7/7 – Target London



In May 2005, in a speech I gave in Central London, I expressed the view that unless it was stopped, the ongoing meddling by Britain in the Middle East would result in a dedicated “Islamic” terrorist attack on London. My exact words were:

Any further such invasions will bring not only more of our young men and women home in bodybags but will concentrate the hatred of so-called Islamic fanatics closer to home.

I was far from the only person to make this grim prophesy of course; likewise I am far from the only one to blame Tony Blair, but however much blood – Iraqi and British - Blair has on his hands, as then Foreign Secretary Jack Straw pointed out, there can be no more excuses for terrorism. Al-Qaeda and its affiliates have struck both in countries whose administrations have supported the current madness in the Gulf, and in those which have had no interest or have even opposed it. The fanatics who murdered over fifty Londoners and tourists in cold-blood were motivated not by idealism, love for their fellow man, or even concern for the plight of Moslems in Iraq, Occupied Palestine or worldwide, but by pure, unbridled hatred of Western Man, the White Man if you will. Iraq was simply their pretext on this occasion.

That being said, their cause would have had some legitimacy if they had assassinated Blair himself – notwithstanding the fact that his successor would have pursued more or less the same policies. It would have had some lesser legitimacy if they had launched a mortar attack on Downing Street as did that other bunch of murderers the IRA, in February 1991. It would even have had a simalacrum of legitimacy if they had firebombed Labour Party Headquarters. One could even understand if utterly condemn an attack on a British military establishment. But no, they did none of these things, instead they attacked the weakest and most vulnerable in a city the majority of whose inhabitants of all races were and are, like the rest of Britain, stoically opposed to the invasion of Iraq.

Furthermore, the mass murderers and would-be mass murderers of July 2005 were not Iraqis, nor Palestinians, they were in some cases British born and bred, and in others had actually sought and had been granted political asylum in Britain. They were and are therefore not just terrorists and mass murderers but traitors. Hardly an hour much less a day goes by than we are constantly being reminded what wicked racists we the white natives of this country are. Well, if we’re so horrible, and if our country is so terrible, no one, certainly no Jamaican, no Somali, no self-styled Moslem of any race, has to stay here. If you don’t like our country, and you don’t like us, there is a simple solution, get out, and take your jihad elsewhere.

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