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Introduction To The Book And Its Background

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A few words regarding this book. Holocaust Affirmers was researched over a number of years; in May 1993 I was arrested by the Metropolitan Police, who also seized my computer. Being at a loose end as it were, I put my time off-line to good use and worked my way through every issue of the Jewish Chronicle for the entire Nazi era and beyond, principally but not exclusively at the Colindale Newspaper Library. This was supplemented by research in various archives, including the Public Record Office, where I read the entire transcript of the main Belsen Trial.

[The reader should bear in mind that at this time Internet Cafés were a novelty rather than a commonplace. Although the police realised their mistake almost immediately, like the cunts they are, they held onto my machine for six months; when eventually it was returned, it was trashed beyond repair. I brought a civil action against them and received an out-of-court settlement for £2,000 after considerable obstruction and delay by their equally venal lawyers].

My first full length book on the Holocaust was published in January 1995, and was posted in full on this site in Portable Document Format earlier this month. My ongoing researches resulted in several subsidiary publications, all of which can now be found herein.

I had hoped to publish my second book in 1998, hence the copyright date on the inside back cover, but further delays due to illness and most significantly yet more police harassment and persecution delayed publication until February 2000; I sold my first copy on February 20.

Although it was proofed and re-proofed extensively by both myself and my colleague Mark Taha, one or two very minor errors have crept in. On page 117, “the trial Bruno Tesch, Karl Weinbacher...” should read “the trial of Bruno Tesch, Karl Weinbacher...” while on page 129 “The implication the current writers read” should be rendered “The implication the current writer reads”. Many years ago, I received an enormous compliment from one critic, who writing on an Internet forum suggested that my publications were obviously the work of more than one person. Although I had churned out a considerable number by then, most of them in a relatively short period, this is nothing exceptional - writers as varied as Barbara Cartland and Elton John have produced enormous quantities of work in their respective fields. In recent years, my output has slowed considerably for reasons I will not go into here. But I digress!

The main “error” with this book is not mine but is traceable to the printer. From the very early days I have had trouble with printers; one obligingly typeset the relevant publication for me, and included a plethora of irrelevant spelling mistakes. Another was in the process of appending the ISBN to the front cover when, fortuitously, I appeared at his shop and showed him the error of his ways. This led to him printing it on the inside back cover instead of the back cover proper, but I had obtained a local authority grant for this project, so I suppose you can’t have everything. In spite of my keeping a trebly watchful eye on all such proceedings since, the same thing has happened here. Due to the aforementioned delays I ended up sending the printer a back cover which contains some blurb and credits Anglo-Hebrew Publishing as the publisher. Earlier I had sent him the ISBN which credits InƒoText Manuscripts. In spite of sending me a mock up in advance of printing, he managed to print the publishing details for ITMA on the inside back cover, and the details for Anglo-Hebrew Publishing – minus ISBN – on the back cover. To put it mildly, I was extremely angry, however, he has redeemed himself in my eyes since by his suggestion that I submit a paper to the seminal Tehran Holocaust Conference.

As Anglo-Hebrew Publishing is controlled by ITMA – ie me ‐ no real harm is done, but for the record, InƒoText Manuscripts is the actual publisher, as evinced by the ISBN.

I have of necessity split the book into several files, not in quite the way I had hoped, but the bibliography, notes and index are in separate files, which can of course be opened simultaneously with the main text files, for those readers who, like me, have an appetite for citations.

Alexander Baron

November 11, 2008

Update: January 10, 2009: I have today added copies of two important documents alluded to in this book: a three page summary of the Swedish Government’s findings concerning the Wiesenthal Centre allegations alluded to in Chapter 3, and a British analysis of the same. Click here to redirect.

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