1. Gerry Gable claims to have been active in the anti-fascist and anti-racist movement since the early 1960s. Mr Gable’s brand of anti-racism is though, peculiar, to say the least.

2. Over the years, at least three members and former members of far right hate groups have belonged to the Searchlight team. These are:

a) Richard David Roberts. Roberts, who died in 1982, was convicted in March 1976 of conspiracy to assault the staff of the Bombay Restaurant in Birmingham. Articles in defence of Roberts appeared in the magazine following his conviction. Incredibly, they portrayed him as some sort of anti-fascist super-mole. Roberts was disowned by Gable after the death of Searchlight’s then editor Maurice Ludmer in 1981.

b) Ray Hill. As well as being a member of Colin Jordan’s British Movement in the late sixties, Hill was active in the short-lived but very nasty South African National Front. Hill had fled to South Africa while facing a gaol sentence for a vicious assault on a Jewish café owner. Ten years later he returned to Britain with the South African police in hot pursuit. As soon as he was back here he joined the far right and began stirring up racial hatred until in 1984 he quit the British National Party claiming that he had been a Searchlight “mole” all along. In reality, Hill was a paid agent provocateur who had also been used by Organised Jewry to stir up racial hatred in South Africa.

c) Tim Hepple. Hepple was active in the far right, including the lunatic race-hate cult the Church of the Creator, an American freak show which refers to Blacks as mud people. While he was working for Gable, Hepple also attempted to incite far left groups to violent acts.

3. Gerry Gable’s wife, Sweet Sonia, is the former Sonia Hochfelder, who in her youth was a leading Jewish member of the far right. Since she was exposed by Alexander Baron, both Gerry and his equally worthless spouse have tried to make out that while she was a member of the far right she was working as a “mole”, a sort of latter day Kosher Mata Hari. This is complete rubbish because during her time in the League of St. George, Sweet Sonia was not only known to be a Jewish quisling but made no secret of her passionate support for the racist, fascist State of Israel, even on one occasion writing an article in the League’s journal in defence of Zionism.

4. Gerry Gable’s much vaunted hatred of racism does not extend to racist remarks he publishes in his own magazine. The June 1992 issue attacked a group of Black Separatists as “a Gucci-outfitted bunch of middle-class wankers”. On another occasion he referred to the American Black Moslem leader Louis Farrakhan as a worm. According to the Jewish Chronicle in its September 27, 1996 issue, Louis Farrakhan’s October 1995 Million Man March was praised by leading American Republican Jack Kemp as a wonderful message of responsible fatherhood and individual initiative. Obviously Gerry disagrees.

5. According to an article in the Observer in October 1990, Asian anti-racist Unmesh Desai was banned from a meeting at Ilford synagogue by Gable. Other commentators were more outspoken, and Gable’s actions were condemned by, among others, Palestine Solidarity.

6. In a now notorious interview with the Jewish Chronicle in October 1987, anti-racist Gable boasted that one of his sons was serving in the Israeli Army, where, no doubt, he would have taken part in suppressing the Intifada, and perhaps shooting Palestinian schoolchildren. Like father, like son. In the same article, Gable boasted of working closely with the police and the security services.

7. Whether or not Gable’s claims of working with the security services have any basis in fact, he certainly spreads the sort of disinformation which meets with their approval. In February 1980, Gable was exposed as the author of a libellous memorandum which smeared the left wing (pro-Palestinian) journalist Phil Kelly as a terrorist.

8. In April 1997, Gable repeated these defamatory allegations when giving evidence in criminal proceedings against Islamic Party of Britain member Alexander Baron.

9. At the same trial - at which Baron was acquitted - Gable admitted to:

a) passing information - much of it false - to state snoops, including a Benefits Agency snoop.

b) Using agents provocateurs in far right hate groups to incite racial hatred by using racial abuse. (If they went around saying nice things about Black people, they’d stick out like a sore thumb, he said).

c) Being in regular contact with “about a hundred” members of the British National Party.

10. It was also established fairly convincingly at this trial that Gable is a police spy who enjoys a certain amount of protection from corrupt police officers.

11. Since 1993, Gable has spent a small fortune in fending off libel actions against his magazine. In September 1997 he was forced to publish a grovelling retraction of claims made about Alexander Baron in the November 1993 issue, and this after defending the action for over three years and trying to entrap Baron with a bent civil servant.

12. Gable has also consistently libelled Larry O’Hara, the green, anti-fascist activist who exposed his agent provocateur Tim Hepple. Earlier this year, Gable published O’Hara’s photograph, taken covertly at the Catholic school where he teaches, a blatant attempt at intimidation.

13. Gable has consistently taken the credit for solving a series of arson attacks against synagogues in the mid-60s. In reality, the synagogue arsons were solved by routine police work and a lucky break. Gable’s involvement, if any, was in trying to fit up the British Nazi leader Colin Jordan as the mastermind behind the fires. In reality, the fires were incited by Jordan’s fanatically anti-Jewish wife, and without his knowledge.

14. That notwithstanding, in 1974, Gable co-authored a pamphlet in which he further accused Jordan of being behind the arson campaign.

15. In April 1995, Gable was forced to issue an apology to the same Colin Jordan over lies published about him in a previous issue of his magazine.

16. In 1991, Gable was sued by the Sun journalist Garry Bushell after he had smeared Bushell as a Nazi fellow traveller. Come off it, Gerry.

17. Gable’s libellous magazine has cost other anti-fascists thousands of pounds, including Housman’s Bookshop and the Socialist Workers’ Party’s bookshop, Bookmarks.

18. Over the past seven years Gable has used three firms of solicitors to defend his libel actions, all of them Jewish. So much for anti-racism.

19. Gable’s latest scam is the Trade Union Friends of Searchlight, membership of which is fifty pounds per branch. Legal fees in Central London start from around a hundred pounds per hour, defamation is even more expensive. Obviously any union gullible enough to affiliate to Gable’s hate campaign will end up paying a major share of his legal bills.

20. In spite of his being consistently exposed as a liar, con-man and exploiter of racial bigotry by Alexander Baron, Larry O’Hara and sundry others, Organised Jewry, in particular the Jewish Chronicle, the Union of Jewish Students and the Board of Deputies of British Jews, have continued to support Gable and his lie-ridden magazine. So much for anti-racism.

Published by someone who has no connection with Larry O’Hara and distributed in the public interest.

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