Mrs Robinson

Good luck to you, Mrs Robinson,
Most women must be envious I say,
Of you today.
To Hell with prudes, Mrs Robinson,
Get yourself a lover of nineteen,
A toyboy
Must bring joy.

Tell all the complainers and moralists go to Hell,
They are all whingers second rate;
Kept your looks and got a fella younger than you -
Good for you!

So keep it up, Mrs Robinson,
You are an example to them all,
Have a ball!
How long it lasts, Mrs Robinson
Youíll still have great memories, I saw
Of that day,
hey, hey, hey!

[The above parody was inspired - for want of a better word - by the revelation that a certain lady prominent in Northern Ireland politics had taken a lover who was considerably younger than herself. The sentiment was far from original, in fact in view of her surname it was inevitable, and I believe I heard or heard of another version at about the same time.

Tahaís contribution is published here with some minimal editing by myself. I decided not to try too hard to make it scan. For those who donít know or know of him, his forte is that of a researcher; although he is very much the junior partner in the ITMA enterprise, without him I would have achieved very little on the Searchlight front.

Having said all that, this garbage is reproduced here only to boost my ego, ie to demonstrate how good I am in comparison. My view is that if he does put pen to paper for public consumption, it should br strictly as a letters page correspondent.

One final observation, Iím glad Paul Simon is still alive; if he werenít, heíd be spinning in his grave. - April 19, 2010]

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