Appendix A:
A Brief Chronology Of
Some Of “Searchlight’s” Scams

1965, March: incorporation of the Searchlight Association Limited as a “COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE AND NOT HAVING A SHARE CAPITAL”. Its Memorandum of Association (840295) is lodged with Companies House.
1965, Spring: first issue of a broadsheet called Searchlight.
1967, May: last issue of broadsheet. (74)
1974: publication of A Well-Oiled Nazi Machine.
1975, February: first issue of Searchlight, by subscription only.
1975, April: magazine begins monthly publication.
1975, April 6th: publication in Sunday Telegraph of Hitler birthday party uncovered. This appears to have been the first mention in the press of Column 88.
1975, May: Searchlight publishes its first exposé of Column 88.
1976, March 24th: Dave Roberts given a suspended sentence for conspiracy to assault the staff of an Indian restaurant. He subsequently served part of it after assaulting National Front members.
1979: publication of the Searchlight booklet Psychology, Racism & Fascism, by Michael Billig. The author was, at the time, with the Department of Psychology, University of Birmingham. Professor Billig is also a Searchlight shareholder. This is a thinly veiled smear on Professor Hans Eysenck and other distinguished psychologists. In his own words, Professor Billig is living proof that “some very big academic fish can be found in the murkiest of waters.”
1980, February 15th: publication of Destabilising the “decent people”, in the New Statesman including the now infamous Gable Memorandum.
1981: jailing of Searchlight-associated journalist Manny Carpel for arson.
1981: CARNIVAL RACE WAR PLOT: Nazis planned a festival bloodbath, front page story in the Daily Mirror, July 21, 1981. Fed to the paper by Searchlight. No one was ever arrested for any offence in connection with this non-existent plot, and New Scotland Yard have no record of it.
1984, January 30th: Maggie’s Militant Tendency, a smear on “extremists” in the Conservative Party screened on BBC1, Panorama, 30 January, 1984. Gable “researched” this programme; he hasn’t worked for the BBC since. It’s a pity that ITV is not so choosy. (75)
1984, March 25th: We Expose Nazi Terror, published in the News of the World. This was Searchlight “mole” Ray Hill’s coming out article.
1984, March 29th: The Other Face of Terror, the lie-ridden Channel 4 documentary which Gable produced. Screened internationally.
1985: Gable involved in yet another controversy over the accuracy of his “research”, this time over a TV programme on phone tapping. Michael Forsyth MP was quoted thus: “I am aware of Mr Gable and his activities. If he researched the film it would place a very large question mark over its credibility for me.” (76)
1986: The April issue of Searchlight ran this headline: EXPOSED! TORY MP IN PLOT TO MURDER SEARCHLIGHT JOURNALIST. A “plot” allegedly to kidnap and murder Gerry Gable. This was also widely reported in the mainstream press at the time, eg Private Eye, issue 636, 2nd May. No arrests were ever made.
Private Eye in particular had cause to regret its involvement with this Gable-esque fantasy. In its 29 May ’87 issue (page 8), the article MR GERALD HOWARTH APOLOGY stated that following legal proceedings, substantial damages were paid to this gentleman, and all costs in relation to his alleged involvement in this non-existent murder plot. In its 22 Dec. ’89, issue (page 6), it published Reginald Gulliver-Buckingham An Apology, which stated that in the High Court, 13 December, 1989, Private Eye apologised to Mr Gulliver-Buckingham re the May 1986 article. “The court was also told that Private Eye had agreed to pay Mr Gulliver-Buckingham substantial damages and all of his legal costs.”
And in its 7 June ’91 issue (page 7), it published an article, MR JAMES ROSS, which announced that Private Eye apologised to James Ross in the High Court and paid him substantial damages and legal costs.
1988: The Other Face of Terror, Hill’s fictionalised autobiography, major inconsistencies between this and the film. 1993 April 19th, screening of World In Action documentary on Combat 18 and revelations of another Searchlight “mole”, Tim Hepple. Not as many lies in this as in The Other Face of Terror, but only because it’s less sensational. Following this programme and an alleged exposé of Combat 18 in the April issue of Searchlight, Harold Covington, the American Nazi who was named as the “mastermind of terror” went to the extraordinary length of issuing an open letter to the British Left in which he denied not only any connection with Combat 18 but also that any such organisation exists. (77) He followed this up with a similar letter in which he pointed out (and substantiated) further lies by Gable. (78)
Covington is a man with the most appalling antecedents; he openly refers to blacks and other non-whites as subhuman, has an all-encompassing hatred of Jews, and glorifies in violence. One would have expected him to brag about such accomplishments as Searchlight accuses him of. If they were true. (79) 1993: publication of At War With Society, also based on the “confessions” of Searchlight “mole” Tim Hepple, a man who admitted in his own hand-writing to stealing British National Party funds. (80)
This pamphlet is irrefutable proof of what an appalling track record this organisation has; if Searchlight were a horse, it would be put down. We hope you will spread the word, and perhaps send us a donation to help make this possible.

Yours faithfully,
A Baron,

Commissioning Editor and Editor in Chief,
Anglo-Hebrew Publishing

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