NO ONE LOVES A MORON - Reply To An “Anti-Fascist” Creep

Friday 13th may be unlucky for some, but for me it was the same as any other day, until I found an article credited to “Everybody Hates a Tourist” on his/her/its blogspot.

Alexander Baron & Gilad Atzmon- A Mutual Admiration Society is the sort of polemic that makes even Gerry Gable sound plausible, or sane, because it consists of one long stream of innuendo and insults after another. Indeed, when I pointed this out to Troy Southgate, he responded that it made Gable seem like Snow White.

There is so much nonsense on the Internet that if I, or indeed anyone involved however tangentially in politics, were to refute every such piece of nonsense written about us, none of us would have any time left for doing anything else, which may be the point. This article reminded me of a day way back in 1994 when I was reading a pamphlet in the British Library North Library Gallery. At some point I thought a certain quote sounded familiar, I soon realised why, it was because it was something I had written, and now it was being twisted and used against me in a smear attack. You can read all about this here. Suffice it to say that since then, the creeps responsible for that smear have always been wary of overplaying their hand against me.

As “Everybody Hates a Tourist” has elected to hide behind a pseudonym, as do so many “anti-fascist” creeps, I have no idea who he/she/it is. You can read his/her/its ravings in full here; to set the record straight, read on.

The phrase “the homophobic plagiarist Alexander Baron” dates to 2002, after I won a libel action against Housmans Bookshop. Its usage here is an obvious clue to this creep’s identity – if I were half-bothered – but let us stay in the present.

Gilad Atzmon and I are said to form a mutual appreciation society; the grain of truth behind this is that I had recently written an article about Atzmon, my second; here is the first. It had come to his attention, probably through Google News or an alert on his own name, and he republished it on his own website. I have sent Atzmon three, four e-mails at most; he replied to one of them. That was some considerable time ago, if I recall, before I wrote my first article. So I write an article about Atzmon, he likes it, and republishes it on his own website. Is that mutual appreciation or vanity? Maybe it is just good judgment?

Okay, let’s go through this chronologically:

“Baron is one of the lesser known figures on the far right” - to you maybe, but not to Gerry Gable.

“He’s openly antisemitic...”

Says? Gerry Gable. But then, who believes a word he says? Not my Rabbi, that’s for certain. Either of them.

“and a holocaust denier”.


“as this quote from his website shows...”

“I have published on the Holocaust and Holocaust Revisionism – what is known pejoratively and inaccurately as Holocaust Denial.”

Yes. As I have said before many times, no one in his right mind denies the Holocaust. A qualification, of late a certain Eric Hunt has begun calling himself a Holocaust Denier (capitalised please) and doubtless others do the same. They do this for the same reason some blacks use the dreaded N word to describe themselves, as an act of defiance.

I have no doubt this idiot has not read any Holocaust Revisionist literature at all, and probably not much in the way of attempts to rebut it. He certainly gives no indication here that he has done so. Curiously he does not comment further on what I said about a certain David Irving.

“He uses the traditional antisemite tactic of blaming Jews for antisemitism”.

Which Jews? All of them? Every single Jew alive or who has ever lived? Or maybe only the likes of Gerry Gable. Or how about Abraham Foxman, a man who excuses or even justifies the Gaza Massacre? Or maybe the Israeli Government that initiated the Gaza Massacre? Are we really expected to believe that nothing any Jew every does has any correlation with anti-Semitism? Get real.

“He describes the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as:

Organized Jewry’s Deadliest Weapon”.

As indeed he does, but in what context? That it is a genuine document? Or that everytime some Jewish organisation is caught with its hand in the till we hear the cry of “Jewish conspiracy”, “blood libel”, ad nauseum, ie the Protocols is used by evil men and women as a smokescreen to cover their mendacity, and to stifle legitimate debate on such subjects as the current drive by the Zionists and neo-cons to bomb Iran.

“Baron isn’t just a lone crank, he has operational links with...”

Everytime I here that word links I think of Gerry Gable; we all have links, I have one on my links page to Searchlight magazine. No, not lone and not crank either.

I will leave Troy Southgate to speak for himself, but “Another person involved with the New Right is the veteran fascist and Holocaust denier Lady Michelle Renouf”.

And involved means what? She answers the door? Makes the tea?

Actually, she was organising the filming the last time I looked. This juxtaposition of Michèle Renouf, Gilad Atzmon and Yours Truly sounds fascinating, almost like a conspiracy. You know, one of those things “fascists” organise all the time but Jews never do, and only an anti-Semite would suggest otherwise.

The reality is that the three of us have entirely different opinions on what should happen in the Middle East. Atzmon believes in a democratic Palestine where Israel stands now, he wants literally to wipe it off the map and replace it with something akin to South Africa’s Rainbow Nation. Good luck with that one. Michèle Renouf has an altogether different and fascinating proposition, an entirely independent Jewish Republic far removed from the Middle East. Just the sort of Final Solution an anti-Semite would propose. As for me, I believe neither of these ideas will work and that there will have to be some sort of proper accommodation between Israel and the Palestinians; I have made that view clear and the reasons for it in my video Anti-Semitism In The Modern World.

“So why might Atzmon be attracted to Baron and by extension the New Right?”

If Atzmon is in any way attracted to me, he hasn’t let on. He certainly hasn’t asked me out on a date yet (though I live in hope), rather he has simply republished one of my articles on his own website, an article I wrote about him. For all anyone knows, this might be nothing more than vanity.

“Some conclusions.”

Here comes the punchline.

“While it might have been previous possible to claim that, while a racist, Atzmon wasn’t a fascist, that is definitely no longer the case.”

Hmm, what do the Palestinians think about this sudden conversion? What does Atzmon think? More to the point, does he know?

The real joker in the pack is Atzmon himself because like Mr Anonymous creep, he is actually a die-hard race-mixer. He also has a Masters in Philosophy, and this has taught this already independent minded individual to become even more independent minded. He is certainly no Revisionist but he has asked what is so terrible about questioning the perceived wisdom of the Holocaust. He has also - shock, horror - suggested that maybe it is also okay to discuss the possibility that Jewish ritual murder in the Middle Ages had some basis in fact. The mere suggestion of something like this is likely to provoke a mixture of horror and hysteria among those spineless goy academics who have made a comfortable living feeding off the Kosher trough of anti-anti-Semitism, but there have been well documented cases of ritual murder - by Africans and others - well into the 20th and indeed into the 21st Century, so if Africans can do it today, is it really anti-Semitic to suggest that Jews may have done it in the distant past?

“Atzmon is now openly linking to the organised far right, which makes him one of them.”

Even if the first part of that statement were true, the second part would not follow.

“As such, no platform is the correct position to take, whatever that may entail.”

Does that whatever mean whatever is legal, or simply whatever?

“And those like Roy Bard/FreeThePeeps (who was behind the Indymedia coup) and Lauren Booth who are still defending Atzmon have to be treated as fascists themselves at this point.”

Ah, now I understand. Anyone who disagrees with you is a fascist and is to be denied any platform whatever that may entail. Has it ever occurred to you my anonymous moron that you may be a fascist yourself?

“You are either anti-fascist or you are pro-fascist. There is no middle ground and none will be accepted.”

Says who? The brave Mr Anonymous. And who is going to enforce this no platform and by what lawful authority?

Keep taking the tablets, moron, back in the real world some of us have work to do, like breaking the stranglehold your ilk have over the media and the mind of Western Man. And of the Jews for that matter, which is obviously the reason Atzmon is so feared and hated by both Organised Jewry and the goyim amongst the sheeple who make up the bulk of the misnamed “anti-fascist” movement.

January 17, 2012

One further note, today, January 27, 2012, I realised this idiot believes I lost or settled my action against Housmans Bookshop. I continue to find such incredible ignorance astounding, especially from people who would deny anyone they brand a fascist on a whim the right of reply. In that context, here is a link to the Court of Appeal judgment – which relates solely to costs.

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