it doesn’t exist. Their arguments rely heavily on rhetoric, ad hominem, satire, shifting ground, suppression of all dissenting views and, of course, gas chambers.
(32) I had assumed Lady Birdwood to be a white supremacist. Which proves that even “Nazi” stereotypes can be wrong.
(33) I am using the word “inferior” in a purely quantitative sense here. A high IQ for example does not guarantee either good character or success in life any more than wealth guarantees happiness, although of course, like being born rich, it is an undoubted advantage. And I would certainly never suggest that because one man is superior to another in intelligence or any other capacity, that the “inferior man” should either be thought less of or have less rights as a human being. This applies regardless of race, colour, creed, religion or sex. (The word man in this sense refers of course to all mankind).
(34) If the reader thinks this is an exaggeration then he should read some of the “anti-racist” propaganda churned out by the Socialist Workers Party over the years.
(35) The Empire Windrush actually sailed up the Thames on June 22, 1948. There were some five hundred Jamaicans immigrants on board, mostly men. This event is regarded as a watershed by all serious students of multi-racialism in Britain, whatever their views on race.
(36) The Germans.
(37) Much has been made of this by the likes of Searchlight. For a magazine which is so quick to denounce conspiracy theories, the likes of Gerry Gable ad nauseum are quick to propound their own. The reality is of course that just as there are “no enemies on the left,” so too do right wing groups and individuals work together for their (perceived) mutual benefit. It may also be a case of taking what you can get.
When Lady Birdwood was remanded at Horseferry Road Magistrates’ Court, the British National Party turned out en masse to support her. Although she expressed her gratitude for their support, I was told by a mutual acquaintance that she was more embarrassed than grateful, but equally she was more diplomatic than forthright.

(38) You can’t go to Ethiopia in the middle of a war is hardly the response of a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, anti-black bigot.
(39) The Anti Nazi League is to all intents and purposes an SWP front.
(40) It never ceases to amaze me that anyone could take this document seriously. Anyone who builds an ideology on something as tenuous as this is skating on very thin ice indeed, but there does exist concrete evidence for a real world conspiracy, (the testimony of the late Dr Carroll Quigley for example), and the anti-conspiracy lobby’s continued dredging up of the Protocols every time it is mentioned is every bit as desperate as its promotion by bona fide anti-Semites.
(41) This suggestion is mooted by the distinguished American scholar John Beaty in his book The Iron Curtain Over America.
   Here is a quote from page 35: “Quite in harmony with the Bittleman attitude toward the Soviet was the finding of the Canadian Royal Commission that Soviet Russia exploits fully the predilection of Jews toward Communism: ’It is significant that a number of documents from the Russian Embassy specifically note Jew or Jewess in entries on their relevant Canadian agents or prospective agents, showing that the Russian Fifth Column leaders attached particular significance to this matter.’”
   On page 205, Beaty makes another observation, one which no one active in either the white ethnic or anti-communist movement will take issue with:
“Because of the prominence of Jews in Communism from the Communist Manifesto (1848) to the atomic espionage trials, (1950, 1951), anti-communist activity is also frequently referred to erroneously as anti-Semitic.”
Predictably, Beaty’s work has been tarred as “anti-Semitic”. In his 1982 book ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA..., ostensibly a “research guide”, Robert Singerman cites with approval the claim that The Iron Curtain Over America is “the most extensive piece of anti-Semitic literature in the history of America’s racist movement.’”
(42) And very unpleasant it is too. The thing which struck me most about Lady Birdwood, apart from her being a thoroughly pleasant person, was her naïvete. In spite of her age, and her memory not quite being what it should, she showed amazing perspicacity. On some issues. On others she really hadn’t a clue. She truly didn’t appreciate that her distribution of the anti-Semitic leaflets, The Snides of March, ad nauseum was extremely tactless. Even more amazingly, she referred later to the intensely anti-Semitic Four Candles as though it were a satirical work, commenting on it almost favourably.
(43) See in particular his study Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution.
(44) The reader is referred to the current writer’s substantial pamphlet A Goy Pries Into The “Talmud” (written in collaboration with an Orthodox Rabbi) to put this sort of thing into its proper context.
(45) For a lengthy critique of The Longest Hatred, see Appendix.
(46) There is a strong parallel between Lady Birdwood’s case and that of Jim Keegstra, the Canadian schoolteacher who was prosecuted for teaching his pupils even more absurd nonsense than that to which Lady Birdwood adhered. Although his prosecution was no more justifiable than that of Lady Birdwood, his “crime” (for want of a better word) was far more serious than hers in that he used his position as a schoolteacher to indoctrinate his students. He had also, unlike Lady Birdwood, received repeated warnings from his superiors not to teach the Jewish conspiracy theory as fact. While Lady Birdwood’s prosecution was engineered largely by Organised Jewry, Jews were noticeable by their absence in the Keegstra affair. The case of Jim Keegstra is thoroughly documented in the book Keegstra: The Issues, The Trial, The Consequences, by Steve Mertl and John Ward, published by Western Producer Prairie Books, (1985).
(47) Maurice Ludmer was one of the founders of Searchlight magazine, and edited it up until his death in 1981. For the background to this anti-British, anti-white, anti-goy hate sheet the reader is referred in the first instance to the current writer’s numerous documented exposés, some of which are now available on-line.
(48) Ludmer died of a heart attack.
(49) Gable was eventually acquitted of this incident - rightly so.
(50) No, he is not! At the time I interviewed Lady Birdwood I sincerely believed this claim, but a more rigorous examination of the facts suggests otherwise. The interested reader is referred in the first instance to Searchlight On Gerry Gable: Secret State Asset Or Liability? A Critique Of Larry O’Hara’s Flawed Conspiracy Theory, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (August 1994).
(51) See in particular Destabilising the “decent people”, by Duncan Campbell, Bruce Page and Nick Anning, published in the New Statesman, February 15, 1980, pages 234-6.
(52) Ie Searchlight magazine.
(53) Though I won’t say by whom!
(54) I’m not sure how this repetition crept in.
(55) It was for me! And for the late Morris Riley.
(56) The July 1981 issue of Searchlight magazine contains a lengthy obituary of the then recently deceased Maurice Ludmer; according to this, he visited Belsen in 1946 while a private in the British Army and “was seconded to the War Graves Commission”.
(57) I think this should perhaps read that there was a terrific report, or words to that effect.
(58) There were of course no gas chambers in Belsen. And, if we are to believe the Exterminationists, it was never claimed either that there were or that people were “gassed” or “exterminated” in any of the German camps. That has never stopped them from using those very emotive photographs of Belsen inmates dead and dying from typhus and starvation as prima facie proof of the Final Solution.
(59) The claim that Holocaust Revisionism is “Nazi” is quite simply a lie. Two of the first Holocaust Revisionists were the French socialist, anti-Nazi and former concentration camp inmate, Paul Rassinier, and the German Jew and Holocaust survivor Joseph Ginsberg. Sadly, Ginsberg’s works have not been translated into English.
(60) Yes, undoubtedly probably!
(61) Sir Ronald Bell QC MP (1914-82) was a vociferous opponent of non-white immigration.
(62) Conrad Black is a Gentile although he is both married to a Jew - the journalist Barbara Amiel - and a fanatical Zionist.
(63) This book can rightly be described as a classic own goal; it is so candid that it is embarrassing. Written by Lester D. Friedman, it is published by Citadel Press and distributed in the UK by Virgin Books.
(64) I think there was some file corruption here.
(65) And I have been known to read girlie magazines myself!
(66) A bit of a sweeping statement, this. As Weyl points out: Karl Marx campaigned for freedom of the press in the early 1840s and was a vigorous enemy of communism. * Although Jews were prominent in the “Russian” Revolution, Communism has never been a Jewish monopoly; there have also been many Jewish anti-Communists, including prominent Jewish editors and writers, and again as Weyl points out: “Most of these men exposed the Communist conspiracy at a time when it was neither fashionable nor profitable to do so.” **
* Karl Marx: Racist, by Nathaniel Weyl, published by Arlington House, New York, (1979), page 65.
** The Jew In American Politics, by Nathaniel Weyl, published by Arlington House, New York, (1968), page 119.
(67) Ygael Gluckstein (1917-2000) was a Palestinian-born Jew.
(68) As well as a fanatical race-mixer, the founder of the SWP was a passionate anti-Zionist. In spite of its heavy Jewish make-up, the State of Israel has no friends in the Socialist Workers Party.
(69) The TV Clique, by Mark Honigsbaum, published in the London Evening Standard, (LATE PRICES EXTRA) January 21, 1992, page 21, continues on pages 22-3 as Men of vision or TV mandarins? This article, by a Jewish journalist, reveals that (at that time) the top five men in television in Britain were Jewish.
(70) Sic!
(71) Finances?
(72) This is the single most important political issue of our time: the creation of credit out of nothing and the pledging of the nations’ and the peoples’ assets against this imaginary wealth. It is an issue which is basically simple yet which our grossly overpaid economists are all but unaware of, one which even most bankers don’t understand, and one which none of the mainstream political parties even addresses. Above all, it is an issue which is far too important to be tainted by the poisonous snake of anti-Semitism.
(73) “In Elizabethan England, usury burgeoned; and it was clearly not a matter that could be attributed to Jews, since virtually all of them had been banished from England in 1290.” [Literature and Money: Financial Myth and Literary Truth, by Cedric Watts, published by Harvester Wheatsheaf, London, (1990), page 51].
(74) This is a reference to an article in the Sun newspaper which purported to show that a substantial percentage of British blacks favoured repatriation.
(75) Dr Kalim Siddiqi (1931-96) was founder of both the Muslim Institute and the Muslim Parliament.
(76) Ie three years old.
(77) Why not indeed?
(78) The thought never crossed my mind!
(79) The then Police Commissioner.
(80) It would be nice to dismiss this as the paranoid ravings of a mad old woman, but even though she quite clearly had Jews on the brain, Lady Birdwood was a perfectly rational human being. If she made logical errors in her reasoning and saw the invisible Jewish hand behind all forced race-mixing, it was with good reason.
(81) I meant talking about me.
(82) Colonel Gadaffi. In the 80s the National Front tried to get some money out of him, with limited success.
(83) These are not rumours but well-documented facts.
(84) This was a sweeping generalisation made to illustrate a point.
(85) Many years ago I obtained several WACL publications from the Free Chinese Centre in London.
(86) IT’S THE JEWS’ HOLOCAUST. WHY SHOULD IT BOTHER US?, published in Shalom, Fortnight Ending 8th June 1994, page 17.
(87) George Bush Senior.
(88) A well known quote, verbatim: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana (1863-1952), from The Life Of Reason, published by Constable, London, (1923), Volume 1, Chapter 12, page 284.
(89) Speak for yourself, dear Lady!
(90) Of course, if Jews are not heavily involved in the porn industry, then they are hard at work campaigning for censorship, ie suppressing civil liberties. Heads the anti-Semites win, tails the Jews lose. Lady Birdwood is not the only person to fall into this trap.
(91) Jewish Chronicle.
(92) See next note.
(93) This is a reference to the shocking case of Jason Swift, a young runaway who was lured into deviant practices and killed by a notorious paedophile ring. In May 1989, four men were jailed for thirteen and a half, fifteen, fifteen and nineteen years respectively for the manslaughter of the fourteen year old who was strangled during a homosexual orgy in 1985.
(94) This is a reference to an extremely controversial case which, according to certain press reports, wrought the Stamford Hill Orthodox community asunder. It resulted in the acquittal of one defendant and the conviction of another on one charge.
(95) Evidently not!
(96) I had brought this leaflet with me, it had actually been in my possession for some time; I can’t remember who sent it to me, but I don’t think it was a member of her circle. The actual leaflet is an original, ie it is not one of Lady Birdwood’s infamous reprints.
(97) The American talk show hostess.
(98) Fantasy is probably a better word.
(99) In Pursuit of Satan: the police and the occult, by Robert D. Hicks, published by Prometheus Books, Buffalo, (1991). The overwhelming majority of such cases involve alleged Satanic abuse and murder rather than Jewish ritual murder.
(100) See in particular CHASING SATAN “An Investigation into Satanic crimes against children”, by Dianne Core with Fred Harrison, published by Gunter Books, London, (1991).
(101) This is no longer the case, at least as far as abuse stopping short of actual murder is concerned. The latest sick perversion has been organised rings of paedophiles who film themselves raping children and then distribute their handiwork over the Internet. This latter is now so well documented that I need give no citation here. And, ironically, a snuff film of sorts features a Jewish victim, the American journalist Daniel Pearl whose murder by “Islamic” fanatics in Pakistan was videoed by its perpetrators.
(102) This is second or third hand hearsay, and is all but worthless for evidential purposes.
(103) I’m not sure if the last fragment in square brackets was spoken at the time or added afterwards.
(104) I actually read about this on my way to meet Lady Birdwood. I called in at in Shepherd’s Bush library en route and in the Daily Mail it was reported that this woman had made several such allegations before. The previous Wednesday, a taxi driver was charged in the other cab rape case.
(105) This was the 1965 film A Patch Of Blue, an appalling piece of liberal, race-mixing propaganda.
(106) Unsubtle or not, these films and TV series do exert an enormous influence in shaping the minds of the young. The classic in the UK was the TV series Till Death Us Do Part, (in which the white bigot, Alf Garnett, was, predictably, portrayed by a Jew).
(107) Anti-Aryan would be more accurate.
(108) He’s also a chum of Gerry Gable.
(109) The Princess of Wales, as she was then.
(110) Sabra & Chatila.
(111) Israel.
(112) I couldn’t help laughing at this; out of the mouths of babes, and without the slightest offence intended!
(113) A slight exaggeration, to put it mildly.
(114) This is a leaflet entitled Another ‘Blood Libel’ or RITUAL MURDER. The others are THE ULTIMATE BLASPHEMY Revelations from THE TALMUD and Jewish Tribute to our CHILD MARTYRS.
(115) It has also been claimed variously that he was a mad Russian doctor, a masturbating barrister, a dabbler in black magic, a jealous lover, the Queen’s physician, and the heir to the throne. So why not a deranged Jew as well?
(116) There is a small photograph of what appears to be a National Front march next to a larger photograph of the Lady herself. There is in fact no connection between the two, but the reader is invited to use his imagination.
(117) I think this should read very soon after we were married.
(118) Its?
(119) Lady Birdwood misinterpreted this question. Throughout this text, wherever I have used the words “anti-Semite” or “anti-Semitism”, I have used them in the narrowest sense to refer to Jew-haters and Jew-hating. I must stress yet again that Lady Birdwood was manifestly not an anti-Semite. Whatever evils she believed the Jews to be guilty of, she did not hate them.
(120) On at least one occasion I have seen the words “No Jew Race Act” scrawled on a wall.
(121) Ie, the Jewish Chronicle newspaper.
(122) Sic.
(123) Ken Livingstone, later an MP and then Mayor of London, is manifestly not a Jew, and is certainly not a Zionist, but although Lady Birdwood identifies the problem, she still sees the invisible Jewish hand behind everything.
(124) This was a very perceptive comment; it is the current writer’s contention that people like Ray Edmonds are not born, but made. This applies not only to anti-Semites and racial bigots but to terrorists and other nasties the world over. Unfortunately, Lady Birdwood pointed the finger once again at the Jewish hand. The role of very many Jews in creating the likes of Edmonds is a matter of public record. The entire Anglo-Jewish establishment must bear a great deal of responsibility for the current climate of fear, intimidation, hysteria and madness connected with all things racial, but it is absurd to blame it all on the Jews.
(125) Two notorious novels written by the American far rightist William Pierce under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald. Ironically, The Turner Diaries was subsequently taken up by a mainstream publisher.
(126) At this point I showed Lady Birdwood issue No 353 of The Truth At Last: News Suppressed by the Daily Press. Formerly The Thunderbolt. This extreme right wing newspaper is published in Georgia, USA, by the National States Rights Party. It is written in language many Jews and blacks in particular would find offensive, but taking this into consideration, the paper is not only hard hitting but on many issues, irrefutable. It is its presentation of facts rather than the facts themselves which leave it open to criticism; a similar criticism could be made of most far right newspapers and organisations in Britain and the rest of the rapidly dwindling white world.
(127) This was a reference to miscegenation.
(128) Lady Birdwood’s insistence that an anti-miscegenation law should not be introduced is hardly in keeping with her media image as a geriatric Nazi. The usual objection to such a suggestion (apart from its being racist) is that it would be undemocratic. The obvious response to this is however undemocratic such a law might be in theory, in practice there is nothing more undemocratic than genocide. Certainly this sort of social apartheid does not involve the abrogation of any genuine human rights.
(129) Lady Birdwood mentioned him the last time I visited her. He was a Jewish member of the National Front.
(130) No, I didn’t.
(131) This applies to all fields of research: racial, political, non-political, sensational, trivial, mundane...people are always such wilful liars. And I think I that rather than fairly recently I found it out many years before!
(132) Conspiracy = combination of persons for an unlawful or immoral purpose.
(133) In Sicily. Ironically, there has been a heavy Jewish involvement in the American Mafia: Lepke, Dutch Schultz etc. Those people are everywhere, as David Irving would say!
(134) So now we know: Jews write terrible plays and are lousy actors!
(135) I did! This documentary on the Stamford Hill Hassidics, Volvo City, was shown on Channel Four on November 4,
1991. At one point an Hassidic Jew likened owning a TV set to
having a sewer in your living room!
(136) Lady Birdwood wanted it both ways: first Jews must not mix with Gentiles, then they must not live in “ghettos”.
(137) This is irrelevant; here she is talking about entering a country as a tourist.
(138) This is very true, especially when one considers that at the same time the British were saving the Jews from the gas chambers these very same Jews, refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe, were fighting a terrorist war against the British. The atrocities committed by the likes of mass murderer Menachem Begin (who was later to become Prime Minister of Israel) are well documented. But Jews are not the only people capable of such crass hypocrisy.
(139) Madagascar and Uganda, among others, were mooted for colonisation at the birth of secular Zionism.
(140) Searchlight, No. 202, April 1992, page 6. Much as it pains me ever to agree with Searchlight on anything, its claim in the same article that she was the front for a group of obsessive Jew-haters was, to some extent, true. As I think I have made clear though, Lady Birdwood was not a willing collaborator of these evil men but a hapless dupe. She had been fed a load of garbage about the Jewish Question for years; she had read a lot about it and come to some honest though erroneous conclusions. The claim that she had “built up a group of well healed financial backers” was equally dubious. She ran Choice on a shoestring; the one thing which cannot be questioned about Lady Birdwood was her sincerity.
(141) This was before she became Lady Birdwood. She was born Joan Pollock Graham on May 18, 1913 at Winnipeg.
(142) To date I myself have spoken at three of their meetings; two of these speeches have been published.
(143) See note (17) above. Prophetically, in 1981, the Managing Director of the Spa supermarket chain predicted that more than half of Britain’s independent grocery stores may be owned by Asian shopkeepers in 5 years “because they give customers what they want”. [Asians show the way, published in The New Standard, (CLOSING PRICES), May 18, 1981, page 5.]
(144) The earliest version of the Protocols, as they are understood, appeared in the newspaper Znamya between August 26 and September 7, 1903, [WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE: The myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, by Norman Cohn, published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, (1967), page 65].
(145) Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu ou la politique de Machiavel au xixesieclè, Par un contemporain, Bruxelles, (1864).
(146) The 1978 Edition of The Protocols, published by British Patriot Publications, * documents this; it claims also that Joly’s book is in fact a plagiarism of an even earlier work by Jacob Venedey (1850) and that even this was not original!
   * This is actually a reprint of an earlier edition.
(147) Actually, Israel Cohen did exist, and he was both very much alive and very displeased when confronted with this fabrication! For full documentation the reader is referred to the current writer’s pamphlet: NOT THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION! Shining A Searchlight On Three Updates Of The Infamous Jewish Master Plan: The Zunder Letter, The Israel Cohen “Racial Program For The Twentieth Century” Hoax And The Speech Of The Non-Existent Rabbi Rabinovich, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, 2nd Printing, (August, 1995).
(148) This was written before I interviewed Mullins, of course! I introduced Lady Birdwood to him at the Global Deception Conference.
(149) I can’t state this for certain but if either of these rabbis did exist they certainly did not make the quotes attributed to them!
(150) As far as I know, this particular quote is not.
(151) The historian Arnold Toynbee (1889-1975), was most definitely not a Jew. I doubt very much Polly Toynbee is either, rather she is one dumb shikse.
(152) Counting Polly Toynbee as a Jewess for argument’s sake!
(153) This was a slip of the tongue; there is no way that Lady Birdwood could have written The Longest Hatred. The Times of January 8, 1994 reported erroneously that she wrote it. Don’t believe what you read in the papers!
(154) Controlled by Jews.
(155) The owners?
(156) A slight exaggeration!
(157) Not the best word but the reader will doubtless get my drift.
(158) Sic!
(159) This was at a time when my knowledge of the Jewish religion was even more superficial than it is now!
(160) Er, not quite, but the reader should get my point.
(161) I can’t remember what edition this was but I’m sure it wasn’t the Soncino edition, which is in English, and which I have since delved into many times.
(162) It’s possible that the “King of the Jews” might have been a Jew? Oh boy.
(163) This was Lot, the bloke whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt. His seduction can be found at Genesis, 19:30. His daughters get the old man drunk, and each bear a son by him. Edifying stuff.
(164) Perish Judah,
         Perish Judah,
         Perish all you Yiddish swine...
   Sung to the tune of My Darling Clementine. More edifying stuff.
(165) Racial Loyalty is (or was) an utterly grotesque newspaper produced by Ben Klassen, self-styled high priest of the Church of the Creator, an organisation whose anti-Semitism and anti-black hatred was/is so intense that even leading American Nazis regarded it with suspicion. This sort of “literature” is illegal in Britain.
(166) Klassen committed suicide in August 1993.
(167) A few years ago I mentioned this to someone in the BNP (it may have been Nick Griffin but I can’t be certain) and he said that this advertisement had been accepted by accident. In view of Griffin’s ongoing attempts to court respectability * and the very proper moral stance of his predecessor (and owner of Spearhead) I am inclined to take this explanation at face value.
   * Written before his lunatic anti-Islamic crusade.
(168) The ellipses are because this is part of the text that was corrupted.
(169) None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham, introduction by Congressman John G. Schmitz, published by Concord Press, Third Printing, (April, 1972). This book is a classic of the genré.
The above link, which was added November 11, 2013, is to a computer generated PDF edition. I do not know what printing of the book this is, nor can I vouch for the text being 100% accurate, but it looks okay to me.
(170) A questionable assertion if ever there were one!
(171) Barring the Appendix.
(172) For the avoidance of doubt, the current writer has never disputed the fact that Jews were murdered in Nazi Germany and occupied Poland during the Second World War, including in the concentration camps. Mass gassings though are a different kettle of fish.
(173) Much edited since I wrote this, to cut out the verbosity!
(174) On some issues perhaps, but not the Jewish Question, that’s for sure!
(175) Some of the text appeared to have been out of order here.
(176) “...all my documents and records relating to The Choice Newspaper...”
(177) See for example Spearhead, August 1980, issue 142, page 11.
(178) Spearhead, September 1983, issue 179, page 20.
(179) This was a favourite expression of Lady Birdwood’s; more than once she told me that certain people (ie Organised Jewry) were waiting for her to fall off the branch.
(180) Lady Birdwood used the polite euphemism “multi-racialism”; one I very much despise. If we use the enemy’s terminology, we have already conceded half the battle.
(181) Holocaust provoked outrage throughout the world, not least in Germany, while Roots portrayed black Africans as having a highly advanced if technologically backward culture. The plain fact is that the African never got around to inventing the wheel.
(182) Misspelt Kirby.
(183) Thatcher was though an ardent Zionist; I once heard her referred to as “the Finchley Jew”, Finchley being her constituency.
(184) Thatcher was actually forced to resign in November; the day I first met my colleague Mark Taha!
(185) Swipe cards are now commonplace.
(186) Henry Klein (1879-1955) had an outstanding record of public service. He meant well but like Lady Birdwood he failed to see the bigger picture.
(187) See note (66) above.
(188) Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Antony C. Sutton, Arlington House, New Rochelle, (1974), see in particular Appendix 2.
(189) Op cit.
(190) Race was actually less an issue in the slave trade than is generally believed. Rather than being yet another example of the wickedness of racism, it was (and still is) largely another sad example of man’s inhumanity to man. The institution of slavery has a long and dishonourable history which transcends all barriers of race.
(191) One wonders how far the blonde bombshell Diana Dors would have gone as Diana Fluck!
(192) See note (147) above.
(193) Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, by Antony C. Sutton, ’76 Press, Seal Beach, California, (1976), page 90.

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