An Address On Behalf Of The Association of Chief Police Orifices:

The Police Commissioner Explains
The London Bombings Of July 2005


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, fellow Britons and especially fellow Londoners. My name is Sir Ian Bloor – no relation to Tony Bliar I hasten to add. As I expect you know – those of you who can speak English - I am in charge of fighting racism and running policing in the Capital. I have been delegated today by my brother Freemasons in the Association of Chief Police Orifices to explain why Germaine Lindsay and his fellow mass murderers were able to bomb our great city with total impunity, why you can expect further such bombings in future, and how we are going to use these outrages as an excuse to trample all over the rights and civil liberties of especially native Britons.

Fighting crime is a dangerous business. Although it is far more dangerous to work on a building site or as a motorcycle courier – and far less glamorous – we like to con the public into believing our valiant boys in blue put their lives on the line every day of their working lives. As we are a law unto ourselves – as evinced by the gratuitous and unpunished murders of James Ashley and Harry Stanley to take but two examples – we always choose the soft option. With that in mind, we have diverted considerable resources into combatting thought crime.

Yorkshire Police had a field day in the 1990s when the Jewish Labour MP Gerald Kaufman complained about a cartoon published by the veteran Nazi activist Colin Jordan.

As a result of that complaint, Jordan was raided and subjected to months of unwarranted harassment and expense before he could get his property back. Unfortunately, due to a purely administrative error we had to not only drop the case against him and return his property but pay him a tidy sum when he brought an action for damages.

So in revenge our Yorkshire brethren raided him again and dragged him into court over the publication of a small circulation work of fiction on the pretext that anyone reading this would be incited to shovel the Jews, the blacks and Mr Patel in his corner shop into the gas chambers.

We also dragged his printer into court, a man we suspected of complicity in the production of the notorious “Titty Fart” cartoon character.

Can you believe we actually issued a warrant for this piece of puerile shit?

When we raided the print shop in our usual heavy handed manner we found nothing, although we ended up with a bill for five hundred quid for wilful damage to property, but you paid for it, not us, so why should we give a fuck?

The police spent countless thousands of man hours on this mission of revenge, and wasted tens and indeed hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money. It goes without saying that many bona fide investigations into robberies, rapes and even murders had to be put on the back burner. Well, that’s tough shit. When Organised Jewry shout “Jump!” we ask “How high?”

When a snivelling little woman like Doreen Lawrence whines that we failed to fit up the men she believes murdered her son, we shell out three hundred and twenty grand of public money to pay for her taxis and jaunts abroad. Why should we give a fuck? You paid for it, you dumb goyim.

We will continue to give thought crime the highest priority: neither racist, nor sexist nor homophobic language or deeds will be tolerated by either the Metropolitan Police or any other British police force. If that means diverting precious resources from elsewhere, tough shit. Why do you think our brethren in Bradford sent two inexperienced junior female officers to investigate a hold up in the city centre? Because they were fully stretched spying on the likes of Colin Jordan, monitoring BNP paper sellers, and investigating a recent outbreak of racist grafitti near the central mosque.

It is of course a pity that WPC Sharon Beshenivsky was blasted to Kingdom Come, but in the eternal struggle again racism, even we have to make sacrifices.

WPC Sharon Beshinivsky - an unfortunate sacrifice in the eternal struggle against racism.


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