David Duke and Patricia McAllister – A marriage made in Heaven

White Separatist David Duke has a new admirer whose conversion has caused alarm in the mainstream, but is giving rise to merriment in White Supremacist circles.

Patricia McAllister, relentless exposer of the Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve. And Zionist-controlled everything else.

First of all, it has to be understood that David Duke is no White Supremacist, rather he sees himself with no little justification as a member of an oppressed minority, the only minority it is socially acceptable to bash as the cause of all the world’s problems, namely, a white, heterosexual, Gentile male. The Gentile distinction is very important, because teacher Patricia McAllister blamed Zionist Jews for hijacking America’s banks, and was promptly fired. Does anyone believe she would have suffered the same fate if she had made similar remarks about WASPs?

Subsequent to the YouTube video that cost her her job, she appeared with David Duke on a podcast, and just in case there was any doubt about her views, she made them perfectly clear. She also has a website which like Dr Duke makes out an impressive case for Zionist, or at least Jewish, control of the Federal Reserve system, but tempting though it is to look at this array of Jewish names and draw the obvious conclusion, one must look further and see the bigger picture.

For one thing, David Duke and his new friend infer, and probably believe, that Zionist Jews control the banking system of the entire world. Can this be true? Well, they probably do control the banking system in Israel, but what about Saudi Arabia? What about Iran and other Moslem countries? China? If anyone wants to defend that proposition, check out this first.

Okay, let’s not evade the issue, the Federal Reserve...It is thoroughly documented that the Federal Reserve was founded by a clique of conspirators at Jekyll Island in 1913. Some of these conspirators were Jewish, others were not, and probably none of them were Zionists, because in 1913, the Zionist movement was regarded with suspicion if not outright distrust by the vast majority of Jews, both religious and secular. For an insight into the attitude of Torah-true Jews towards Zionism click here, and for a rabbinical view of the world Zionist “conspiracy” click here.

Returning to Patricia McAllister, the list of banks given on her website looks familiar, where have I seen it before? Hmm, how about on my own website? even of the eight names listed are indeed Jewish, but by the same token, the name McAllister is Celtic, and whatever else Patricia McAllister may be, she sure as Hell is no Celt. As explained in my previous article, all the world’s major banks today are corporations, and are motivated by corporate greed. It is certainly true that there are a lot of bona fide Jews in American banking, but as New York is the financial centre of the United States, and New York also has a very large Jewish population, that is hardly surprising.

Another point I made is that everyone in the top bracket is doing well, Jews and blacks. Pointing to a Jewish banker or even many Jewish bankers and claiming these people control the economy sounds persuasive, but one might just as well point to Oprah Winfrey, Eddie Murphy and Samuel L. Jackson as proof that blacks control showbusiness. That is no comfort to a black woman who has just been sacked from her teaching post.

There is a vast literature on the Federal Reserve conspiracy, most of it deservedly bearing the legend caveat emptor, but this excellent video by Murray Rothbard: a Libertarian, an academic and a Jew, explains how it came about without overplaying the word conspiracy.

The fact that so many of the major players are Jewish is less important than the fact that they are on the take, all of them. That includes the likes of our own goy Prime Minister, the Eton-educated and impeccably Nordic Call Me Dave, and Britain’s Chancellor, George (Bilderberger) Osborne. David Cameron is the son of a stockbroker, and a wealthy man in his own right; he has - or thinks he has - a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and collecting his share of interest on bank created debts, but like so many politicians who have their snouts in the trough, he hasn’t got a clue.

The list of politicians on the take also includes many people who are overtly (or in his case covertly) anti-Jewish like Nick Griffin, who, having been elected to the European Parliament has taken the money and done nothing else. About the only British politician in the European Parliament who has raised his voice against the banking cartel is UKIP’s Nigel Farage.

Nor is it only the banksters and politicians who are on the take, but a vast army of academic pimps and charlatans. In addition to banks and other finance houses, the governments and universities of the world employ vast armies of economists. Who do what, exactly?

If economics were a science, most economists would get it right most of the time, but most of them get it wrong most of the time. A pharmacist who is entrusted with people’s lives, to mix medicines, gets it right every time. If economists mixed medicines, we’d all be dead by now.

Before returning to banking, we should point out that there is a very real Zionist lobby in the United States, but the perfidious influence of that lobby is felt most in Washington, not in New York. It is though not the force it once was, and both the Zionists and their neo-con allies realise this. People who make exaggerated claims about the power of this lobby are akin to the 9/11 Truthers and other conspiracy cranks who make wildly exaggerated claims about the power and perfidy of the American Government, they end up looking ridiculous and giving comfort to the Satanic forces they claim to be opposing.

So what is to be done? Both David Duke and Patricia McAllister are on the right track, the American Government has to abolish the Fed and restore the power to create credit to Congress. In Britain and the rest of Europe, we have to abolish the Treaty of Maastricht, and restore the right to create credit to the Crown (in Britain) and to the relevant national bodies elsewhere. We should also get out of the Euro, and preferably abolish it altogether. None of this has anything to do with Zionism, which is an entirely different issue.

One final point, the ADL is currently making a lot of noise about Patricia McAllister - this is the same ADL that was given a bloody nose by Frank Zappa over his Jewish Princess. If instead of whining about wicked anti-Semites exploiting the financial crisis, Abraham Foxman were to join the campaign to abolish the Fed, he might elicit a positive response and help genuinely combat those negative stereotypes of Jews he complains about incessantly, but if he did that, he too might find himself out of a job.

[The above article was published originally November 5, 2011; Patricia McAllister’s website is long gone at the time of writing - February 2017 - so I have linked to the archived version].

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