Happy Birthday, Gerry Gable!

This is a momentous anniversary; 67 years ago today, Auschwitz was liberated, but far more important than that, 75 years ago today, Gerald Clark Gable entered this world.

By his own account, Gerry’s political education began way back in the 1940s, which resulted in him becoming, initially, a Communist. Later, he turned his attentions to fighting the chimera of the Fascist menace, and something called racism, a word that though coined back in the 1930s by Magnus Hirschfeld, had gone all but unnoticed for decades, until now it appears to be running rampant, along with the anti-Semitism, which has always been Gerry’s main preoccupation.

Gerry was so concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism that after an initial foray into radical publishing, he founded a magazine devoted to the struggle against it, a magazine called Searchlight. He and his co-conspirator Maurice Ludmer were appalled at the anti-Semitism they faced every day, and by the growing Nazi menace. In fact they were so appalled by Nazism that they decided to start their own Nazi terrorist outfit, Column 88.

This organisation as far as it existed, consisted of a bunch of pillocks parading around in coal scuttle helmets and committing such outrageous atrocities as celebrating Hitler’s birthday. Gerry and Maurice were having none of this, so they turned this small drinking club of neo-Nazi nutcases into an underground army of 400 men and women who could bomb, maim and murder at will. Except that it never did. Although a while later, the dumb goy they recruited to stoke up the fires of hatred was convicted of conspiring to assault the staff of an Indian restaurant in Birmingham.

About the same time, Gerry’s friend Maurice was hauled into court for criminal libel by that wicked Nazi, Colin Jordan. Although Gerry was partly responsible for this criminal libel, he was not named on the summonses. After careful consideration, the Stipendiary decided not to proceed with the case, although he did have some strong words to say about Maurice and his scurrilous magazine.

Six years after Maurice died, Gerry gave a notorious interview to the Jewish Chronicle in which without naming names, he claimed to have brought to justice a gang that had committed a murder, burning a trainee rabbi alive. This would have been an heinous crime, if it happened, but it didn’t, and although the Jewish Chronicle had the truth about this tragic, accidental death in its own archive, the paper didn’t bother to fact check, because these Jews that Nazis and other anti-Semites believe to be so devious and cunning are in reality as thick as pigshit. That is the only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn for the way they have allowed scum like Gerry to deceive and exploit them for decades.

In the 1980s, the man who is so revolted by all forms of racial bigotry, especially anti-Semitism, made a pact with the Devil. Ray Hill, a man who had been attracted to white racial-nationalism for all the wrong reasons, teamed up with Gerry to demonise the far right and to incite its more gullible members to commit violent crimes for Gerry and his gang to expose. The most spectacular of these crimes was a plot to bomb the Notting Hill Carnival, which was dismissed diplomatically by a senior Special Branch officer as not credible.

Gerry stood by this self-confessed synagogue desecrator even after Hill attempted to frame a Jewish businessman for child molestation, and assisted him in the production and marketing of his lie-ridden autobiography.

In 1993, Yours Truly began publishing documented exposés of Gerry’s lies, which obviously he didn’t like, because on November 28 the same year, three of his friends turned up on my doorstep and worked me over. That was incredibly foolish, because rather than deter me from poking my proboscis into his treifeh affairs, it made me even more determined to expose him for the lying, duplicitous pondscum that he is.

Over the coming years, Gerry would find himself on the receiving end of no less than four libel actions: two from me, one from my colleague Mark Taha, and a fourth from Morris Riley. Although only Morris won a High Court judgment, between us, Yours Truly and Mark took Gerry and his cabal of goy fellow travellers for tens of thousands of pounds in costs and out-of-court settlements.

Then there was the little matter of Gerry’s persistent lies about the Mesifta fire. I exposed these again and again, but he continued to lie, lie, lie, and his lies were endorsed not only by the Jewish Chronicle but by the Guardian, after it commissioned him to write an obituary of Colin Jordan.

When the paper refused to correct these lies, Yours Truly took it to the Press Complaints Commission. I also wrote to the police and suggested they question Gerry about this murder that he claimed to have solved. When a senior detective turned up on Gerry’s doorstep, he had a different tale to tell. Or rather he had no tale to tell, because he wasn’t there and he didn’t solve this murder that had never happened.

Alas, Gerry’s fantasy world was disturbed but momentarily, because he was soon back to parroting the same lies to the same people and indeed to a wider audience.

Forgive me if I’ve rambled a bit, now I want to give you your birthday present, Gerry. This is the knowledge that if you hadn’t settled with me in 1997 for £5,000, if instead you had held out, you would have won, because I was down to my last...well, let’s just say I couldn’t have afforded to continue with the action, much less bring it to court. The reason for that is that at the time I had both a lot of costs and a lot of legal hassles, these latter were caused by the false complaints you made to the Benefits Agency. Do you remember that, Gerry? You made false claims about me, and about Mark Taha, and about Morris Riley. Morris was even arrested on suspicion of benefit fraud, but the case was quietly dropped when your bent copper friend realised that he had been on a government scheme at the time and had done everything by the book including paying his earnings into a special account, which is what one would expect of a qualified accountant. Your behaviour here begs an obvious question: how many other people have you grassed up to the Benefits Agency, to the Inland Revenue, and most of all to the police for benefit fraud, tax evasion, or something more exotic like drug dealing, or perhaps terrorist offences? If half the things I’ve heard from Larry O’Hara of late are true, a certain Mr Lowles had better watch his back. You remember him, don’t you Gerry? He is the self-confessed member of the British National Party who used to work for you, until even he realised what scum you are.

Like I said, due to the aggravation you caused me, I would have had to withdraw from my action, and you would have been able to shout from the rooftops that you had been sued by that wicked Nazi Baron and emerged triumphant. Alas, you didn’t, at the end of the day I was quids in, and you have had to live with the consequences while I have built something of a reputation with people on the far right and on the not so far right, and here and there with one or two people on the left.

Happy birthday Gerry. I don’t have much in this life, but the little I do have, especially the kudos, I owe to you. Remember that when finally you meet Volve Katz and he asks you why you laughed on his grave all those years...oh, I forgot, you won’t meet him, because like your fellow goy-hater Maurice Ludmer, you’re going to that other place.

Alexander Baron

January 27, 2012

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