This page was added May 16, 2015. It includes videoclips of David Webb culled from his many performances on both the small screen and the silver one. Most of them are short, some very so, he was never an A List actor, and seldom the star, except on the stage. The clips are in chronological order by release or first air date except for the mini-series A Tale Of Two Cities; the second episode of this was screened the same day as Rain On The Roof, so I have broken with date order to keep these four together. All the clips here are included in his IMDb entry, the penultimate link at the bottom of this page. The soundtrack of the Van Der Valk episode has been muted by YouTube; for the record it is a piece of music called Eye Level.

Tunes Of Glory (August 1960, December 20, 1960 in the USA) - Webb appears in several scenes in this film, but as he has a non-speaking part I have included only a few minutes including credits. His name does not appear in the opening credits. This film saw the big screen debut of the actress Susannah York.
Man In The Moon (October 31, 1960) - I believe Webb is the technician fitting the space helmet on Kenneth More in this non-speaking part; Goodman is not so certain. He doesn’t even get a mention in the credits, but the film is listed on his CV.
Witchfinder General, (May 1968), no actual release date - Webb plays the jailer.
Rand And Hopkirk (Deceased) (December 21, 1969) - in this episode of the TV series, Webb plays a police sergeant.
Coronation Street, April 20, 1970 - as villain Keith Lucas.
Doctor At Large, August 29, 1971 - Webb plays a man in a public house in the episode The Viva.
The Fenn Street Gang (November 12, 1971) - Webb plays a barman in the episode All Mod Cons.
Hadleigh (July 13, 1973) - in this episode, A Tale Of Two Paintings, Webb plays the art dealer Willie Pickup.
Van Der Valk (October 3, 1973) - Webb plays Leo, a crime victim.
Special Branch (March 21, 1974) - Webb plays the SS Officer in this episode, Rendezvous.
Rogue Male (September 22, 1976) - in this TV film, Webb plays a Nazi agent in London; this is a very brief speaking part.
Rumpole Of The Bailey (May 1, 1978) - in Rumpole And The Learned Friends, Webb plays an expert witness.
Blake’s Seven (April 3, 1979) - Webb plays a character called Stot in this episode of the cult TV series; as it was a fairly major role I have included the whole of Star One.
Rain On The Roof (October 26, 1980) - Webb has a non-speaking part here, apparently a Mr Castle.

A Tale Of Two Cities (October 19, 1980) - Webb appeared in 4 consecutive episodes of this mini-series: parts 3-6; as usual he played a fairly minor character, Gabelle.
A Tale Of Two Cities (October 26, 1980)
A Tale Of Two Cities (November 2, 1980)
A Tale Of Two Cities (November 9, 1980)

Bergerac (November 22, 1981) - as the pathologist in the episode Portrait Of Yesterday.
Thames Television newsclip (February 21, 1983)
The above is a short newsclip featuring David Webb wearing his other hat, as an anti-censorship campaigner. See in particular this page from The NCROPA Virtual Archive.
Tales Of The Unexpected (April 30, 1983) - Clerical Error sees Webb playing a major character, as major as any of his TV roles ever got, so I have included the entire episode here.
Minder (September 26, 1984) - Webb plays a crooked lawyer named John Draham in this episode, The Second Time Around.
The Pickwick Papers (January 13, 1985) - Webb plays the bellicose Dr Payne who appears at the beginning of Episode 1.2.
Rebecca (January 5, 1997) - in this drama, Webb plays a guest at a fancy dress party, Lord Nelson.
Berkeley Square (July 19, 1998) - Webb plays a circuit judge in the episode I, Said The Sparrow.

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