The Night The Doctor Sucked My Dick


The night the Doctor gave me head
I was in Seventh Heaven;
It doesn’t get any better than this, I thought.
And it didn’t.

It wasn’t until after she’d thrown me away
Like a used sanitary towel that I realised
How I had indeed been used.

The night the Doctor sucked my dick
I resisted the temptation to come in her mouth;
It was only much later that I realised her silver tongue
Had left a coat of slime over it,
That same silver tongue that had dripped poison
Into my ears in the hope that I would do
What her brother wouldn’t.

The same silver tongue that fostered her daughter’s pseudologia phantastica,
And along with the boys and girls in blue and the men in suits
From the CPS denied her the counselling she needed,
Before throwing her bodily from an 8th floor hotel window.

Now I sleep alone, as was always meant,
And so does she,
While every Sunday afternoon she weeps over the grave of
Her delusional daughter,
And will from now until Judgment Day.

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