No, Don’t Bomb De Car-Ni-Val!

On July 21, 1981, the Daily Mirror newspaper ran a front page exclusive, CARNIVAL RACE WAR PLOT: Nazis planned a festival bloodbath, by Roger Todd.

The August edition of Searchlight carried the same front page story, and also pictured and named three men as supplying guns and hiding killers. These men were Leslie Vaughan, Tony Malski and Steven Brady. Leslie Vaughan is a very dodgy character who was almost certainly working for Searchlight. Tony Malski had the unfortunate combination of a big mouth and a small brain. Steven Brady is one of the men most hated by Searchlight head honcho Gerry Gable, because he is the former lover of Gable’s fourth wife, Sonia.

On page 5, it was reported that at Diksmuide, “Ray Hill, Leicester BM organiser, ordered a black couple out of a hotel and threatened them with violence.”

Three years later it was revealed that the same Ray Hill had been working undercover as a Searchlight “mole”.

Over the years, the Searchlight team have made much of the Notting Hill bomb plot, which they claim to have thwarted, but analyses by the current writer and fellow independent researcher Larry O’Hara totally undermine Searchlight’s and Hill’s credibility. * That notwithstanding, the media have for the most part continued to parrot Searchlight’s claims uncritically.

By 1981, the Notting Hill Carnival was a well established annual event attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors, and a heavy police presence. One would have imagined therefore that the police would have taken serious interest in a plot to bomb the Carnival and murder hundreds of innocent people, including perhaps many police officers. The police though were unenthusiastic, to put it mildly, about investigating any such plot.

In a letter dated 28th October 1993, a senior Special Branch officer dismissed any such claims.

* See in particular the book Liars Ought To Have Good Memories, by Alexander Baron, published by Inƒotext Manuscripts, London, (1994).

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