Notes And References

(1) Neturei Karta - literally Guardians of the City – is not, strictly speaking, a sect, but a viewpoint, one encompassing what the Rabbi refers to as the essence of undiluted Judaism, (see body text).
(2) For totally uninitiated and overseas readers, Stamford Hill has the largest colony of Orthodox Jews in Britain.
(3) For the record, Barukh Goldstein was no relation! First reports of the atrocity spoke of around fifty dead. For example, the March-April 1994 issue of Palestine Solidarity reported at least 48 dead. The May-August issue of the same publication reported 29 dead.
(4) To the Ultra Orthodox, the name God is too holy to be spelt in full, hence G_d.
(5) I was wrong about this, some sects do proselytise, the Lubavich, for example.
(6) The point the Rabbi is making is that one does not change one’s religion for the same reason one may change one’s car or move house. Anyone who has made even the slightest study of Orthodox Judaism will realise that it is demanding, to put it mildly. Another rabbi the current writer interviewed pointed out that the word Halakhah (Jewish law) is derived from the root “to go”, meaning that if you are an Orthodox Jew, you can’t take a step without applying Jewish law!
(7) By the same logic, many “Jews” are of Christian origin and whatever their religious beliefs (if any) could be so classified.
(8) The Lobby: Jewish Political Power And American Foreign Policy, by Edward Tivnan, published by Simon and Schuster, New York, (1987), page 14.
(9) There is an interesting document to this effect in Public Record Office file FO 371/3058; a confidential memorandum on Zionism dated June 18th, 1917. As far as I can tell, along with the Balfour Declaration, this represented the second major turning point in the tragic modern history of Jewry; the first was of course the 1897 World Zionist Congress. This howling down of Lucien Wolf represented the first triumph of political Zionism. It goes without saying that the Zionists have been shouting everybody down ever since, as well as using every dirty trick in the book to get their own way.
(10) The scandal continued until Dreyfus was finally acquitted in 1906.
(11) From pages 90-1 and 70 respectively of THE JEWISH STATE, by Theodor Herzl, published by Dover Publications, New York, (1988). This is a reprint of the American Zionist Emergency Council edition of 1946, with an Introduction by Louis Lipsky and a biography based on the work of Alex Bein.
(12) This is an unfortunate choice of words. Perhaps “Having identified the problem...” would have been better, although it is by no means clear that this “problem” was identified correctly.
(13) And a few other things!
(14) For the definitive history of the Protocols the reader is referred to WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE: The myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, by Norman Cohn, published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, (1967).
(15) Pidcock may be wrong but he has certainly done his homework. In a telephone conversation a couple of years ago he told the current writer that Herzl had plagiarised the Protocols from Maurice Joly’s Dialogues In Hell. [The Protocols are clearly a plagiarism on this well-known work, which, ironically, was written as a defence of liberalism.]
(16) See in particular GENOCIDE in the HOLY LAND, by Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld, published by Bnei Yeshivos, New York, (1980), pages 510-7.
(17) As might be expected of an Orthodox rabbi, or any rabbi, Rabbi Goldstein is an uncritical believer in both the Nazi gas chambers and the alleged extermination programme. Indeed, he believes that the Nazis may have murdered up to eight million Jews, and much other improbable nonsense besides, such as the ravings of professional Auschwitz survivor Kitty Hart, and the claims that Jews were made into lampshades and soap.
(18) In July 1937, the Peel Commission proposed that Palestine be divided into three parts under British overlordship. [See for example page 95 of the excellent study ZIONISM IN THE AGE OF THE DICTATORS: A reappraisal, by the anti-Zionist Jew Lenni Brenner, published by Croom Helm, Beckenham, Kent, (1983).] Needless to say, the Zionists wanted it all, and eventually, by hook and by crook, they got it.
(19) This was what Mike Whine, so-called “defence director” of the Board of Deputies, said. Which means that one should take any such claims with a handful of salt. However, there are certainly some extremely nasty “Islamic” Fundamentalists around, and not only in the Middle East. Indeed, since my first meeting with Rabbi Goldstein we have seen terrorist outrages worldwide, which are believed to be entirely or largely the work of the Hamas group. In July 1994, 21 people died, 12 of them Jewish, when a plane was blown out of the sky over Central America. The same month saw the bombing of a Jewish communal building in Buenos Aires with massive loss of life. We have also had two such bombings in London, although more by good fortune than good judgment, no one was killed in either of them. To what extent these bombings are aimed at killing Jews for the sake of it remains to be seen; it is generally agreed that the main aim of Hamas and similar Fundamentalists is to disrupt the Peace Process which has at last - and contrary to my expectations - become a reality. It is expected that in the end, Arafat himself will have to deal with them, which may be what they want, ie to portray the Elder Statesman of the Palestinian people as some sort of Zionist policeman.
(20) Not “any sort” of white nationalists but any worthy of the name. Neither the IRA nor the Scottish Nationalists fall into this category. Certainly not the pro-Marxist IRA, even though they have made common cause with the Palestinians. Nor does any sort of regional separatist group - French-Canadians etc - incur the wrath of Imperial Zion because all these groups are “non-racist” or even “anti-racist” so that, regardless of how many innocent people they may kill, the Zionists don’t find their philosophies offensive.
(21) One would have thought that the Orthodox, the Rabbi Goldsteins of this world, would have more of an axe to grind than a group of grubby little fascists who just happen to be of Jewish origin and are no more Jewish than the average white Briton is Christian. Such though is not the case; the Orthodox have an almost laid back attitude towards anti-Semitism, realising that it is inevitable, as of course is every other form of hatred, racial, religious, etc and ad nauseum, because men must hate.
(22) See (16) above.
(23) The Rabbi does have a point but anti-Semitism aside we live in a security conscious - and violent - age; hospitals and other public buildings are having to employ security guards for fear of assaults on staff and sundry other crimes, including terrorism. Though even with the recent outrages it’s extremely unlikely that uninvited visitors will turn up at the synagogue to blow up the congregation, it’s quite likely that another set will turn up to steal the fax machine, and anything else they can lay their hands on.
(24) I’m not entirely au fait with the BNP’s policy on the Jewish Question but I believe it’s similar to Oswald Mosley’s: Jews who put Britain first would have nothing to worry about. Which means that both the Rabbi and Home Secretary Michael Howard would certainly have nothing to worry about, but that the cabal at Woburn House had better pack its bags. In reality of course, the BNP is and will remain an insignificant political party which is going nowhere, although it is certainly keeping a great many professional “anti-fascists” and sundry other hatemongers in work.
(25) This is in fact extremely well documented, but it would be fallacious to assume that only Zionists engage in such dirty tricks. An interesting study which documents this sort of thing - and much else besides - is Nazis, Communists, Klansmen and Others on the Fringe: POLITICAL EXTREMISM IN AMERICA, by John George and Laird Wilcox, published by Prometheus, Buffalo, New York, (1992).
  Co-author Wilcox has also for some time been running the “Hoaxer Project” which documents phony anti-Semitic and racial incidents. There is also a great deal of evidence that the “Secret State” engages in such dirty tricks in order to subvert “extremists”. In the United States in recent years, FBI COINTELPRO documents have been declassified under the Freedom of Information Act; these reveal such dirty tricks as fake anti-Semitic hate mail sent to Jews by non-existent black extremists. During the 1950s-70s, COINTELPRO was directed mainly at the far left; the latest evidence indicates that it is now directed mainly at the far right, in particular various Klan and Nazi groups. Finally, I would be so vain as to refer the reader to my own thoroughly documented study of the Zionist/communist/Jewish race-hate inspired agent provocateur Ray Hill, Liars Ought To Have Good Memories, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1994).
(26) This was written by a former low level Mossad operative, Victor Ostrovsky, in collaboration with journalist Claire Hoy. I reviewed it, rather critically, for the Spring 1992 issue of the now defunct Topical BOOKS.
(27) In an interview with the Jewish Chronicle (May 12, 1933, page 35), Mosley was quoted thus: “As I have already said in public, I think that the anti-Semitic policy of the German Nazis was a great mistake. It certainly is not our policy.” Further, Mosley accused the British press of misrepresenting the BUF and distanced himself from anti-Semitic fascist groups in Britain, the major one being the Imperial Fascist League, see (29) below.
(28) Mussolini appointed several Jews to positions of power in his government. It might also be pointed out that he began his career as a socialist, while the American Hebrew newspaper for November 5, 1926, published an interview with Signora Amalia Besso, an Italian Jewess, who claimed to have been a leader of women’s fascism before Mussolini!
(29) The leading light in this diminutive organisation was Arnold Leese (1878-1956); Leese was the protégé of Henry Hamilton Beamish (the “travelling salesman of anti-Semitism”, founder of the anti-Semitic Britons Publishing Society and an early publisher of the English translation of the Protocols Of Zion). Leese’s anti-Semitism was obsessive; he blamed the Jews for every evil under the sun bar none and published a number of anti-Semitic tracts as well as the intensely anti-Semitic monthly newspaper The Fascist, the latter between 1929 and 1939. From 1945 until his death he edited a crudely produced anti-Jewish hate sheet called Gothic Ripples, the title of which passed eventually to the charismatic, ideological anti-Semite Colin Jordan, who is still publishing this bulletin today. Jordan’s Gothic Ripples is positively philo-Semitic by comparison.
(30) Mosley is said to have believed that the publicity given to Leese and the inevitable association in the public mind of the IFL and the BUF had been used by Jews to discredit fascism. [First published, apparently, in the Western Mail for March 3, 1933, and later in Action, April 5, 1963, issue 113, page 6, and cited by John Morell in BRITISH FASCISM: ESSAYS ON THE RADICAL RIGHT IN INTER-WAR BRITAIN, Edited by Kenneth Lunn and Richard C. Thurlow, published by Croom Helm, London, (1980), page 73.]
(31) NOV. 4th-NOV. 10th, 1933, issue 28, pages 1&4. This is a well argued - though not necessarily accurate - article which points out, among other things, that the Gaumont cinema chain was in the hands of the Ostrers, Polish Jews (see body text), and that powerful Jews were orchestrating a campaign against Nazi Germany. The Ostrer family also owned the Sunday Referee newspaper.
(32) For the record, it is the current writer’s custom to spell fascism (and communism) with a small letter when referring to the ideology in a generic sense.
(33) As indeed it was!
(34) According to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 8, page 69, the April 1933 boycott which the Nazis organised of Jewish shops was meant to have lasted for three days. It was Mussolini’s intervention that was said to have reduced it to one day.
(35) Whatever the truth or otherwise of Wiesenthal’s alleged Nazi collaboration, there is plenty of evidence concerning his dirty tricks after the war. For a candid précis of some of these the reader is referred to The Sleight-of-Hand of Simon Wiesenthal “FALSO IN UNO, FALSO IN OMNIBUS”, by Mark Weber and Keith Stimely, published in The Journal of Historical Review, Volume Five, Number One, Spring 1984, pages 120-2.
(36) Hitler wanted peace, of course. A piece of Czechoslovakia; a piece of Poland; a piece of France...
(37) The Times, November 16, 1938, page 13. The claim that “...not a hair of a single Jewish head was touched” was of course total whitewash, although the actual death toll for this (spontaneous) pogrom has been exaggerated, at times greatly.
(38) Ie to spread Nazi ideology to the entire world.
(39) Black Boomerang: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Volume 2, by Sefton Delmer published by Secker & Warburg, London, (1962), pages 16-7.
(40) Delmer, Black Boomerang, (ibid).
(41) Notwithstanding Nazi claims in the wake of Kristallnacht that the British oppressed colonial peoples.
(42) Emphasis added.
(43) Emphasis in original.
(44) Winston Spencer Churchill: A Tribute, by Harry Elmer Barnes, published in The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1980, Volume One, Number Two. Barnes died in 1968 so this is obviously a reprint.
(45) The International Jewish Boycott was organised by the American lawyer Samuel Untermyer, (sometimes spelt Untermeyer). Under his entry in The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (Volume 10), it is said of Untermyer (1858-1940), that he “directed a counter-boycott against German goods.” No he did not!
(46) More chutzpah from this Jewish encyclopaedia. In volume 8, page 137, under the entry for NAZISM (sub-heading Jewish Reaction to Nazism) it is claimed that “The reaction of the Jews to Nazism was that of a defenceless and more or less unorganized group.” The Jews may be many things including hated, persecuted and even innocent, but two things they have never been are defenceless and unorganised.
(47) See for example THE YELLOW SPOT: the outlawing of half a million human beings..., uncredited by with an introduction by Herbert Dunelm, Bishop of Durham, published by Victor Gollancz, London, (1936). This is an anti-Nazi propaganda tract but the figure of 12,000 (given here on page 131) is well recognised. The same book (pages 130-1) reports a Hitler decree of March 1934: “The Aryan Paragraph is not to apply to Jews who took part in the suppression of the Communist uprising of 1920, in the conflicts in the Baltic, or in the struggle against the Rhine Separatists.”
(48) Again, see The Yellow Spot. On page 130 it is claimed that the “Law for Restoring the Professional Civil Service” of April 7, 1933 provided for the dismissal of all non-Aryan civil servants, except “civil servants who have been in the service since 1ST August, 1914, or who fought at the front in the World War for the German Reich or its allies, or whose fathers or sons fell in the World War”. A later decree, issued in March 1934, added the previous exception, ie those Jews who took part in the suppression of the Communist uprising.
(49) The Führer wrote the following unflattering words about the Jews - and many others besides! - in his magnum opus: “From time immemorial, however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, that they are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race?” [From Mein Kampf, Volume One, page 134, an undated, uncredited reprint of the unexpurgated March 1939, James Murphy translation, reprinted from the April 1942 edition. This is the only translation approved by the author.]
(50) See for example Howard clashes with leading Jewish peer over racism, by Bernard Josephs, published in the Jewish Chronicle, October 15, 1993, page 40. This article boasts that the Jewish peer Lord Lester was one of the architects of Britain’s Draconian race relations legislation. Why anyone should want to boast of destroying our freedoms - and us into the bargain - is quite beyond me. The Howard referred to is Home Secretary Michael Howard. Howard is in a particularly unenviable position as not only has he been consistently attacked by Zionist hatemongers for refusing to bow to their whims and implement yet another race act but has been targeted by the far right simply because he is a Jew (and therefore in their eyes part of the Zionist Occupation Government). In reality, Howard has done far more than any goy Home Secretary would have to keep the slime of Organised Jewry at bay.
(51) See for example the current writer’s study of the Searchlight Organisation JEW-HATERS, BLACK-HATERS, VIOLENT CRIMINALS, HYPOCRITES, AND LIARS CONDEMNED OUT OF THEIR OWN MOUTHS: A Guide For Teachers And Educators To The Criminal Conspiracy Known As The Searchlight Organisation, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (October 1994).
(52) See for example the article No time for babies, which was published in the Sunday Telegraph, April 24, 1994.
(53) As a self-hating Jew in the former case, and as an anti-Semite in the latter.
(54) To the best of my knowledge he has never done this overtly, he’s far too clever. But what he - and other “Jewish anti-fascists” - do, is make damned certain that they are identified as racial Jews by the far right. One very clever way of doing this is by recruiting identifiable racial Jews as activists in preference to goyim. For example, the shareholders of Searchlight Publishing Limited at May 28, 1985 were Michael Billig; David Edgar; Elizabeth Ludmer (widow of former Searchlight editor Maurice Ludmer); Michael Cohen; and Gable himself. The only goy amongst this motley crew is playwright David Edgar. The accounts of Searchlight Magazine Limited for 11 September 1991 were audited by Monty Goldman! In addition to this, many other Jews have been connected with the magazine, while at least three of its goyim (Dave Roberts, Ray Hill and Tim Hepple) have been agents provocateurs who have done their best to portray all race conscious Aryans as Nazi baby-eaters and anti-black bigots, even to the extent of inciting and participating in criminal acts.
(55) This quote was later attributed to Rabbi Yaacov Perrin at Goldstein’s funeral: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” [Widely quoted but see for example Palestine Solidarity, May-August 1994, No 68-9, page 3.]
(56) The condemnation in the Times appeared on March 26 in the Credo column under the title Tears of Passover must be spilt for Hebron’s victims. This was more or less the same article which appeared in the Jewish Chronicle. As well as the mandatory whining and wailing about anti-Semitism, the Chief Rabbi commented that Hebron was the shame (in Jewish terms) of the year. His strongest words were: “What is unforgivable is not merely the act itself...but failure in some quarters to condemn and in others even to endorse an act of barbarity. That a murderer should be spoken of as a hero, a saint, a Samson; that a rabbi should declare that a million Arab lives are not worth a Jewish fingernail - these are a disgrace to Judaism and enough to make us hang our heads in shame.”
(57) CHIEF RABBI SHAMES ISRAEL: Refugee problem ‘a stain on humanity’, was the front page story in the Evening Standard, May 23, 1991, (LATE PRICES EXTRA). On page 10, the Chief Rabbi was interviewed by A.N. Wilson. He was said to have fled Nazi Germany in 1936, and of course, the comparison of Nazi Germany with Israel, or even mentioning them in the same breath, never goes down at all well with Zionists.
(58) THE STRUCTURE OF THE ZIONIST MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES, by Rabbi Dr Elmer Berger, published by EAFORD, a 21 page pamphlet, (undated but c1980), page 17.
(59) The great irony is that with the exception of Glasgow (and possibly one or two other areas) no such bigotry exists between Catholics and Protestants on the Mainland. Indeed, there are more Catholics in Britain than people in the whole of Ireland!
(60) In the words of Zionist apologist Robert Wistrich, Zionism is [best] described as “a form of demonic inhuman, repulsive, treacherous and ruthless movement animated by an evil essence and a remorseless drive for power.”
(61) This has been extended by the socialists to racists, and attempts have even been made to extend it to sexists, and homophobes. The latter is particularly audacious. In other words it is acceptable to defend the rights of degenerates to ply their trade in public toilets but taboo to speak out against miscegenation, or even brave Israeli soldiers shooting Palestinian schoolchildren.
(62) Again?
(63) With regard to the latter, it is ironic that most people believe that if the Final Solution (the Zionist version) had been directed solely at homosexuals rather than at Jews, then it would have been justified. Orthodox Jews in particular rightly regard homosexuality as a sin, and will have no truck with these vectors of modern day plague and spreaders of spiritual syphilis.
(64) The best laid plans of even Zionist schemers don’t always go according to plan, and leftists in Britain and elsewhere have often managed to extend the ban on fascists to Zionists on the grounds - hardly worth debating - that Zionism is a form of racism.
(65) By perceived wisdom I mean the claim that the German High Command (with or without Hitler’s knowledge or approval) ordered the extermination of the Jews and that millions of Jews were so exterminated, including in gas chambers. They had better start by throwing me in gaol because, although I am not prepared to state categorically that the gas chambers did not exist and that Jews (and others) were not murdered in them, after studying the literature for the better part of fourteen years I can honestly say that I find the evidence for both unconvincing in the extreme.
(66) Call for law against denying Holocaust: Right-wing surge ‘must be checked’, published in the Ham & High, February 19, 1993.
(67) Those who have written about their experiences. For example, Kitty Hart, Rudolph Vrba and many, many more. In this connection the reader is referred to the current writer’s study Holocaust Denial: New Nazi Lie Or New Inquisition? as well as sundry books by Revisionist authors.
(68) I hesitate to include Cesarani himself in this list, although he is certainly aware of a great many of the lies which have been perpetuated wilfully by his hatemongering co-racialists.
(69) The current writer has himself been assaulted, by mallet-wielding thugs, due to his publishing documented exposés of one of the more odious agents of Zionist perfidy.
(70) The current writer has researched in the British Library including the Newspaper Library at Colindale as well as the Public Record Office, and, as stated, at the Wiener Library, before David (anti-Semitism is a disease) Cesarani threw him out. However, any reasonably sized academic library or central reference library will contain countless refutations of Zionist perfidy, particularly concerning the Holocaust, provided only that the reader knows where to look for them. Your local library, be it ever so small, can order almost any book for you through either a normal inter-library loan or the British Library Document Supply Centre at Boston Spa. Finally, those who are interested in researching in depth will want to buy certain books themselves, which can be ordered either through your local bookshop or through various specialist mail order dealers.
(71) At the time of writing the current writer has issued two libel writs against a well-known “Jewish anti-fascist” and Zionist apologist.
(72) The Rabbi would undoubtedly argue that the biggest lie of all is the claim that Judaism = Zionism.
(73) The Order of the Illuminati did exist although much nonsense has been written both about the organisation and its founder, Adam Weishaupt, who was Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria. For example, it is often claimed, erroneously, that Weishaupt was a Jew. A study of the conspiracy literature surrounding this mystical organisation and its alleged heirs would take us far afield so cannot be discussed here, but in any case, Weishaupt was raised by the Jesuits.
(74) I say racial Jews because Torah-true Jews cannot be communists by definition. This is a point often missed by anti-Semitic propagandists and their dupes. Communism is an atheistic philosophy (the only sensible thing about it), so the fact that a particular practitioner of this intellectual perversion comes from Jewish stock is no more relevant than if he were born the son (or daughter) of a Christian or Buddhist.
(75) But far from the only one. Among countless others were the Zunder (or Sunder) letter and a document allegedly found in the town of Yitonivi, Gouff, West Russia, which was published in the journal Evreiska Tribuna, August 20, 1920.
(76) The first West European edition of the Protocols was published by Gottfried zur Beek at Charlottenburg in 1919 under the title The Secrets of the Wise Men of Zion. * Gottfried zur Beek was actually the pseudonym of a notorious anti-Semite, Captain Müller von Hausen (or Ludwig Müller). The first UK edition was published by Eyre and Spottiswoode in 1920, as was the first Britons edition. The first American edition was published in the same year by the firm of Small, Maynard; it was translated by two White Russian emigrés, Miss Natalie de Bogory and the anti-Semite, former Tsarist and later Nazi agent Boris Brasol, who once boasted that he had done more damage to the Jews with two books than with ten pogroms.
* According to Cohn, [Warrant For Genocide, page 293, (op cit)], Die Geheimnisse der Weisen von Zion was actually published in 1920 and ran to six editions in that same year.
(77) As it is nowadays. For a candid if at times imaginative account of violent “anti-fascism” in Britain immediately after World War Two, the reader is referred to The 43 Group: the untold story of their fight against fascism, by former 43 Group member (and Jewish thug) Morris Beckman, published by Centerprise Publications, London, (1992), Foreword by Vidal Sassoon.
(78) (Or anti-Jewish, as the Rabbi would say). This notwithstanding that there are such misguided creatures as “Gentile Zionists”, a term which appears to have originated in the early days of the Zionist movement.
(79) All the Zionists would have us believe it stands for, not the likes of Rabbi Goldstein.
(80) According to Victor Ostrovsky, [By Way of Deception, page 206, (op cit)], the “Lillehammer affair” was perhaps the biggest scandal and embarrassment in Mossad’s history. On July 21, 1973, in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer, an innocent waiter was murdered by Mossad after being mistaken for a terrorist.
(81) Undoubtedly both the Zionists and the British did use other dirty tricks to lure the United States into the war, but these will have been either covered up or, if records exist, locked away from prying eyes until well into the next century.
(82) Lindbergh’s exact words were “The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish, and the Roosevelt Administration. Behind these groups, but of lesser importance, are a number of capitalists, anglophiles, and intellectuals...[and] the Communistic groups, who were opposed to intervention until a few weeks ago...” Widely reported both at the time and since, but taken here from ARCHITECTS OF CONSPIRACY: An Intriguing History, by William P. Hoar, published by Western Islands, Boston, (1984), page 142.
(83) Lindbergh was also smeared for accepting a medal from the German government, but after America entered the war, he trained pilots and took part in 50 combat missions, shooting down at least one Japanese plane.
(84) THE DEATH LOBBY: How the West Armed Iraq, by Kenneth R. Timmerman, published by Fourth Estate, London, (1992). First published in the United States, 1991.
(85) Hitler was greeted with flowers when he “invaded” Austria. As he was himself an Austrian, this was a less of an invasion than a homecoming for the local boy made good.

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