The Hillary Clinton E-Mail Scandal — The Basics

  By VennerRoad, 26th Oct 2016

Hillary Clinton - as Ben Garrison sees her.

That is the reality, although you wouldn’t think that from mainstream media coverage. So what did she do, and why is it so scandalous?

After serving two terms as President of the United States, as might have been expected Bill Clinton was in heavy demand on the lecture circuit, he also set up the Clinton Foundation, now the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Former First Lady Hillary became a politician in her own right serving as the Democratic Senator for New York from 2001 to 2009, and after losing out in the Presidential race to Barack Obama, was appointed Secretary of State serving from 2009 to the beginning of 2013.

During that time, the Clinton Foundation raised enormous sums of money, and because of the inevitable overlap of her political work and her fronting the Foundation, it was essential that no conflict of interest be permitted. Also, as the most important politician in America bar one, her official electronic correspondence would have been dealt with by an official e-mail address, or so one would have thought.

There are obvious reasons for this. For one thing, all such official correspondence is indexed meticulously. This is something that predates not only the invention of e-mail but the birth of the United States. At Kew, English records go back over a thousand years, including the Domesday Book. Home Office and Foreign Office records are indexed from the date of their inception, 1782.

In the modern age, billions of e-mails are sent every day, and most of them are insecure. Again, this is not a new thing; back in 1976, an article called The Eavesdroppers exposed the mass surveillance of electronic communications in the free West. Government networks are more secure than regular e-mail, and for top politicians there is an even more secure network, as US Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted when she was grilled by a Congressional Committee.

It is unthinkable that any American politician would use an ordinary, non-secure e-mail address for her official correspondence. Even a lowly private in the US Army would find himself in hot water for doing that, yet not only did Hillary Clinton use regular e-mail but she set up a private server in her own home, an incredibly expensive business. Just as incredible is her claim that she did not know this was verboten, as is her other ludicrous claim that she did not understand the meaning of the letter C on such correspondence - classified. Let us not forget this is a woman who was both a lawyer and a law professor, the wife of the Attorney General then the Governor of Arkansas, First Lady, a State Senator and then number 2 in the nation. Coming out of her mouth that claim has as much sincerity as an airline pilot claiming he didn’t know he should not drink alcohol before taking charge of a plane.

As all US Government officials have e-mail addresses suffixed .gov, it likewise beggars belief that she could have served as Secretary of State for four years without dozens if not hundreds of people realising she was not using an official account. It has recently been revealed that Barack Obama received e-mails from her account, so the scandal goes all the way to the top.

The next question that needs to be asked is why did she use the same account for official as well as private business? This has been answered more than adequately, but not by the lady herself. Namely, she was indeed mixing official business with Clinton Foundation business. Yes, the Clinton Foundation may be a charity, but this charity begins at home. Hillary is on record as saying that when they left the White House they were if not quite broke then in very poor financial shape. Clearly with pay to play that is no longer the case, but there is much, much more.

Clinton’s server was left insecure for three months, and has indeed been hacked. E-mails from her account and other, related accounts forwarded to Wikileaks have painted a damning picture of her activities. To take just three examples, while posing as a friend to a particular minority, she alludes to them as “needy Latinos”. Her confidential Wall Street speeches reveal her as telling the public one thing about the banksters and telling the money men themselves the exact opposite. And while posing as the champion of the American worker, she supports open borders. The cartoonist Ben Garrison has summed up Hillary in a nutshell (see above), or as the saying goes, she must be lying, her lips are moving.

When asked about the hacked e-mails, Hillary responds typically that the Russians are behind this, and she will not give the claims of Wikileaks and others spurious credence. Hillary supporter Donna Brazile has made similar comments, implying that certain e-mails have been tampered with or forged in their entirety, but this innuendo is not accompanied by any meaningful denial. That is also beside the point. Consider this by way of analogy, a burglar breaks into the home of a wealthy man intent on stealing his stamp collection, and finds the householder slumped forward in his armchair, a knife in his back. He flees the premises then dials 9-1-1 anonymously. Does the one illegality negate the other?

Breath-taking though the dishonesty of Hillary and her colleagues may be, what is even more so is the way those at the highest level of government have covered up for her. There was the little matter of Loretta Lynch meeting Bill Clinton at the airport, and the not-so-little matter of FBI Director James Comey putting his blind eye to the telescope to see no perfidy. Perhaps the media doing the best to play down if not totally ignore this scandal is not so odd though, because one of the latest Wikileaks revelations is that half the most influential reporters in America are in the Clintons’ pockets.

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