Miscellaneous Publications By And/Or About Mark Taha

This page contains links to miscellaneous publications written by or concerning Mark Taha, or to which he contributed or helped research. The following list is chronological.

What Is The Safeguard Britain Campaign?
Taha informs me he wrote and printed the above leaflet in 1979 when he was at Essex University. This campaign was him and him alone. He says he distributed a few hundred, and had no response at all.
Advertisement from the Times, July 19, 1980
Know Your Enemy: The Socialist Workers’ Party from Dreadnought, June 1981, Number 10
Know Your Enemy: The Workers’ Revolutionary Party from Dreadnought, July-August 1981, Number 10
The above is the best copy possible.
WHEN WILL THE POLITICIANS GIVE US FREEDOM OF CHOICE? from Dreadnought, September-October 1981
Know Your Enemy: Searchlight, 1984 (linked to SearchlightArchive bibliography)
Essex Graduate Convocation, 1989, No. 36, front page and page 8
Freedom: The New Obscenity, 1990 (PDF linked from Alexander Baron’s website)
...Electoral Pacts In Britain, October 1992 (linked from Alexander Baron’s website)
More About Flashman, circa December 1992
The above is from the 1992 Collectors’ Digest Annual; some might call it a review; I have classified it as an article.
77% AGAINST LIVE EXPORTS – a one-sided leaflet, circa March 1995
Searchlight stockists facing libel actions launch support campaign, by Lorraine Kirk, published in the Jewish Chronicle, January 26, 1996, page 8.
The above alludes to both Taha and myself.
Searchlight On A Searchliar..., May 16, 1996 (linked to HTML version of 3rd Edition on Alexander Baron’s website)
TUC bookstore faces libel ruin, published in the Highbury & Islington Express, June 21, 1996, page 1
The above relates to the Searchlight libel actions; this was a widely reported story, this time, Mark gets full credit!
ANIMAL WELFARE: HELD BACK BY EUROPE? – a leaflet, circa mid-1997
The HTML version of the above can be found here
EU Propaganda In Schools, January 2, 1999
Apocalypse South Africa – a speech, December 2009
Mark Taha At The Springbok Club, December 26, 2009
Letter from Ian Hollingshead of the Daily Telegraph, July 16, 2010 (linked from Archive.Org)
Mrs Robinson - parody (linked from Alexander Baron’s website)
Cherie Blair After Ten
Street interview re the London Mayoral race, April 12, 2012 (video file)
Let’s Be Controversial... from The Friars’ Chronicles, Summer 2014, Volume 32, Number 137
Ripperana, No. 90, OCTOBER 2014, page 26
Letter from Nicholas Dixon of the Anti-Vivisection Society, May 5, 2015
Letter from Roly Owers of World Horse Welfare, December 15, 2016
Letter from Eileen Crawley of SOAS, June 5, 2018

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