A Critical Evaluation Of
“Searchlight” Editor Gerry Gable’s
“The Far Right
In Contemporary Britain” -
His Contribution To
“Neo-Fascism In Europe”
And An Examination Of
Some Of His Neo-Nazi Fantasies
And His Attempts
To Destroy Civil Liberties;

Including A Selected, Annotated,
Dissenting Bibliography On Searchlight

Researched By
Alexander Baron And
Mark Taha

Edited by Alexander Baron

3rd Edition

To Security Alert! And Author/Publisher Credits
To Acknowledgments
To Gable’s Fables
To Gerry Gable’s Contribution To “Neo-Fascism In Europe”
To Appendix A: Two Views Of Column 88
To Appendix B: A Selected, Dissenting Bibliography On “Searchlight”
To Appendix C: Colin Jordan, Afterword
To Appendix D: Searchlight Associates: The Official Company History
To Appendix E: Gable’s Contribution To The 2nd Edition
To Notes And References

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