by Morris Riley

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To David Kerr’s Letter To Housmans Bookshop

Dear Sir:

Not only were Kerr and Riley placed in a position to be murdered, 
the same had happened a decade ago. "Far Right Spooks Move In"
written by the former CPGB member Chris Horrie was published by 
SEARCHLIGHT in January 1986. The article was an attack upon the 
Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), which contained veiled in-
citement against EIR:
   A former member of the organisation that we spoke to warned us
   that the organisation "kills" and a U.K. private security firm
   [more about this later] which has strong links to British
   intelligence, has given a similar warning.

On 4 April IZVESTIA published an article which contained
"effusive praise for a British publication called SEARCHLIGHT...
that in January 1986...first floated the line that La Rouche's
[EIR] associates are killers." Within a matter of weeks the
terrorist group Action Direct in Paris fire-bombed the EIR office
causing injuries and deaths. The KGB had sub-contracted the
terrorist operation to Action Direct. One cannot without further
investigation(s) link all of the aforementioned together. A
mutuality of interests may have been the case, until proven

The U.K. security firm was Control Risks. Prior to Riley's visit 
to the EIR HQ in August 1985 in Wiesbaden the firm had merely 
said that it could provide him with armed security protection if 
he so desired. He did not, and departed from the EIR HQ unharmed, 
as expected, as apposed to the C.P. induced fears disseminated to 
Riley from Horrie.

(With regard to the aforementioned, Riley is willing to swear an 
oath an affidavit at any time)

One last point, the editor of SEARCHLIGHT was always "sensitive"
about anything being published about SEARCHLIGHT and the murky, 
perhaps KGB-linked, Soviet connection. Indeed, when the magazine 
VOLYA hinted at this area SEARCHLIGHT threatened legal action. 
One could never, could one, accuse SEARCHLIGHT of such actions. 
It was merely a case of SEARCHLIGHT being given information about 
WW II fascists - the fact that some of this 'information' was
KGB disinformation hardly affects the role of SEARCHLIGHT.

We can obviously, however, see that at least three articles - the 
mid 1980's one with attendant disastrous results - placed people 
in danger. Perhaps, until pointed out, SEARCHLIGHT did not 
realise the possible results of what they published, or perhaps  
they did not give a toss, because it was all part of fighting
their ideological, and the Soviet Union's, enemies.

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