Trump v The Media Liars

  By VennerRoad, 12th May 2017

If you’ve ever had any doubts about the dishonesty of the mainstream media, look how it is now reporting on Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

With the exception of Fox News and some of the smaller independent media, since he fired FBI chief James Comey, Trump has been subjected to a torrent of abuse and lies, even more so than since he won the Presidency. Everyone from Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters and CNN to The Young Turks has been making outrageous claims and innuendo. Waters has virtually accused him of being a Russian agent. As she is now 78 years old, this can perhaps be dismissed as senility, but not when it comes from others in the mainstream along with stupid claims that Trump and his staff are some sort of security risk. What are the facts?

To begin with, Trump is believed to have spent over half a billion dollars of his own money to capture the Presidency, so the idea that he might be susceptible to bribery is idiotic in the extreme. The same cannot though be said for Hillary Clinton, who is now almost certain to face indictment along with her husband and a basketful of others for running the pay to play scheme known as the Clinton Foundation.

The scandal over Mike Flynn who held the short-lived post of National Security Adviser has been blown up out of all proportion. During his election campaign, Trump made it clear that he wanted to “get along” with Russia, and has been attempting to do just that. He said the same thing about China, and indeed about the Islamic world which his enemies would have us believe he hates. So what was so outrageous about Flynn meeting a Russian politician or two? Did Russia attempt to interfere with the election? Yes, but so what? Russia also attempted to interfere with the recent French election, as did the United States, indeed the US has been poking its unwanted nose into the internal affairs of all manner of countries for decades, which is one reason it is so hated. Trump has promised to reverse that; he wants a strong America, but one that minds its own business.

The so-called investigation into the Trump White House Russian connection has been going on for months, and has turned up not a nanogramme of credible evidence. As vlogger HA Goodman pointed out, the Democrats behind this investigation are playing a poker game with no hand. The recent testimony of Sally Yates was laden with innuendo, and nothing else. It was not Vladimir Putin who won the election for Trump, rather it was the inherent dishonesty of Clinton that lost it.

James Comey was fired for cogent reasons. Even though American lawmen routinely disclose more information about their investigations that their counterparts in the UK, he went much too far. He also wilfully (or stupidly) misstated the law when after pointing out that Hillary Clinton had jeopardised national security with her private e-mail server, he claimed the FBI could not find intent, and therefore she would not be indicted.

Intent is not required for the offences Clinton committed, only gross negligence, and surely every American teenager has heard the expression “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Leaving that aside, Clinton and her subordinates displayed plenty of intent with for example the destruction of the hardware in question.

Then there is Loretta Lynch, who even without her curious airport meeting with Bill Clinton warrants close scrutiny for doing everything in her power to protect Hillary Clinton. No one should be too surprised if she too is indicted by a grand jury when Trump begins draining this particular swamp in earnest. The mainstream media ignores all this and portrays Trump like a dictator or even a lunatic, yet people who know about these things see it very differently.

If you don’t trust or don’t want to watch Fox News, check out the website of Judicial Watch which has been using Freedom Of Information requests backed up by litigation to shed light on what has really been going on behind the scenes. And when Trump has finished with draining the Washington swamp, he might consider turning his attention to the purveyors of fake news to hold them to account.

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