She Nearly Killed Me Too

I should have been but wasnít there for you,
Then she took you away from me for good,
These past three years, in every place
I go or look, I see your face,
It took time, but at last I understood.
Her stupid, wanton, cru-el lies,
Her gilded lily alibis,
I curse the day I forged these ties;
She nearly killed me too.

She bled me like a vampire, like a leech,
Donít leave me darling, stay, she would beseech,
But it was all a trick, a sham,
She didnít really give a damn,
Although she would my sanity impeach.
I held her close, and eased her pain,
Not once, but time and time again,
And in the end she screwed my brain,
And nearly killed me too.

November 14, 2009

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