11 Questions And Answers About Holocaust Denial

Below is an easy introduction to this supposedly so difficult subject for the average goy (and non-goy).

1) What is Holocaust Denial?

The phrase “Holocaust Denial” was popularised and very likely coined by Deborah E. Lipstadt, a professional Jewish propagandist who has the temerity to masquerade as an historian. The purpose of this phrase, and declensions thereof, is to smear Holocaust Revisionists as bigots, nutters, etc, and to thereby discourage honest, intelligent, open-minded men and women - like you - from examining the evidence they adduce and the arguments they put forward, namely, that the weapons of mass destruction the Nazis are supposed to have used during the Second World War were largely or perhaps wholly an invention of anti-Nazi propagandists.

Anytime you hear epithets bandied about, stop and ask yourself if the person using them is advancing a meaningful argument, or trying to avoid replying to one.

2) Do Holocaust Revisionists deny the Holocaust?

No, this is a lie that is parroted incessantly both by the mass media and by those who are terrified either of being branded anti-Semitic or smeared with guilt by association, which includes most Western politicians and all academics, the latter of whom are fearful of losing their lucrative sinecures. If you are similiarly chicken-hearted, I suggest you stop reading now.

Having said that, it is possible to find ill-informed people of all political persuasions and none who will believe all manner of nonsense including conspiracy theories (read scurrilous gossip) dressed up as fact. We should not be surprised if those who adhere to a particular idealogy adhere too to beliefs they believe rightly or wrongly are in sync with that ideology. An extreme example of this is the belief by some Moslems that 9/11 was perpetrated by the Mossad or by some agency of the American Government [see also 5) below]. That sad fact doesn’t mean that all Moslems are nutters or bigots, or even that those who espouse such beliefs are. They may simply be wrong.

Finally, at least one Revisionist has begun calling himself a Holocaust Denier; this is Eric Hunt, a young American who has made an excellent video that documents the lies Steven Spielberg has foisted onto the world. Hunt calls himself a Holocaust Denier for the same reason some black rappers refer to themselves and other blacks as niggers, ie as an expression of contempt directed against their perceived enemies.

3) Is Holocaust Denial a Nazi plot to rewrite history?

This is the claim that is always made by the likes of Deborah Lipstadt, and like so many of these brazen lies, it falls at the first hurdle.

It is a matter of record that the founding fathers of Holocaust Revisionism were both staunch anti-Nazis who suffered under Nazism, and indeed, one of them, J.G. Burg, was actually a Jew. In her dishonestly titled book Denying The Holocaust..., Lipstadt makes a polemical attack on Paul Rassinier, but makes no mention of Burg, although she cannot have been unaware of his work when she wrote it.

Leaving this aside, Revisionist History predates the Holocaust, and much of it has absolutely nothing to do with the Second World War.

4) Why have Holocaust Revisionists been singled out for legal persecution?

Because of the power of the lobby that only either the very brave or the very foolish will admit exists. At least, that used to be the case, but it is true no longer. The Jewish/Zionist lobby has succeeded in intimidating and brainwashing not only most of the goyim in the West but the majority of Jews. Now, after the Sabra & Shatilla massacres, two Intifadas, Operation Cast Lead and the Flotilla Massacre, many Jews have realised that sometimes Jews are hated for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with eternal anti-Semitism, and are no longer prepared to allow an inhuman Imperialist ideology to drag their good name through the mud. It is only a matter of time before Jews begin to question the Holocaust propaganda, and indeed, some already have. The Jewish Revisionist David Cole did some excellent work on exposing lies about the Holocaust as far back as the 1990s.

5) Isn’t that claim about the persecution of Revisionists an exaggeration?

If only. The 9/11 Truth Movement, or large elements of it, including at least one distinguished academic, accuse the American Government up to the man in the White House of complicity in or even ordering the mass murder of thousands of Americans on American soil. They do so with total impunity, indeed, some have praise heaped on them because of this.

Others have accused the President of being a serial rapist (Clinton), a mass murderer (Clinton again - the Oklahoma City bombing), and of being a cocaine snorting bisexual (Obama). Are criminal libels on the President of the United States any worse than questioning the weapons of mass destruction said to have been used at a time when truth is the first casualty?

The reality is that the claims of the 9/11 brigade are so easily and demonstrably ludicrous that whatever certain opinion polls may say, there is no danger of anyone who matters taking them seriously. The same cannot be said for the claims of the Holocaust Revisionists; ultimately, only lies need to be protected by law.

6) Gerry Gable says Holocaust Deniers are all evil Nazis.

Gerry Gable is lying pondscum who can’t even be trusted to tell the truth about one murder, much less six million. I spent fifteen years exposing his lies about the Mesifta fire; it wasn’t until he was questioned by Metropolitan Police detectives that he admitted he knew nothing about this tragic accident.

[You’ll find much more about Gerry Gable, including documentation on his lies, on my SearchlightArchive website].

7) Abraham Foxman of the ADL says the same thing.

Abraham Foxman claims the Gaza Massacre - Operation Cast Lead - was justified. Don’t take my word for it, check out the speech he made to a gathering of the faithful at Palm Beach, Florida, on February 6, 2009, less than a month after the mass murders were perpetrated.

Incidentally, this speech was originally uploaded to YouTube by the ADL, but when I checked the link on January 22, 2012, it had gone. I’d like to think the reason it was removed had something to do with this article. And this one.

Why should anyone be afraid of being smeared by someone as odious as Gable, or as evil as Foxman?

8) Isn’t Holocaust Revisionism an extension of that old story about a Jewish world conspiracy?

This is a typical piece of sophistry that used to be trotted out back in the 1980s when the Revisionists were beginning to make a big impression, but it doesn’t wash anymore. The first documented murder is apocryphal; the slaying of Abel by Cain occurs in the Old Testament. Does anyone argue that because someone made up a story about a murder way back in antiquity, every murder ever committed since is part of the same fantasy?

9) Are you really claiming that millions of people who never met or who had never heard of each other conspired to fabricate stories about the Nazi gas chambers?

The anti-Revisionists love that word conspiracy, and they ridicule all conspiracy theories, except of course the one about the wicked Nazis, anti-Semites and Islamic fanatics who are conspiring with the Iranian Government to rewrite history with the twin goals of reinstating the Third Reich and delegitimising Israel as a necessary prerequisite to wiping it off the map and reinstating the Caliphate. But since you mentioned Jewish conspiracies, here is an extract from the excellent video produced by Eric Hunt. As he points out, everyone involved in the documentary exposed here is lying, and was coaxed to lie. And the man behind it was Jewish media mogul Steven Spielberg. Having said that, Spielberg is a dupe rather than a perpetrator, but, no, it is not all a conspiracy in that sense. Professor Butz has frequently drawn a comparison with witchcraft hysteria. Many of those involved were simply deluded, others took doubtful claims and propaganda at face value. There can though be no doubt whatsoever that some of those involved did lie, and lied through their teeth. Years and decades after the Second World War, powerful Jewish organisations were still lying consciously about the Holocaust. I have personally documented some of these lies in my satirical pamphlet Why Britain’s Police Aren’t Worth A Jewish Fingernail... and my book Holocaust Affirmers...

For me, the most interesting development here was what happened after I published the aforementioned pamphlet. And mailed it out to police stations. The leaders of Organised Jewry in Britain demanded I be arrested and thrown into gaol for exposing their lies. I was indeed arrested, but the legal authorities thought better of bringing a prosecution under the Draconian Race Relations Act, and giving me a platform to expose both their perfidy and their tyranny.

Although now Jewish leaders claim they are opposed to the criminalising of what they continue to refer to dishonestly as Holocaust Denial, they were not always so coy. Both the World Jewish Congress and smaller Jewish political organisations have tried to criminalise free speech and academic freedom in Britain in this important area of research, and indeed in other countries, authors and others have been subjected to legal persecution - including prison sentences - for failing to tow the establishment line. In Canada, this backfired when two trials of German-Canadian Ernst Zündel led to a great deal of unwanted publicity and the public exposure of a great deal of nonsense about the Holocaust during the proceedings. It goes without saying that none of these Jewish so-called civil liberties or human rights organisations has ever condemned this legalised persecution because for them, ultimately, only Jewish rights matter, including maintaining what they see as the right of the Jew to be treated with greater reverance than anyone else.

A couple of other points you should consider are not only does truth need no legal protection, but if there is so much genuine evidence, why do anti-Revisionists feel obliged to lie, and why are photographs from Dachau and Belsen exhibited to the world with the inference that they are evidence or even proof of homicidal gas chambers when regular Holocaust historians do not, indeed never have, made any such claims?

10) Professor Butz has called the Holocaust the Hoax of the 20th Century. Do you agree with this claim?

Actually, if you take the trouble to read Professor Butz, he puts the death toll of Jews in World War Two at around a million, but like the honest academic he is, he admits this figure is nothing more than an educated guess. Nor does he claim there were no atrocities on the Eastern Front, as clearly there were. His book is an honest and courageous attempt to set the record straight. For the record, my estimate is between one and two million Jewish deaths from all causes during World War Two.

Having said all that, there is an even bigger lie than that foisted on the world by the Holocaust lobby, this is the way the former Soviet Union was funded from the very beginning - including the Bolsheviks - by Wall Street bankers. At one time, this too was dismissed as propaganda, but the researches of Antony C. Sutton have now been disseminated too widely for that pretext to be maintained, so the comrades of the socialist, communist and “anti-fascist” movements simply ignore them.

It is worth bearing in mind that at times the loony left make as much noise about Holocaust Revisionism as Organised Jewry, yet it is a matter of record that the Communists murdered and enslaved far more people than the Nazis on a far greater scale both geographically and temporally.

11) Aren’t Holocaust Revisionists all racists?

The loony left in particular are fond of using Holocaust propaganda in their tolerance campaigns; they have created a myth of white privilege based on their delusion of the class struggle. Part of their self-serving dogma is that the bosses, whoever they are, ferment racism to keep the workers divided, and that capitalism is inherently racist.

To the comrades, being born with a white skin is the equivalent of belonging to a class of people who believe they have more rights than others and who have attained a dominant position in the world based on exploitation, cruelty and all the other obnoxious traits the ruling class supposedly have instilled in them from birth. This lunatic proposition does not stand up to the slightest critical scrutiny.

It is clear that whites suffer from the same problems as everyone else, including poverty, juvenile delinquency, mental illness, disenfranchisement, as incidentally do some Jews. There may be eight million households in America that are worth a million dollars or more, but by the same token there are also people living in tent cities, and a lot of them are white.

Furthermore, not only is white privilege a myth, but the White Race is being phased out of existence. The falling white birth rate is only one of the factors responsible for this, a process that is accelerating under the influence of both raceless capital and media brainwashing. For all their talk of revolution and opposition to the dark forces of the unspoken conspiracy of capitalism, the only real objection the self-styled “anti-racists” make to this is that Whitey is not being phased out fast enough. Now who’s racist?

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