Britain’s worst spirit medium goes ‘shopping’


Next month, Colin Fry, Britain’s worst spirit medium, is appearing at the Blue Water shopping centre as part of his “Happy Medium Tour”.

Video: Derren Brown explains cold reading to Richard Dawkins.

Photo of Colin Fry on the cover of his paperback book: The Happy Medium: My Psychic Life

What is a medium? A small-minded woman with a large imagination who makes many predictions with few successes. Colin Fry fits that description except for gender. The screengrab below is from the blurb on the About Page of his official website. Apparently none of his spirit world contacts has pointed out the spelling mistake. And presumably the nice people who run the Bluewater shopping centre have not done their homework on “Reverend Fry” because this appearance is advertised in the News Shopper.

Here is a short clip of him from a local television programme. The quality of the video is poor, but not as poor as his prediction that the Gulf War would not happen. And if you attend this, another of his shows or a similar show, the video linked above shows Derren Brown discoursing on the sort of flim-flam you can expect to hear. As somebody once said, we can all talk to the dead, but will they reply?

A screengrab from the website of Colin Fry. The dead can speak, but apparently they don’t spell so good.

[The above article was published originally July 6, 2013. Colin Fry died August 25, 2015.]

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