Since January 15, 2014, I have published a number of reviews on the Amazon UK site. On March 19, 2015, I noticed my review of The Courage To Heal (below) had been deleted, or if it is still there, I can no longer find it. I have now added a screengrab of that, and a few others, to this page.

A Fast Ride Out Of Here

Abused By Therapy

Are Women Human? And Other International Dialogues

Calling For Change

Camera Clues

Einstein’s Daughter

False Imprisonment

Feminist Perspectives On Evidence

Forged War Crimes Malign The German Nation

Google: The Missing Manual

Great Games By Chess Prodigies

I Light A Candle

To letters to the Publisher of the above book and Peter Tory.

Injustice... (plus a comment and my reply)

Intersectionality: An Intellectual History

John Christie Of Rillington Place

Legal Pluralism In Conflict

LONDON City Of The Dead

The Life And Death Of Michael X

Michelle Remembers

Nella: A Psychic Eye

No Further Action...

Pleadings Without Tears

Super System 2

The Bumper Book Of Government Waste 2008

The Courage To Heal

The Equality Illusion...

The Godfather Of Poker

The Legendary Ted Nugent

The Map Of My Life...

The Morning After: Sex, Fear And Feminism

The Other Face Of Terror

Re the above, see Liars Ought To Have Good Memories, alluded to therein.

The Secret History Of The Jesuits

The Shares Game

The Three Principles Of The People

Treating Survivors Of Satanist Abuse

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