Published Articles Concerning
Vexatious Litigants


My apologies for the quality or lack thereof of some of the following JPG scans; I have no control over this.

A “NONSUIT” AND A “VERDICT.” from The Preston Chronicle And Lancashire Advertiser, March 9, 1872, page 2, (JPG)
Alexander Chaffers: The Manchester Evening News, January 25, 1897, page 1, (JPG)
Mrs Emily Dalton: Derby Daily Telegraph, January 14, 1927, page 1, (JPG)
The article below is the same as the one above, albeit under a different title. It was added some time later because the quality of the scan (which was beyond my control) is somewhat better.
Mrs Emily Dalton: The Citizen, January 14, 1927, page 6, (PDF)
Mrs Isabella Hutcheson: Nottingham Evening Post, March 26, 1929, page 1, (JPG)
Restraint Order Against Woman... from The Glasgow Evening Herald, December 18, 1956, page 3, (JPG)
What makes a vexatious litigant, an article by John Slee from The Sydney Morning Herald, October 21, 1988, page 16 (no question mark in the title)
Courting Trouble... by Pamela Warrick, Los Angeles Times, November 20, 1995
Extract from Hansard (Commons), May 25, 2000
Inmate’s Lawsuit Reaches State’s Top Court from the Columbus Dispatch, November 15, 2000
Lonny Bristow case from the Columbus Dispatch, December 30, 2000
The California Vexatious Litigant Statute... by Lee W. Rawles, 2002
Vexatious litigants and de Clerambault syndrome by Alan Murdie, January 18, 2002 (PDF)
Killer Deemed A Vexatious Litigant, Julian Knight case, Australia, October 20, 2004
Repeat Offence by Simon Love, The Lawyer, February 7, 2005
Prevention Of Vexatious Litigation, by the Law Commission of India, June 2005, (PDF)
Vexatious Litigants and Unusually Persistent Complainants and Petitioners... by Paul Mullen and Grant Lester, May 16, 2006, (PDF)
When Rights Cause Injustice, by Nikolas Kirby, published in Sydney Law Review, 2009, (PDF)
How To Deal With A Vexatious Litigant Or Legal Bully, by Flora Loveday, June 7, 2011
The Commonwealth’s Cry of ‘Vexatious Litigant’..., by APS Dignity, October 10, 2012

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