Psychic fraud Sylvia — Not wanted dead or alive

Psychic Sylvia Browne has gone to meet her Maker, or more likely the other bloke considering her track record of lies and deception.

Self-styled psychic Sylvia Browne is dead; she died last week at the age of 77, not a bad innings, but not what she expected. If you thought Colin Fry was bad, he is not a patch on Sylvia. This is the woman who predicted and predicted and predicted. And every time she was...wrong. Including about her own death! Perhaps her most infamous prediction concerned Amanda Berry. When a young woman disappears off the face of the Earth in a big city, and a week, a month, a year later, there is still no sign of her, what are the chances of her being found alive?

If they had to call that one, most people, including experienced detectives would have said she was dead, as did Sylvia. Then a miracle happened, she and two other girls were found alive albeit after a decade of the most terrible suffering at the hands of psychopath Ariel Castro.

Here is a short tribute to Sylvia from YouTube. Well, thatís half true, it is short. And, it appears, her chicanery goes on from beyond the grave; the message below can currently be found on her website!

This message appears on the website of the recently deceased psychic charlatan Sylvia Browne, which begs the question, will she continue her chicanery from beyond the grave?

Sylvia Browne was not only a con woman but a convicted fraudster, sadly though she was far from unique, because the UK has its own convicted fraudster medium named Sylvia, and unlike her namesake she is still with us. Sylvia Mitchell may not be as well known as Sylvia Browne, but she is every bit as odious. She has a track record for dishonesty going back to the 1980s, five years ago she was convicted of fleecing a friend out of money by pretending she had cancer for years, and most recently the ĎPsychic to the starsí was convicted of three counts of fraud.

Incredibly, in spite of her long record of dishonesty, when she appeared in court recently the judge handed her only a suspended sentence. She attended her trial in a wheelchair, which appears to be why Judge Moorhouse didnít send her straight to clink, but the question must be asked, is she really ill, or is she faking it?

If you thought two psychic frauds named Sylvia was bad, how about two named Sylvia Mitchell? Believe it or not, the English con woman has an American namesake. Unfortunately for the latter, she did not have a soft-hearted judge, and when she appeared in Manhattan courtroom earlier this month charged with ripping off clients to the tune of $100,000+, she was given a 5 to 15 year sentence. Like Sylvia Browne, she didnít see that one coming!

Sylvia Browne on the cover of her book: Psychic - My Life in Two Worlds

Two of the Cleveland captives: Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus. Sylvia Browne told Miss Berryís mother her daughter was dead.

[The above was published originally November 25, 2013; the second photograph - of the old witch herself - is the one substituted by Editorial, the caption is not mine either].

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